Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza 3: How Realistic Are They?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 30, 2010

So, you’ve finally managed to get your hands on GT5 for the PS3 huh? That’s all well and good, but how does it compare to Forza 3 on the Xbox 360? Saying that, how about we put them head to head, with some comparisons to real lap times as well.

The comparisons basically come down to two things. First being performance comparison between that of Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3, and the second being relation to real life lap times gathered from

The Lends of Truth have done a spectacular article. Numerous comparisons with graphics, performance, frame analysis and loading times suggest that both games are stunningly beautiful pieces of work, no doubt about that. But they seemed to be let down by the overall performance with GT5. Constant screen tearing and dropping below the 60 FPS mark hindered GT5, although it has marginally better graphics — whereas Forza 3 maintained it’s constant 60 FPS with no screen tearing. There is a video below that shows this in its entirety.

I guess for the real petrol heads, they want to know how realistic these two games stack up against real life racing. Although there is no fear factor and lack of caution when playing either game compared to real life, the results speak for themselves. Check the chart below to see the outcome.

Check out the article via LazyGamer who conducted these tests for a more in-depth discussion about how these tests were conducted.

So, there is the evidence — have you checked the video below yet? What are your views on this?

Source: LazyGamer / Lens Of Truth

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  • Memyself and I

    Whoever ran the lap times for Fm3 at laguna seca is way off i can squeak into the 1min 27 second range with a stock audi r8. The cars in forza go through the turns way faster than their real world counterparts, especially the AWD cars. Forza is pure arcade, the cars are near impossible to lose control of and have unrealistic amounts of grip. Not even close enough to call a good attempt at simulation, maybe forza 4 but i doubt it.

  • 5stareditz

    Did you know that the tuskuba circuit in fm3 is not modeled accurately? they are both realistic games and im mostly a gt5 fan at heart but gt5 had won unfairly.

  • Duane

    What if the Forza was for Ps3 and GT5 was for Xbox… would all of you say the thing you said the other way around? just a thought… Both games are GREAT! imagine everyone debating bout it…. ^_^

  • CCJ

    To everyone who is always having a debate about this, just stop talking. Both games are for different consoles and have their pros and cons. I prefer FM3, but GT5 is still an awesome game too. The only flaw i see in GT5 is the no-damage thing. Other than that it is a good game. Forza has its no-weather change too. I wish there was a racing game with both realism and weather change, night mode, license test, and more! BOTH GAMES ROCK! 😀

  • AnotherPretendPost

    F3 rulez. I'm a crotchy little fanboi and i post under different names to make everyone love my game as much as I do… even if half of the crap i spew only exists in my brain.

    "I haz both consoalz and i fink it is ofious dat F3 haz moar shadow framez n stuff I sellin muh PS3s cuz GT5 aint have nuff shadow framez"

    GET A FUCKING LIFE, both are games that will be obsolete in a year, possibly less

  • malachy_mac

    ApeXShaver’s right about the ad. VP of Add More Awesome!

  • ApeXShaver

    2 of 2 ———– PS3 lost me a long time ago, and it did it again with GT5's delay. I would have rather had a lesser game come out around F3 and have something more awesome later to compete with F4 (I would suspect a lot of PS3 owners would agree). Bottom line is I heard it's pretty awesome with flaws as they all do, but if Sony things I'm going to be switching back over to the PS because of Gran Turismo 5 they would be mistaken, I have F3 and it is pretty awesome with flaws. Then I can get out my F1 2010, SHIFT…DIRT 2,……SBK Superbikes………………Moto GP………………………….. The one thing that I will still enjoy about GT5 without owning the game: Mr. Butler's GT5 commercial! Gotta be the coolest racing commercial I have ever seen, must have replayed it 100 times, not for the cars but for the "yeah right" laugh!


  • ApeXShaver

    1 of 2 ——First of all I have the 360, not the PS3 and I love racing games only because I love racing but can't afford to race or die for real. I was a big PS2 fan until they PS3 was slated and they weren't going to have vibration and it was way more the the Xbox, I became a reluctant convert. Since then I have never looked back (except when PS3 had an F1 game and the 360 didn't), my Xbox has given me many hours racing fun. I have had PGR3 and have GRID. DIRT 1 & 2, Race Pro, Forza 2 &3, Need for Speed games including the awesome SHIFT (say what you want I have had shouting, high fiving, good times with that one), not to mention awesome bike games such as Moto GP, motocross, and SBK games, plus the awesome F1 2010. I honestly dont have the time to finish all of them (I do have a job and family), but I am never short on choices, almost all of which are very rewarding. >>>contined on next comment<<<

  • FM3FTW

    GT5 is garbage when you take into account the time it took to release it. FM3 destroys it in every aspect. FM4 will make GT5 look like an actual P.O.S. game. GT5 is not a sim.

    • FanboysLoveToCry

      And then GT6 will come along and make it look like total piece of shit.

  • Charlie

    The gt5 game is actually really good It kind of bugs me when people get upset at the fact we had to wait so long and then the game didnt live up to THEIR expectations. Gt5 is as sim as it gets but they have to make a game that everyone can play too, as does Forza. It just feels like people expected this gran turismo game to be the best when the franchise is really just getting started in a new direction. Forza is garbage always has been it hasnt changed from the very first game and I really couldnt care about the paint shop and decals If I wanted to customize my car I would have bought Need for speed or something.

  • stewie griffin

    lmfao… gt5 is the biggest flop ever… will sell my wacky ps3 and this useless arcade game and go buy my new kinetic system

    • yoyo

      ^^ Obviously a disgruntled xbox fanboy, go ahead and sell your *imaginary* ps3 over one game, good call! *applauds*

  • mr its the truth

    FM3 cluth,real time telementry damage simulation on ALL cars,swaps,decals and custom work of all sorts,Qt mile track,angles on behind camera few…just a few thing that gt5 doesnt have and forza does i have both games usto be a gt fan now i think the game is garbage…sry ps but u need to step it up gt5 is wackkkkkk

    • Yoyo

      Mr. its the lying sack of shit.

  • Dano

    You won’t play it because you had to buy extra xboxes during that time and now you can’t afford a PS3 🙂

  • Joshua

    Putting GT5 up against FM3 is completely pointless. Why compare games that are released well over a year apart? If FM3 was held off as long as GT5 I’m sure it would look the same if not better. Just like when FM4 comes out…you can’t compare it to GT5. It’s ridiculous that GT5 was delayed for so long and isn’t any better looking then it was before all the delays. We were forced to wait for what? A longer list of cars? So what, and that is why FM3 has had me hooked for all this time that I couldn’t play GT5. And still have yet to play GT5…I refuse.