Google Doogle: St Andrew’s Day Logo – Celebrate or not?

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2010

As most of you will already be well aware, accessing the Google homepage today will bring up a most welcome Google Doodle for those associated with St Andrew’s Day – especially for Scottish residents.

On St Andrew’s Day, November 30th, today is now officially a national bank holiday for people living in Scotland, but the actual event is also celebrated in parts of Greece, Russia and Romania.

However, today’s Google Doodle has focused on the Scottish side of things, and you’ll be able to see the Scottish flag proudly flying high as a replacement for the letter L in the word ‘Google’.

It won’t be just the UK users who can view the new Google Doodle, as it is also showing up for US Google users too. If you have connections to St Andrew’s Day, let us know what your plans to celebrate it are. We are also interested to see if any residents in the US are planning to celebrate too. Let us know.

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