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Elder Scrolls 5 (V): New Engine for 2011 Release?

We have some potentially exciting news for those of you patiently waiting for Bethesda to announce Elder Scrolls V, as we are hearing reports that the developers have built a brand new game engine, and that the follow-up to Oblivion will be the first game to run on it.

If you head over to GamesAbyss, you’ll see them mention that Bethesda has already announced a new game engine, with reports suggesting that this engine has been tailored for use in ‘large open worlds’, which would obviously suit the likes of Elder Scrolls V perfectly – assuming that the game will be as big as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Here is a passage from their article: ”With the announcement of a new secret game engine, it seems that a new Elder Scrolls is on its way. According to sources, this new game engine works best for large, open worlds, which only further confirms Elder Scrolls imminence.”

GamesAbyss has also added some gameplay elements which they would like to see revamped for the new game, which includes information on the combat system, character models, menu User Interface, and Weapon Degradation.

Hopefully Elder Scrolls V will be released sometime next year. I was definitely a fan of Oblivion, and I have total faith in Bethesda that they will deliver a game as good, if not better than ES IV. If you are a fan of the series, let us know your thoughts on the news.



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