Dead Nation Review: Just Another Zombie Game

By Tina Chubb - Nov 30, 2010

PlayStation 3 owners in North America will be able to pick up a copy of the new ‘Dead Nation’ game tomorrow (Tuesday, November 30th), with European gamers having to wait an extra day. Although it hasn’t been released yet, we still managed to find an early review.

The review – which gives the ‘Dead Nation’ game a rating of 6.0 – comes from Conrad Zimmerman over at Killing zombies appears to be quite popular amongst gamers these days, and there are definitely quite a few related games to choose from.

‘Dead Nation’ is another example of this, revolving around two survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The game does allow for two players, with one playing Jack and one playing Scarlett. It makes no difference which character you choose, as they’re both the same in regards to gameplay.

One possible downside to the game is how dark it appears to be, even after you change the settings. Another is the sound effects, which do sound rather awful at times. Judging by this review, it looks like Dead Nation is a game you’ll only want to play once.

You can read the full review via Will you be buying the Dead Nation game?

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  • johndonner

    This is just bad, bad press JohnMC, dont get all rant up. Tina obviously haven't played the game and it seems obvious that she hates the zombie genre in a whole.

    I've been enjoing the game since yesterday and for me its the best PSN game, ever. Easy five out of five. Also, I haven't had this much fun in the history of downloadable games, I own both consoles so I know what I'm talking about!

  • John McReady

    …And so on… Just wondering, why post about the most negative review out there claiming it's an "early review" when so many positive reviews out there have been posted weeks prior?

    I for one trust the overwhelmingly positive reactions but then again why trust reviews when you can try out the game for yourself, it's out today in USA (November 30th) and out tomorrow in Europe (December 1st).

    I can't understand why someone would pitch this single bad review, just seems like unnecessary hating (and makes one wonder what the cause is).

  • John McReady

    Wow, really… Tina Chubb of PR News, really?!

    You said you "managed to find an early review" when at the time of writing this "Destructoid" review is actually the *latest* while also easily being *the single most harsh review of the game yet*.

    The review in question was obviously written by a person who is negatively biased from the get-go: even admitting "people who like the genre will like this" (zombie shooters, but themselves apparenty hating it!!

    Also, what's up with saying the audio "can be awful"?!? even though you haven't even played the game yourself !?? – and when *every single other review* says the sound is amazing all-around?!

    Look at Metacritic to see how positive all reviews have been so far:

    – "Playstation Lifestyle" gave Dead Nation 100/100
    – "Gaming Nexus" gave Dead Nation 100/100
    – "PsFocus": 90/100
    – "Digital Chumps": 90/100
    – "": 90/100