CoD Black Ops: Long Range Tomahawk Quad Kill Video

By Jamie Pert - Nov 30, 2010

Yesterday I posted an article which featured what I believed was the best Black Ops Tomahawk kill video ever, now I have came across another video which in my opinion almost knocks our previous video of the top spot.

To be honest with you it is just like any other long range Tomahawk kill, however when it lands it hits an enemies RC-XD car, this results in a quad kill during the 5th round of a game of Search and Destroy on Radiaton, there are some questions as to whether it is staged, however even if it is that is one amazing Tomahawk throw.

You can see the video embedded at the end of this post, I do think it is great, however not as good as yesterday’s video, what do you think?

Source: CoDBlackOpsBlog

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  • Hey Jamie,

    You put the video of Black Ops: Nice Spots on Radiation by emrjohnson, not the quad kill, just letting you know.

    • Jamie Pert

      Thanks, I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of this map, so I had a little YouTube search to jog my memory and ended up copying the wrong embed code, should be fine now….