BlackBerry Empathy: Demo Shows BlackBerry Contact Emotions

By Jamie Pert - Nov 30, 2010

Wow, this is probably something that will never see light of day, if ever. The device called Empathy from RIM is able to detect the emotions of your BlackBerry contacts using a ‘mood-ring’, and also acts as a fully functional touchscreen that goes transparent when in standby.

The device of course is just a concept. More to the point, a design project for the Art Center College of Design. It’s notable, and probably defining factor is that it can transmit your emotions via the phone using a biometric feedback ring which is then displayed and indicated by coloured rings. See the video below for more of an idea how that works, it is not that clear mind you.

I don’t feel as though there is any need for communicating our emotions just by holding a phone and wearing a ring, but at least it sounds easier than updating our status on our favorite social networking website. Either that or knowing who to BBM when they are feeling sad, happy or angry.

Some may look at this as a potential masterpiece, others may argue that is conceptually ugly and pointless. I’ll let you decide what category you fit in to. Personally I’m all for future innovations, so i’d love to get my hands on one.

What are your views on the BlackBerry Empathy?

Source: Engadget

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  • this is lovely..peeps

  • Jeff

    when is the release date????

  • Abuya

    pls where can i buy this empathy in uae?

  • Ameena

    modern magic! i'd lug to have one in my hands & c just how it works!!

  • Ben

    this is devil at work

  • fred

    this is amazing cos i am hearing it for the first time in my whole life.

  • biodun

    RIM at it again

  • hols

    this is wonderful,will like to buy one wherever its out

  • walter

    Cool feature (mood reading) though, luvli aesthetics. Wat else can it do in when will dis baby b born? Waiting patiently

  • hanifa aliyu

    i cant wait for it to arrive

  • oyoh

    this is impossible

  • bisi

    It can’t b possible…it’s a big lie

  • Kunle Odule

    I can’t just believe this.

  • oladunjoye toni

    it is too false to be true