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Verizon LTE Devices Coming to CES 2011?

Verizon is to start its big LTE campaign next month, but we still have no idea what devices will support it. We do not have any details of any new devices as yet, so one would presume that the offering would not be that great. However, that could all change next month, as there could be a huge device reveal during CES 2011.

Brad Reed from NetworkWorld has wrote an article on PC World, where he explains that for the moment Verizon will only have a USB dongle for laptops. It is this device that will give them access to the upcoming LTE service, which to many is classed as a 4G technology; but there are those who disagree and say that LTE does not meet that standard.

Either way the Consumer Electronics Show will be the perfect platform for Verizon and other companies to show off what devices will support LTE – Big Red iPhone anyone? We expect to see a number of smartphone reveals during CES 2011, but they will not be released until later in the year.

This would mean that LTE would not be as big a deal next year, much the same as the tablet PC this year. Those devices were said to be the biggest gadget of 2010, but it has only been the Apple iPad that made it’s mark, with the others now trying to play catch-up.

What LTE devices do you expect to see from CES 2011? Will the Verizon iPhone 4 /5 be one of them?



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