Gran Turismo 5: Damage Modeling a Failure?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 29, 2010

When Gran Turismo 5 was released last week a lot of gamers were keen to see the damage modelling system which had never before been seen in a GT game, however it looks as if it may be a bit of a failure.

If you check out this recent GamingBolt post you can see a selection of GT5 replays, some of which show absolutely no damage being incurred despite experiencing extremely high-speed and horrific looking crashes.

We have embedded one of these videos at the end of this post, it shows a convertible car rolling over after hitting a verge, despite the bad-looking crash the Corvette receives no damage whatsoever, which suggests that GT5’s damage modelling system is far from perfect.

It has to be said that sometimes crashes result in realistic damage, however it would be nice for there to be some sort of consistency. If you would like to see 6 examples of GT5 crashes check out the source link below.

Are you disappointed with GT5’s vehicle damage system?

Source: GamingBolt

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  • steve

    damage increases as you level up, in higher levels damage will be much more notable…

    • darltroopper

      true i am a spec 38 and the damage looks as awesome as you progress