Gran Turismo 5 Glitch Guide – No GT5 Cheats

By Jamie Pert - Nov 29, 2010

Although no cheats have surfaced for GT5 yet, PS3 gamers have had a week to play on a game they thought would never be released. They have also discovered a few tasty tricks and glitches which could help you on your quest for petrol-headed glory.

One of the first tricks that have been uncovered is a raw speed increase. This can be achieved by changing the oil straight away when you purchase a new car which will give you an extra 1-20BHP. You can thank ‘Speedo’ for that.

But one of the more interesting tricks that has come to our attention is being able to gain the B-5 gold licence within 3 seconds. Check the video at the end of this article to see how it is done.

There are a few more tricks and strategy’s that can be used for getting extra money. One of which is burning around in a Ford Focus RS, moving to the amateur league and entering in the clubman competition. You will face another Focus, but if you manage to win every race, you’ll end up with $4,600 per race and get a $14,000 bonus for winning the championship. Sounds easy for 20mins of work.

The last we have for you is another glitch of sorts. We are not sure if this was meant to happen but give it a shot anyway. If you buy a BMW 135i, you can compete in the hot hatch series. Funnily enough, the BMW 135i is not a hot hatch, and you should be able to blitz through the amateur league with ease which will net you lots of cash for your next big purchase.

Once cheats have been announced, we will get them to you straight away, but in the meantime you can check out our article that gives you some basic tips and tricks on driving in GT5.

Did these glitches work for you?

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  • Felcrest

    for those who want to make money and not spend time in the lobby go to extreme level American Championship race the indy track with a ford gt lm 2 race car. the race pay 117000 cr. and this car can win the race in under 4 min. that means in 40 min you can earn 1,000,000 cr. not bad if you have the car and levels.

  • doug

    i have a moped in my toilet

  • ryan

    i have a motorbike in my bath!?!?

  • AKkilla




    • Scotchandwater

      Change the Traction control and the ABS settings to ) and you will have a better feel for the car and it will move faster in the turns

  • h34th

    i got a bad glitch on b spec britsh lightweight you will be in 1st place on top gear track get hit but another car and be but back to 12th or some where having to do half the lap again iv tryed it 5 times and happened every time getting pissed off

  • Oitheboy

    I won those races in my Veyron. I think you can use any car in the hot hatch series

  • zombie_gordon

    Also, another contender in the hot hatch series is the Maserati. Go figure, but is is certainly the best in class.

    • cooldoode

      or the bugati veyron

  • OzzY_N_MotioN

    ok i completly finished the game today with all golds, but i never got a supercharged buick! i want lol

  • Luke Sullivan

    I have found another glitch. If you win the muscle car races in the amatuer series then you will get a supercharged Buick. Oddly enough this car can be used in compact car races, when it clearly isn’t a compact. easy money.