Facebook Trademark: ‘Face’ and ‘Book’ – Next?

Back in December 2005 Facebook were trying to trademark the word ‘Face’. It does make me laugh when a company gets big they try to trademark names that have been around for thousands of years. How can anyone have the right to say that they own the word face – this will certainly not sit right with millions of you out there?

It seems as if they are getting a little closer to trade marking the name, which Tim Ollason from OSM discussed in a recent post. He did point out that if such a thing is granted, then Apple could have an issue with their ‘FaceTime’, something that I am sure Apple will fight.

We know that The Social Network will face a backlash over this, but can they really take on the might of Apple? This has made me think back to an article that I read on Cnet News back in August, when they were unhappy that a social network start-up called themselves ‘Teachbook’, as they believed that they were using the success of the name book that appears in Facebook.

What if Facebook tried to trademark the name ‘Book’ next, it does not seem that far-fetched, just look at ‘face’? I just think that it is so petty when companies get larger; they start to get too big for their boots and start to do stupid things.

What do you think of this whole Facebook trademark issue?


  • LDMerriam

    This trademark is neither ridiculous or sinister. Do you know 15 other companies have trademarked "face"? Honda did it in 2005 and no one screamed. How come there is no gnashing of teeth that Facebook has trademarked the letter "f"? More:

  • Evanescere Rose

    I think it's stupid. Face was a word that's been around for a long time. And if they trademark book that will be f*cked up.

  • I think it’s ludicrous, and I think the government will agree that it’s pretty ridiculous…


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