CoD Black Ops: Hardline Pro Killstreak Reward Exploit

By Jamie Pert - Nov 29, 2010

If you have been playing the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops you will know that unlocking pro versions of perks can be a hard task, we are now hearing of a way in which people are abusing the Hardline Pro.

Once you have unlocked Hardline Pro and you set a class up which features it you can easily get 3 care packages from a killstreak of 5-0, this is done by using the SAM Turrets, Care Package and Sentry Guns, usually these would take 4, 5 and 6 unanswered kills respectively, however with Hardline Pro they require require 3, 4 and 5 kills.

Because these three killstreak rewards come in packages you can simple use Hardline Pro to switch them to something better, if you have an teammate helping you out he can guard you until you get something good, also he can kill you when you are 5-0 so you can continuously carry out this exploit.

Apparently someone used this tactic to go 29-0 on Array, in one round he got 2 Gunships, 3 Chopper Gunners and countless Mortar Strikes, Valkyrie Rockets and Attack Helipcopters, obviously the friendly kills didn’t show up as deaths.

To be honest with you I would like to have gained a better kill to death ratio than that, I have gone 55-6 without using any exploit, therefore I would imagine it would be easy to go 100-0.

This tactic is not really hack, however it is a cheeky exploit which may ruin people’s multiplayer experience, personally I hope that Treyarch do something to stop people utilizing Hardline Pro in such a way

Do you think that Treyarch should combat this cheeky tactic? If so what do you think should be done?

Source: AllAboutTheGames

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  • Jim Smeltzer

    Black ops rules !

  • Jim Smeltzer

    MW2 is for camping faggots

  • benny b

    MW2 was the best game ever!!! lets all just boycott black ops!!

  • SeanBruno

    This is now patched, and this game just keeps getting worse. Illogical spawning, removal of effective strategization, no more sniping, caamping or running… And the connection issues still run rampant. The list of flaws keeps getting longer. Anyone notice last stand pro now also gives you less time to be revived?

    The fact that Treyarch is patching these perks means they did not have the foresight to see how they could be used; which is inexcusable. Treyarch rushed to get this game out and its flaws are glaring. When Whack Ops has wet dreams, it is dreaming about MW2.

  • meboy

    I AM SOOOO CONFUSED! how do I get hardline PRO?
    please reply!

    • snowypure

      go to your hardline perk dont press x press square and see the challenges to get it i still need to share 10 packages its hard.

  • JoJo

    Boo Hoo, cry over someone rerolling packages. First of all, you know how hard it would be to get gunships, chopper gunners, and alot of mortars with rerolls??? The majority of the rerolls are amm, spyplanes, or anti spyplanes. It's not like your going to see the mojor kill streaks come out alot. You make it sound like that's all that guy got and he ONLY got 29 kills on Array? BULLSHIT!

  • jake griffiths

    how do i get the last kill streaks when it says 7 kill streaks in 1 match , does that mean have to get a kill streak of 7 in a game or 7 kill streaks

    • Hardline Pro User

      Unlocking hardline pro:
      ■Share Packages – Share 10 Killstreak reward crates with teammates.
      ■Multiple Killstreaks – Earn 7 killstreaks in one match while using Hardline.
      This is actually quite easy. Make sure you have killstreaks of 3,4,5 equipped.
      With hardline on, it would take you would earn the killstreaks with 2,3,4 kills respectively.
      After you earn your last killstreak, either suicide or get killed by the enemy.
      Repeat the process above until you have earned your 7th killstreak.

      ■Killstreak – Get 7 kills without dying in one match.

    • ryan

      Jake, you have to get 7 dofferent killstreak rewards in one game…the easiest way to do it is have a killstreak reward set up for 3 4 and 5 kills til u get the challenge

  • steve

    If treyarch makes a patch…I will simply not use hardline pro. It will be a completely useless perk only being able to change 1 care package. I dont think its a exploit! Do you know how hard it is to get the pro version? You have to share care packages. 10 of em. thats hard. But if they do patch it I will simply not use hardline pro and it will be regarded as one of the most useless perks in this game.

  • Hardline Pro User

    The Hardline Patch will soon be up. I don't totally agree with it. While I think that the SAM Turret shouldn't be rerolled, why couldn't you gamble on the sentry gun or valkyrie rockets?

    Funny that the strategy guide pointed out that Hardline Pro can get the most use by equipping, SAM Turret, Care Package, and Sentry Gun so you have three chances to reroll. I don't think that using Hardline Pro in this effect is "abuse" if this is published in the official strategy guide. I'm keen on getting the "Death Machine" mini-gun.

    I usually keep my sentry gun and only reroll my SAM Turret and Care Package. Yes, I have gotten Attack Dogs (once) and the Gunship (twice), but I sometimes get mid-level killstreaks. And its still a gamble. I get lots of spyplane, counters, and ammo.
    You still have to have all of these airdropped and that can leave you and your teammate(s)vulnerable from enemy killstreaks.

    What they really should fix is the fact that you can’t reroll your care package if an idiot teammate is “saving” stealing your own crate.

    • annoyed

      "What they really should fix is the fact that you can’t reroll your care package if an idiot teammate is “saving” stealing your own crate. "

      ik ffs, and half the time they are knicking an ammo crate!

      • Norefunds

        some crates are there only for a brief time so I have opened em to use agaisnt our common enemy.

  • Gamer Troll

    It's hard to try to be sympathetic with you when you thing that 55-6 has a better kill to death ratio than 26-0.
    55-6 = 9.17 ratio
    26-0 = 26.00 ratio…

    Not even close dude.

    • Maths Troll

      26:0 is infinite….

      • You're Still Wrong

        26:0 is impossible to calculate using regular maths

        • Indeed. 26:0 is the same as 26/0 which is undefined.

    • Blossom

      nobody gives a shit that you can't calculate it

  • I played a game last night where someone was doing this, it was aggravating, but hey, you just have to be good enough to kill the person before they reach 5-0.

  • flyswatter

    its not even 50/50. ive only gotten a gunship 3 times and a chopper gunner about 10 and i only use it. It evens out cause a lot of people use the damn sam turrets and shout the stuff down. It's not a big deal.

  • Janac3

    Not at all I love the fact that I can change a spy plane into ammo… Yes that happens alot but I also have changed a Sam turret into a gunship. It’s a 50/50 shot as what u get with using hardline pro I don’t think they should do anything about it other than the fact of using team kills to restart your k/s