Black Ops: Amazing Tomahawk Kill Video – Best Ever?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 29, 2010

If you head over to YouTube and search for “black ops best tomahawk” you will find a huge amount of great Tomahawk kills, however I have come across one video which I think can be crowned the best Black Ops Tomahawk kill ever.

We have embedded a video showing this Tomahawk kill at the end of this post, it takes place on Launch during a game of domination, not only does it travel a massive distance but it also manages to travel through a small opening in the launch gear which is erecting for the rocket launch.

This is truly a 1 in a million shot which I very much doubt will ever be repeated, the question is have you seen a more impressive kill with a Tomahawk in Black Ops?

If you have seen a better tomohawk kill please email me on

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  • Tomahawk pro

    Check my file share on XBOX catlikecylinder is my screen name…Im a tomahawk pro!!!

  • Ben

    99.9% luck…. 0.1% skill….. If thats what you like watching then this is a great video, i find the better tomahawk kills to be ricochet's off walls when u know an enemy is there but cant get a clear view, or a couple of tomahawk kills in a row, picking up and re-using in succession.

  • l.kj

    I had that the other day. Delete your profile and then re add it

  • polikonino

    dang. nice, i need help, does anyone know why on xbox live, its says "The current profile is not allowed to play on Xbox Live" ?
    Please i really need to know, and if i can fix it

    • Keegs

      you where banned for somethng that you were doing……either glitching, swearing, offensive emblem, or hacking……..

  • Janac3

    HOLY S&@T!!!!!!! Talking about bank shot and pot luck that’s F$&@ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • brendan

    Imagine the nerdgasm, may have needed a new change of boxers!!!! lmao

  • devol

    thats some good killin

  • Steve

    O.O EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JasoN

    That’s the best I’ve seen. Check mine out though.

  • Oska

    Outta controll