Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam: Weapons, Items & Vehicles Revealed

By Jamie Pert - Nov 29, 2010

With not long to go until the Vietnam expansion pack for BFBC2 comes out, a Russian blog has exposed some of the new content we can expect to see when the game gets a release sometime this winter.

With no solid release date set, Vietnam has been in the thoughts of all Bad Company 2 players since its conception at E3 this year, and we got our first preview at the Tokyo Game Show back in September.

Ok, we realise this is potentially top secret information and love to give you sneak previews of games when we get it, but remember this is a spoiler so proceed at your own peril.

In the video, we see all the weapons you will be able to play with in BFBC2 Vietnam, as well as all the new Vietnam-themed vehicles that you can ride around in.

So with no further a do, check the video we have posted below that shows you a glimpse of the menu’s (proving that it is legit), weapons, item names and stats (albeit in Russian), tanks, helicopters and ships to name a few.

What do you think of the content in Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam? Excited?

Source: Joystiq

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  • mohamed

    it will be released on the 18th on pc and 21st on xbox and ps3

  • Kris Dye

    when will battlefield bad company vietnam be released?