Wii 2.0 in 2011 / 2012: 3D Release?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2010

This morning we asked if you had pre-ordered your Nintendo 3DS, which you can read more about here. This has got me thinking about the Nintendo Wii 2.0, and if it will offer 3D technology? It is no secret that the Wii is still the most successful games console on the market, but sales have slowed.

Sales for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have increased in recent months, this is thanks to constant improvements and their new motion-sensing devices. However, the PlayStation 3 has the added benefit of 3D support, and with more 3DTVs hitting the market this is something that Nintendo needs to think about when developing the Wii 2.

Stuart Young from 3DS Buzz explains that not much is known about the next Wii, but they have been teasing us a little; this has led many to believe that they are working on 3D. However, Young does not believe this to be the case, as the technology is still in its early stages.

OK, we know that there are a huge number of TVs and Blu-ray players using the technology, but it is still new. Nintendo will not want to use a technology that still has a way to go before it has been perfected. Young has two theories on what Nintendo will do next, but neither of them seems like the next Wii will offer 3D.

Do you think that the Wii 2 will come with 3D?

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  • somebody

    wii is not the oldest of 3…

  • Anonymos

    And how do you know this? did Nintendo tell you they were calling it something else. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion just like you.

    Anyways, Nintendo is the oldest console out of the Big 3. I think its time for them to throw in the towel. I mean the Wii should have already had 3D features when they released it. Just because 3D Tv's weren't out yet, doesn't mean they couldn't of used they're own display method. Maybe a 'Wii Projector', 'Wii Tv', etc. im just saying they're games are for children and the video game market is more teens and adults then anything.

    If they want to compete with Sony and Microsoft, they need to create something they wouldn't think of. And who in they're right mind would put this stupid gadget on just 2play a 'kiddy game'? Just saying once again, Wii is for kids. They should team up with Leapfrog and give up

    • rameel

      Your stereotypical outlook regarding Nintendo is just plain ignorance. Regardless of anyone's opinion, Nintendo has the best business mindset in earning at no loss on their product as they appeal to their target audience.
      Research will do you good. Wii earned Nintendo billions. It must be hard to live for people like you who seem to have personal grudges against Nintendo and their business style and overall success

  • Test

    Wii 2 sounds so 2008’ish. Nintendo will NOT name it Wii 2 or Wii 2.0 or Wii anything I bet. I believe Nintendo will make it’s next console backwards compatible with Wii titles and Wii Remotes etc. Hopefully there will be away to transfer licenses to the new NINTENDO CONSOLE [not Wii 2.0] so stop calling it that.

    Also all of the 3D talk is getting old.