Samsung N150-JPB2 Netbook: Review Roundup

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2010

Whoever said that 2010 would be the year of the tablet PC got things a little wrong – yes I know I was one of them. There is no denying that Apple made a success of things with the iPad, but where were all the others? It was thought that netbook sales would suffer, but things have still been going very nicely. One such netbook that will be on your gift wish list has to be the Samsung N150-JPB2.

First impressions always last, so things already look good for the N150 Plus, with its deep red and black glossy lid. However, it will not be long before it becomes a chore wiping off those fingerpriints. There are a number of other colors available, which you can see at Laptop Mag.

Currently Best Buy has a great deal running on the red version of the N150-JPB2, which you can see here. According to the online store, the device comes with a 667MHz Intel Atom processor N450, 1GB of DDR@ RAM, and a 250GB hard drive.

While reading a review of the Samsung netbook on Cnet News, they pointed out that although it had a long lasting battery and a matte screen to stop glare, cramped keyboard and the small hard drive could put a few buyers off.

For those of you looking for an alternative then you should consider the HP 210-2061WM Mini Netbook PC or the Acer Aspire One AO532h-2254.

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  • Kyoudai

    I love my Samsung netbook! It is awesome like some others have said. I loaded Win 7 home premium on it and runs just as quick as Win 7 starter. If you really need more hard drive space, all you do is hookup a portable external on a usb. I'm happy with my purchase!

  • itz an awsum little machine…i mean apart from gaming it supports first few weeks of its buy, u'll get used to typing and all the problems are gone…the best thing to have in ur bag….

  • mlm

    Does anyone know if this netbook comes with Micrsoft Outlook?

    • Don

      Nope. But MS Office can be loaded with no problems.

  • sean

    i love the netbook, however a silicone skin or hard shell case for this netbook are impossible to find.

  • Marshall

    I agree with the two reviews prior to mine. The Samsung N150-JPB2 is a nice netbook, and Cnet's review makes no sense. (But then, I've found their reviews are most often just plain worthless.) This unit is as good as any in its size and price class, and better than most. For its intended purpose it works very well and was a good buy.

  • Ken Klechak

    I certainly agree with Zetaprime, I have checked numerous netbooks and have NEVER seen one offered with a HD larger than 250G. I have bought and returned 5 or 6 ereaders including the Nook, Kindle, NookColor etc. now that I have the N150-JPB2, it is more than I hoped for. I have installed 'Nook for PC' and 'Kindle for PC' – I also installed EeeRotate, for anyone interested, this small free program will rotate your screen both left and right and allow you to read in book form. In addition, with this netbook, you have an excellent emailer and large size browsing, those of you who try to browse on your ereaders know the capability stinks. A further note – I subscribe to Audio Books, this also gives me the opportunity to listen to books when my eye's tire from reading. ( I have macular degeneration in one eye). All in all, this Samsung is a 5 star winner..

    Oldgoat from Texas

  • zetaprime

    I just got one of these, Very nice indeed. The comment about the hard drive being small doesn't make sense. It's a netbook, and none of them seem to come with a disk larger than 250G, but many come with smaller ones (usually 160G). The Samsung has longer battery life than most, which is a big plus for a netbook, since that's one of the reasons one chooses a netbook over a full-size laptop. Naturally it doesn't have the horsepower for gaming, but that's not what netbooks are meant to be used for. And the keyboard being cramped. Well..what would one expect on such a small computer? If you want to write a novel then of course you'll want something bigger. But for web browsing and emails it's just fine.