NFS: Hot Pursuit vs. Gran Turismo 5 – Arcade vs. Simulation

By Tina Chubb - Nov 28, 2010

Within the last week we’ve seen not one but two racing games hit the shelves, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5. While they are two totally different types of racing game entirely, it’s still interesting to see which type people would prefer – simulation or arcade?

I recently read an article by goukijones over at, in which he details a recent experiment he conducted where he took both Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit over to a friends’ house during Thanksgiving, to see what his friend would think of both titles.

The conclusion was rather interesting. The author of the article noted that his friend immediately went for the Gran Turismo game first and loaded it into his PlayStation 3. He then tried to start a race once the game had installed, but this couldn’t be done as he had to do a license test first.

After failing several attempts at the license challenge, both goukijones and his friend managed to enter a race. However, the author notes that after every attempt, his friend would hand him the controller and ask him if he wanted to play. It was then time to load up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Within just three minutes, the author’s friend was already in a race. According to goukijones, his friend didn’t ask him once if he’d like to play NFS: Hot Pursuit. It soon became clear what game his friend preferred, even hinting to his wife that he needed a copy of the game himself.

What game would you prefer playing, Gran Turismo 5 or Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit? Is arcade or simulation the better racing game?

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  • daFunkyTown

    ??? WTF – license test to race against a mate on GT5???? Try arcade mode, split screen, two players.

  • Dave

    I played NFS first and liked it instantly. Hired it twice for PS3 in early December.
    Got GT5 for Christmas. Was soooo excited when I got it, only to be rather bored 2 hours later after driving the slow cars on boring tracks at the start of the game. I thought maybe it was just the car, so I tried racing some of the supercars in the "arcade" mode. No noticable difference. Also, the graphics are very good, but not comparable to the absolutely amazing, almost life-like, graphics shown in the previews.

    Bought NFS 2 nights later and enjoyed racing again. So far I've played GT5 for about 6hrs and NFS for about 20hrs. GT5 undoubtedly has a lot of potential and a lot of game hours to go. If I had a week off work with nothing to do, GT5 would be fantastic. To pick up a game for an hour or two, NFS is better


    FUN: GT5 – 5/10; NFS – 8/10 ("fun" is really why people play games, right?)
    GRAPHICS: GT5 – 9/10; NFS – 8/10 (both pretty good; GT5 slightly better)
    EASE OF USE: GT5 – 5/10; NFS – 8/10 (NFS menus easier. GT5 very cumbersome and slow to load)
    LIFESPAN OF GAME: GT5 – 9/10; NFS – 7/10 (I reckon will get bored of NFS quicker, but could pick up GT5 a few months down the track, esp. with all the downloadable upgrades)

    If NFS copied the same format of NFS Most Wanted on PS2 (purchasable / customisable cars, ability to lose cops by blowing up petrol stations, and having more of a story line concerning wanted level) it would be the definite pick. EA Games, if you're listening, for 2011 please re-make NFS Most Wanted with a lot more tracks, weapons (EMP, road spikes, heli, etc), a good soundtrack where you can download/import and customise your songlist, and 1080P graphics, and you will have produced the game of the year!

  • you know it

    Licence tests to race in gt5? Bull shit much? Your full of it mate.