Gran Turismo 6 (GT6): Wish List Before Release

By Tina Chubb - Nov 28, 2010

Although fans have only had a few days worth of playing time with the recently-released Gran Turismo 5 game, there’s already news surfacing about the next installment in the series, GT6. Earlier this month, Alan Ng brought you all an article on whether or not GT6 would be released on the PS3.

We now have more Gran Turismo 6 news, thanks to an article by Tom Pakinkis over at The article takes a look at a wish list for the GT6 game, and all the ways that it could possibly improve the series for Polyphony Digital.

The first thing that’s mentioned on the list is possibly not having so many different cars. The article points out that while it’s great to have all those nice cars to drive, do we really need so many different models of Honda Civics? Another valid point mentioned is the amount of development time.

Then there is the damage debate, and whether or not there should be more damage added to the Gran Turismo games or no damage at all. Weather is another thing on the GT6 wish list, and how it should be rolled out across the entire game next time and not just over a few tracks.

You can read the full list via What do you think of CVG’s wish list, and what changes would you like to see in the Gran Turismo 6 game?

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  • scoop

    We need a drag strip along with more mustang’s and Pontiac

    • scoop

      5.0 …fire hawk..iroc-z….gt500…boss

      • scoop

        Real iroc-z….not just the concept

  • Carlos De La Torre

    I see people making list only for regular street cars so here is my true list of racecars.

    All racecars from GT5. Also every car in the game has to have proper cockpit views.

    R18 Ultra (FIA WEC)
    R18 e-tron quattro and long tail (FIA WEC)
    R15 Challenger or plus (FIA WEC)
    R8 GT3 and GT1
    DTM A5 2013
    R8 LMS Ultra (FIA GT Series)

    Aston Martin:
    Vantage GTE Gulf 2011-2013
    Aston Martin DBR1
    Vantage GT3
    DB9 Gt3 and Gt1
    AMR-One Lmp1
    Dome Lmp1
    Lola-Aston Martin B09/60 Lmp1 Gulf

    Rebellion racing:
    Toyota Lola 2013

    DW12 Dallara.

    SRT viper GTS-R 2012-2013

    Cadilac Northstar LMP 900

    Panoz LMP-1 Roadster-S

    Z4 GTE alms
    DTM M5 2013
    Z4 GT3 and GT1
    E89 Z4 (FIA GT Series)

    Zytech lmp1 2013 (FIA WEC)

    All race cars including vintage race cars
    911 GTE (FIA WEC)
    911GT3 and GT1 (FIA GT Series)
    LMP1 2014
    RS Spyder LMP2

    Oreca Nissan LMP2
    Delta Wing
    Zytech Nissan LMP2

    458GTE 2012-2013
    458GT3 and GT1 (FIA GT Series)
    430 GT2

    GTE Corvette C6-ZR1 Team Corvette Racing
    GT3 Corvette Z06R

    SLS AMG GT3 and GT1(FIA GT Series)
    C AMG DTM (C204)-2013

    HPD ARX 03B LMP2
    (HPD) ARX-03c LMP1

    TS030 Hybrid 2012-2013 (FIA WEC)

    MP4-12C GT3 and GT1 (FIA GT Series)

    There are more cars i can name but there are just so many race cars that i and possibly others would like to see. but to put in plain perspective it I would like to see more up to date race cars in GT6 (Gran Turismo 6) I and possible others would like to see cars from the FIA WEC, and from the ALMS.s but we want cars from 2012-2013. i like the fact GT5 had cars from history but that all that GT5 had to offer GT5 had an up to date Peugeot LMP1 car and guess what Audi had an old school R10 so where is the balance their? yes the cars are 5 years apart but in those 5 years racing technology was advancing quickly so even though it was only 5 years just the performance difference enormous. Plus it would be nice to race cars that we see on television today like the new Audis and Toyotas. So more up to date race cars and we want to start putting race cars in their true categories. Like GT1 race cars go to the GT1 class and the Gt3 cars go to the GT3 class. we want to be able to separate the cars into their proper categories. That is another issue with GT5 you had several gt3 cars in the game and several Gt1 and playing online it was not fair you could not set the lobby to just GT3 Cars or Gt1 cars. So basically some people were at a disadvantage. and we want to to the same with the Le Mans Prototypes the LMP1 cars go in their separate category from the LMP2 cars. Basically saying start putting cars into their true categories.

    Track wise keep all the tracks from GT5 and include these

    Long Beach 2013
    Austin Texas
    Paul Ricardo
    Canada Montreal
    Spain Barcelona Catalunya
    Brazil Sao Paulo
    Yas Marina
    Road America
    Spa-Francorchamps (old school track how it use to be)
    Hockenheim both the newly up to date track and the old school hockenheim where it goes off into the woods) and all track from GT5 and my list should have time and weather change.

    also tire wear please more realistic. and more different compound race tires to choose from.

    so this is my list please take into consideration that i am a huge Gran Turismo fan and i did enjoy GT5 but i felt their was more that could have been added like more up to date race cars and stock street cars and tracks that most of us can associate with. and one more for GT6 we would also like to be able to customize cars more. what i mean is to add body kits or have more cars to have the ability to put race mods on, and to customize the interior of the cars. so please listen to us Polyphony Digital listen to your fans we want more of everything. and also if you are going to be doing a car pack…please put cars that fans want to get not some race car prius.

  • adamek2455

    koenigsegg agera r
    koenigsegg ccxr
    la ferrari
    bugatti veyron super sport
    pagani huraya
    please, give koenigsegg

  • Ross May

    pagani zonda cinque
    pagani zonda r
    pagani zonda f
    pagani zonda triclore
    pagani zonda c12
    pagani zonda s 7.3
    pagani zonda monza
    pagani zonda lm race car
    pagani zonda hh
    pagani zonda huayra
    pagani zonda rak
    pagani zonda 750
    pagani zonda 764 passione
    pagani zonda gr

  • Ross May

    ferrari 458 italia
    ferrari f12 berlinetta
    ferrari ff
    ferrari sp1
    ferrari california
    ferrari enzo
    ferrari p4/5
    ferrari 612 scaglietti
    ferrari fxx
    ferrari 599 gto
    ferrari 599xx
    ferrari 599xx evoluzione
    ferrari f430
    ferrari f430 scuderia
    ferrari 360
    ferrari 360 challenge stradale
    ferrari 458 challenge
    ferrari f40
    ferrari f50
    ferrari f2004
    ferrari f2008
    ferrari f2012
    ferrari 308 gtb
    ferrari f355 gtb
    ferrari 458 race car
    ferrari f430 race car
    ferrari 365 gtb
    ferrari 550 maranello race car
    ferrari racing concept for le mans 2012
    ferrari f333 sp race car
    ferrari f50 gt
    ferrari enzo gemballa mig-u1
    ferrari aurea berlinetta
    ferrari f40 competizione
    ferrari 330 p4 race car

  • Ross May

    lamborghini murcielago rgt
    lamborghini murcielago rgt race car
    lamborghini aventador
    lamborghini gallardo superleggera
    lamorghini gallardo lp570-4 performante
    lamborghini reventon
    lamborghini diablo gtr
    lamborghini muira
    lamborghini countach
    lamborghini estoque
    lamborghini gallardo lp590-2 sv
    lamborghini murcielago lp640
    lamborghini murcielago sv
    lamborghini sesto elemento
    lamborghini aventador j
    lamborghini diablo
    lamborghini diablo race car
    lamborghini gallardo race car

  • George

    What about the Ford Probe? :O

  • Nielsen

    BMW 520i E39`97 Station Wagen

  • Jstilt93

    i dont think they  should’nt have so many of the same car…..  that has been how gt has always been its some what part of the game, they always have cars from previous games they add on the new model cars in the new game, yes it is a hassle and a bit overwelming but i dont think they should take that away, it does get stupid when you have a Skyline (R) 94 and a skyline (J) 94.

    • Jstilt93

      but when its lagit a diff car then i think it should stay for exaple skyline (j) 94 and the
      skyline MMR 93 or somthing like that i cant remember what it is exactly but i hope my point is understood

  • Antonthemaster

    volvo 740/940, mercedes w123/w124. Saab 900. And more things u can do with the cars

  • Fnaddaf

    Vauxhall/Opel insignia!! Normal 1.8 / 2.0 and Vxr/ opc models

  • Domenic

    Opel Astra GTC/OPC (2012)
    Opel Calibra

  • Jack

    Gran turismo needs the noble m600

  • Jack

    Gran turismo needs the noble m600

  • Thetransamkid

    gran turismo feel with forza detail

  • thetransamkid

    GTA trans am
    Iroc Z camaro
    Monte carlo ss

  • kobie

    Ford falcon xr6 BF 2008 black

    • kobie

      Australia would be happy as and more people will buy the game

  • kobie

    Ford falcon FG XR 6 turbo


    PLEASE  I NEED DOSE.                                                                         ATT  COGI CABUTO

  • Ajsprings8

    lamborghini indomable, lamborghini cabrera, lamborghini estoque, 
    2011 McLaren MP4-12C gt3.
    2012 lamborghini aventador j,lamborghini 2020 r prototype,2015 bmw zx-6 concept,ferrari fxx.
    pagani huayra, saleen s7 twin turbo, ascari a10, sscultimate aero tt and others,pagani zonda c12-f
    porshe 918 spyder,hennessy venom gt,maybach 62 s landualet 1.4 mil,aston martin one-77,2012 koenigsegg agera r 1.7 mil,zenvo st1,ferrari 599xx evolution 2.8 mil,2012 bugatti veyron supersport,
    porsche 9ff gt9r.arco-3d concept car,keating tkr, weber (faster one),heffner ford gt tt, bugatti veyron
    supersport,nelson mt900-s,2012 hennessy venom gt,melling hellcat,bristol fighter t, rsc predator gt-rsr.
    keating zkr, vector avtech wx8,the mostro  di-potenza sf22, the transtar dagger gt, lamborghini insecta.
    lamborghini sesto elemento,lamborghini reventon,lamborghini ankonian concept,lamborghini madura
    concept,lamborghini furia concept,lamborghini embola concept,lamborghini cachazo concept.
    lamborghini ratun,lamborghini reventon roadster,lamborghini timador,the lamborghini x.

  • Ajsprings8

    koiengnsegg cxxr cxxx cxx 2013 koiegnsegg agera R :2013 lamborghini cabrera and all other models:
     ssc ultimate aero tt ,2009,ultimate aero 2013 ssc tuatara. bugatti 16c galliber, and all other models.
    ford gt concept and all other models. all other nissan models. all other mazda models. all other mclaren
    models. all other mercedes models.

  • ibby

    something luxury should be good rolls royce phantom or a bently flying super and they defo need the vtecs and gtrs and subs

  • Moparman5111

    How about in car views for every car Instead of just the cars from the dealership and the new srt viper both versions and if there is an acr model to please

  • Dan

    I’d love to see the Leblanc Mirabeau there 🙂 Or at least some of the Sultan of Brunei 1 of’s?

  • Alex

    2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 and coupe

  • Tom3006

    I’d like to see them incorporate the mount panamara circuit and some aussie v8 supercars in gt6

  • Ewfewionbfgurihjferjnfo

    the ferrari F620 would be nice

  • Joe

    Porsche GT3 R, GT3 RSR, GT3 RS 4.0

  • SNOWYZ250

    Acura NSX Senna Edition
    Aston Martin DB 5, Rapide
    Bentley Continental
    BMW M1, 1M, 745I, M6
    Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, Galiber and EB110
    Buscher Racing Talon, Eclipse, EVO
    Cadillac STS-V, CTS-V coupe and sedan, XLR-V
    Chevy El Camino, Nova, Monte Carlo SS, C6R, C7 concept, ZL1 Camaro
    Chrysler SRT 6 Crossfire, SRT 8 300C
    Cosworth Escort, Focus, Vega, WRX
    Dodge SRT 8 Charger and Magnum, SRT-10 Ram, SRT-4 Caliber, NASCAR
    Eagle Talon TSI FWD and AWD (1st and 2nd Gen)
    Ferrari 250 GTO, 599 GTO, FXX, Testarosa, 458 Scuderia, F2004
    Ford Mustang GT350, GT500KR, Boss 302, 429, Focus SVT, Focus and Fiesta ST, Taurus SHO AWD, Fiesta Rally Car
    GMC Typhoon and Syclone
    Honda (really???)
    Hennessy Viper, Ram SRT-10, GT
    Hyundai Genesis
    HKS R33 Drag car (from GT2)
    Kawasaki T-Rex
    KTM X-Bow
    Koninnsegg CCX
    Lambo Diablo, LM002
    Maseratti quattraporte, 194x INDY 500 winner:
    Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and GST (1st and 2nd Gen)
    Mclaren MP 4/4, MP 4/6
    Pontiac GTO, Trans AM
    Porsche 911 turbo, 911 GT1, GT2, GT3, Carrera GT, Caymen, Boxter, Cayenne, 959, 928 S, 914, 944 turbo, 917 le mans race car, Panimera
    Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, S281, S351
    Subaru BR, 95 WRC Champion WRX
    Vector Twin Turbo

    Used cars
    Less Honda civics

    • ibby

      need more jap cars so we need hondas evos gtrs and ae86 coupes and they need to be premium

  • Cnrc2108

    porsche gt3 rs

    porsche gt2 rs

    custom spoilers and different choose able body kits
    on all cars 

    bugatti eb110

    BMW m1

    lamborghini reventon cheaper muira countach 5000 qv diablos sv and vt

    mini cooper jcw

    kias rio and picanto

    more racing championships like pirelli world championship,  btcc, GT1 and GT3, formula drift, formula 3

    m3 csl 3.0 (from 80’s or 90’s)

    and many more old lambos ferraris and maseratis that people actually know (merak, dinos and testarrosas and urraco or uracco)

    things like that should be in gt6

  • Bertwrfc

    Hyundai Veloster Turbo as a premium car

  • Put the new toyota avensis 1.8 valvematic…and more family cars..shouldbe great!!!!

  • Bmwfreak

    Bmw E30 325i (1989) not m3
    Bmw 550D The new M5 in Diesel
    VW Golf 2 G60 rally
    VW Polo R

  • Fordboy90

    Ford sierra rs cosworth coupe
    Ford sierra cosworth sedan
    Ford cortina
    Ford Granada 2,8i ghia
    Volvo 850 t5-r
    Opel Astra F

  • Shannonnumber1

    Pulsar gtr

  • Shannonnumber1

    Toyota starlet gt turbo
    Pug 106 gti
    Saxo vtr, vts
    Affordable tuners with decent upgrades not stage upgrades.
    Defo keep the used dealerships love that.

    • Shannonnumber1

      Oh and the turboed cars need the turbo sound and dump valve blow off sounds and defo vtec.

  • Chuefingyang

    91-00 civic

  • Johan Aberg

    Volvo 240, volvo 740 volvo 940, volvo pv444 and volvo 121

    • toyotavensis155

      forgot the simple passa and toyota avensis!!!

      • Minicooper947992

        a vauxhall corsa club 52 plate 5 door silver 

        • Minicooper947992


        • Minicooper947992

           these wheel trims on the vauxhall corsa club 52 plate silver 1.2 5 door 

        • Minicooper947992


        • Minicooper947992

          this one but 52 plate reg KC52VWB


          with halfords value wheels trims

  • Let see 

    Aston Martin 
    Virage Volante 

    R8 GT (coupe and convertible)
    TT RS 

    2013 Continental/ Continental Speed (Coupe/GTC/Flying Spur)
    2013 Continental V8 

    Veyron Super Sports 

    2013 M5
    2013 3 series/M3 (sedan/coupe/wagon)
    6 series/M6 (coupe and convertible)
    1 M coupe 
    7 series / B7 Alpina

    Regal GS

    CTS/CTS V (sedan/coupe/wagon)
    ATS/ATS V 
    XTS/XTS V 

    Camaro ZL 1 

    300/ 300C SRT8 

    2013 Viper 
    Charger/ Charger SRT8 
    Dart/Dart R/T 

    458 Italia (Coupe/ Spider)

    500 / 500C / 500Abarth
    2013 Panda 

    2013 Fusion / Mondeo
    2013 Focus ST
    Fiesta ST 
    Mustang (Coupe and Convertible) (V6 & V8), Shelby Mustang with 650hp
    Taurus / Taurus SHO 


    Genisis (Sedan and Coupe) Genesis Sedan 5.0 R Spec 
    Voloster Turbo 

    G (sedan, coupe, convertible)

    XKR-S (Coupe and convertible)

    Sesto Elemento

    Land Rover/Range Rover 
    Range Rover
    Range Rover Sport  
    DC-100 (hard and soft top) 


    Lotus (Concepts from L.A. auto show)
    Evora S 

    Qaudroporte GTS 
    Gran Turismo (coupe and convertible)

    MP4-12C (coupe and convertible)

    Mercedes-Benz (and all AMG counterparts)    
    A coupe concept 
    C (sedan/coupe/convertible)
    E sedan 
    E  (coupe and convertible)

    Mini (All JCW counterparts)


    Z 370 (and the  one has a 5.5L MBZ engine) 
    Juke (the car we love to hate)

    Porsche (all 2013 models) 
    Panamera Turbo S 
    918 Spyder 

    Ghost (sedan/coupe/convertible) 
    Phantom (sedan/coupe/convertible) 




    GT 86 

    Passat CC 
    Golf R 

    Also GT6 should have a race for 4door coupes and hyper sedans 
    GT6 should also have a 4X4 terrain for SUVs
    and Pre-owned cars is always appreciated
    and Maybe a vintage showroom   

    • toyotavensis155

      forgot simple passat and avensis toyota…!!!

  • Joepower92

    more 60s and 70s muscle cars aka dodge challenger,plymouth gtx…ext

  • Aristoskostasagsi

    yes .. they should..!!!!!!!!!!It should be perfect … !!!!!!!!!!

    • Coreylosch77

      They need more American cars also make it alot easier to get the special race upgrades and special cars without d buying downloads and put in more Nascar tracks and the Dodge Nascars to buy they weren’t in this one.

      • Aristoskostasagsi

        yea they might put it…big , big torque…and of course make better sounds…VTEC KICKED IN YO LOOL!!!!!!

    • Aristoskostasagsi

      yea nascars!!!And more family cars

    • Aristoskostasagsi

      yea nascars!!!And more family cars

    • Aristoskostasagsi

      yea nascars!!!And more family cars

  • Janjunior

    i think it should have better and more detailed performance upgrades, such as cams, cranks,turbos, manifolds, instead of stage 1,2,3


    I think they should put and family cars such as vw passat, toyota avensis the 2009 and the old 2003 , citroen c5 , alfa romeo 156 & 159 … and of course more sports car to 300 hp!!!!

  • Jason

    Also on free run make it have unlimited people in rooms!

  • Jason

    Audi s4 and Audi s7 and Lamborghini aventador

  • Meeri Kallio

    Chrysler LeBaron ! And if possible, V6 version 😉

  • Apelsin

    Lamborghini Aventador

  • Flynn2710

    nissan qashqai

  • Moooos57

    More Ferrari cars like FXX. 

  • parkour94

    Three portuguese tracks:
    Boavista Circuit (Oporto) -> City
    Estoril Circuit (Lisbon)
    Portimão International Circuit (Algarve)

  • GT

    put some more newwer Citroën cars in it, like DS3 1.6 THP, DS3 Racing, DS4, the newwest C1, the new C4 1.6 THP, new C3 1.6 VTi and 2011 C5 3.0 V6 and ofcourse the GT must stay in the game!

  • Bob Dylan

    maybe also put bikes in it 😉

  • shaydepoole11

    i think u should make the cars more upgradable

  • Wyattneal2000

    i think all cars premium would be nice like seeing the inside of the sst concept or the 69 corvette ttop. and adding new cars like 1986 chevrolet truck??? they also really need to put the ford model T back in the game

  • Gcaruso100

    Gt6 should have the whole Porsche line up

  • gt5 fan

    add AUDI R18 TDI and koenigsegg agera r,  and add “make your own car sections”

  • add the 2010 mansory  bugatti veyron linea vincero DOro

  • add the 2010 mansory  bugatti veyron linea vincero DOro

  • I’mwithstupid>>

    Gran Turismo should put every car ever made in (updates if you have too) this is 2011 now

    • Philip

      more lamborghini’s like the reventon or the aventador

    • Philip

      and work on the damage

  • Yourname here

    Add more Pontiac’s, like a G6 LOL

  • have cars like Honda eg coupe/hatch Honda coupe/hatch would be nice

  • kyle

    I want to see the bugatti veyron bleu centenaire I don't care if its cliche but nobody has anything on that car

  • MNG

    Toyota Chaser

  • adam

    more city cars like ds3 and allow more sections in track creator

  • Rainbowsticks

    i really want the 2002 firebird trans am alot more mods you can add to your car like rims, and custom paint jobs, but thats just me and you shout be able to sell cars to your friends, that'll be cool!!!!!!!!

  • gnome

    will they EVER put the audi quattro RS1 and pikes peak in there ? what about the 1930s racecars from anywhere ?
    or a hotrod Ford 34 or mercury 49 ?

  • Adam

    I think they should put the value back in all cars even ones that are over a million… and let it be tradable , sellable like real life…maybe also put more realistic times on liences.

  • Puna

    Additions like interchangable engines between different models of cars (RB26DETT in Nissan Silvia’s), similar to how Forza Motorsports is and more bodykits and better damage.

  • x_o

    Put more new released cars like Audi A7 or BMW X6. Which I also missed and still wonder why GT5 never had Porsche and Koenigsegg in the game. Drag race tracks and the Japan Up-/Downhills.

  • GT4eva

    Bugatti Veyron must be Premium, bcuz it has one of the best interiors i've ever seen in a car.
    And yes. put a drag race track pls.

  • Petrolhead

    It should have the Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis,Zenvo ST1,Lamborghini Estoque,Sesto Elemento&Reventon, Bugatti Galibier&Veyron Supersport,Ariel Atom V8,Aston One-77,Rapide,DBS& DB5, Pagani Zonda Cinque& Huayra,VW XL1,Jaguar C-X75,Koenigsegg Agera,Ferrari FXX, P4/5&599 GTO ,full range range of f1 cars, Gumpert Apollo, KTM X-Bow

  • Skyline

    You should put in off roaders and let people cuts mizze there's Lett people putt in two engines make a 1mile long drag track put in hill climbed and stuff

  • Evo

    They should put off roader that you can custimize And put in to engines well I would take some dough. And put some off road tracks like hill s jumps and get a 1 mile drag race track

  • gt5 drifter

    we need some vauxhalls/opels. cavaliers, astras novas, corsas, classic fords xr2i/rs turbo same with xr3i even xr2's and 3's sierra cosworth, rs500. theres tons more can be done.

  • ih685xl

    i think they sould put more body kits and less xp per race at high levels add me if u want the red bul x1 ih685xl

  • skullzombie113

    upgrade standard cars to premium

  • Zamado

    I hope they add the Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero TT (old and new).

  • Megatron1970

    I don't like that yo can no longer change the wheels on the standard (Used) Cars. They need to add back being able to purchase wheels for any car you buy. I like that they finally added being able to paint your car, but pick, and choose what cars they let you paint. I feel that you should beable to paint any car you but whatever color you like. Need For Speed has had this option for years, and it don't matter what car you own you can change the paint to what ever color shade you want. It should have been put in GT5 as being able to do the same. Poltphonics needs to catch up with Need For Speed as far as being able the buy, and change wheels, and paint any car no matter what kind of car it is.

  • Daniel

    They need the Hennessey Venom GT

  • Brian

    Another thing, not to remove any manufacturers, the Citroen 2cv has unrealistic body roll in GT5 you don't see any of that. The performance in electric cars (e.g) Tesla roadster does 0-60 in 6 secs in GT5 not 4 secs, Mitsubishi iMiev does 13 secs not 9.8 secs. More popular cars like Citroen DS and Citroen/Masserati SM, Mazda Eunos 500 and especially Kia.

    • Tiago

      Please put Ford Sierra Cosworth Saphire on the next Gran Turismo!!!!

  • abdul

    i think they should go on with creating gt6 but shouldnt take as long as they did..i reckon they should create gt6 over gt5 but to add much more cars fix up much more on the graphics and pixels which is lost in all the shadows… they also need to change the surroundings which is jus duplicated and put all over the place and the audience looks ridiculous with the 2d cut outs which needs changing. im a gt fan but for such reasons im not impressed with it how i was impressed with gt1 gt3 and gt4… alot needs to be improved but overall i think gt5 is 7/10 cars are 10/10 graphics 7/10 career 8/10