Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): List of Best Cars to Use?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

After having had the chance to sit down for a good session on Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, how are you finding it so far? Are you fed up with the online server problems, or are you too busy compiling a list of all the best cars to use in the game?

We’re hoping it is the latter, as you’ll agree with us on the large part that Gran Turismo 5 was well worth waiting for. For hardcore players of the game, we want to hear your expert tips for beginners to read – more importantly, a brief list of some of the best cars to use in the game.

To help you with this, there is a useful guide over at Pocket-Lint, which has listed a few models which they think are pretty useful in the game. Suggestions by them include the Jaguar XJ13, the Red Bull X1 and the Chevrolet Impala.

Personally, I like the Pagani Zonda and the Ferrari F2007 models, as both will give you that extra ‘edge’ when racing. If you have found the perfect car already on Gran Turismo 5, let us know what it is below.

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    starting out, a good car is either the SILVIA SPEC-S AERO from used car dealer or a Honda Civic Type R EK.
    for seasonal events
    i recommend XJR-9 LM or 787B for 700-750PP races
    GT500 or DTM for 600-650
    for 530pp 4wd the GT-R ’07 is a great choice as it destroys everything in it
    when you reach the higher levels the 458 is a good choice.
    the top 10 are
    2.FERRARI F1
    4.MCLAREN F1
    7.SKYLINE GT-R R34
    9.SL55 AMG

    • L

      according to my testing the the best road cars are:
      1. TVR Cebera Speed 12
      2. Buggati Veyron (bad understeer, good for fast tracks)
      3. Lamborghini Murcielago SV
      4. Ferrari Enzo
      5. Lexus LFA
      6. Corvette ZR1
      7. Citroen GT
      8. Ferrari f430
      My favourite race cars are by far the Toyota 88c-v, or the Amuse GT1 s2000

  • Lordylord

    3000GT IS the best handling car in the game IMHO. Fully tuned it fairly beasts opposition! Veyron is brilliant, you just need to learn how to use it!

  • nick

    my fastest car is the red bull vettel X1

  • Gusta 20

    Dodge viper str10. Fully tuned hp- 950+

  • RedBarrr0ne

    The best for me is for sure the Nissan Gtr 2007 just make it slide a tiny bit with the handbrake in a corner and you get a perfect time trough the corner however slide it too much and you will lose allot of time. 😉

  • Randy

    if you are starting GT5 for the first time get a Honda Civic Type R and u don’t need to upgrade it much at all it won all my races on 5 low upgrades up to Lv. 15

    once u get lots of money try to find a car with a good mix of Torque and Horsepower and get plenty of grip on it and it should then keep u winning

  • Lcoulter98

    red bull x2011 is amazing

  • 10777777

    The redbull cars are definitely the. fastest cars in the game. The toyota minolta is a really good car, too. I race modded the corvette and its fine. The 458 italia is a great car after u tune it.

  • Sup Dummies!

    The subaru 360 is the fastest car i have in it
    Amazing 15HP!

    • YoungG

      lol best car evvvvvvvvvvvr

    • TG98

      it nearly beat my skyline. but lost by 6 minutes

  • george

    mclaren mp4-12c is a great car for me, it can tune over 800hp and can enter most races. it has amazing breaking and comes out of corners well.

  • Anon

    audi r8 with all upgrades, tunes to over 800bhp – will win just about anything but difficult to drive flat out. Has a tendency to spin out on heavy braking

  • NLDeavour

    The best car i have come accros? 
    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89 for sure 🙂 got about 1045HP top of 350 and a bit 🙂 handles great, sounds quite good ( better then the Red Bull x2010 Vessel ) and can beat other cars easily. weights just over 1000kg so… :p ’bout 1:1 hp to weight ratio with a allmost perfect 51 49 weight distribution ^^

    • TG98

      power to weight is 1000BHP per ton or 1000KG in that 2X what a real veyron has

  • I personally love the Mercedes 300 S L because if you buy it in black , and you remove the bumpers in GT Auto , you will have a car that’s worth to love . The cockpit has a type of cream color interior . I would really recommend you all to get this car .

  • EffectZero

    At the moment i’m into the Minolta but the Peugeot HFI Le mans Car is a great buy.

  • anti

    chaparral 2j

  • Bob

    red bull x2010 vettel. Best car ever!!!!!

  • Zachgcod10

    Honda Tuner all the way!

  • Reno

    tune a zonda r (starting with weight reduction then the horsepower) then change the transmission settings so that the 2nd to last gear is relativley low and the last one is as high as it can go.  It handles great in all but the sharpest curves and a little braking solves that problem.  Just dont take it to any massive straightaways cause no matter what you do it just cant match up to a veyron in sheer speed

  • koos

    i’m lvl 14 i have a fully tuned mercedes sls 806bhp 1300kg 
    and i have nissan micra with 244bhp and only 640kg
    with the micra i beat pagini zonda, bugatti veyron ferrari enzo on the highspeedring, level 12 chalange,

  • koos

    i’m lvl 14 i have a fully tuned mercedes sls 806bhp 1300kg 
    and i have nissan micra with 244bhp and only 640kg
    with the micra i beat pagini zonda, bugatti veyron ferrari enzo on the highspeedring, level 12 chalange,

    • D1sturb3d_54

      with the micra, you cannot beat all those cars…. seriously the veyron was once the worldss fastest production car, and now your saying the micra with 800 less hp will beat a bugatti veyron?

      • Key

        u have to be drafting to even get close to the veyron

  • L3WRY

    The nissan gtr 07  is not half bad, i have about tuned it fully now and its got about 740 bhp. It definatley holds its own, even with the high end cars.

    • YoungG

      with areo kits?

    • TG98

      the 2012 is one of the best in the whole game weighing less than 07 and has 950BHP. with a wing it can beat an enzo f1 and aventador. also costs less than spec v

  • Dazza

    wat about the Tank Car 03?

    • TG98

      to heavy and big to be “fast”. hell a stock R33 could beat it

  • Scott

    THE BEST ROAD CARS ARE THE MCLAREN F1 (if you tune it fully it will hold it’s own with many high end race cars) an the Mazda furai (rapes pretty much anything it’ll come up against)

  • Scott

    THE BEST ROAD CARS ARE THE MCLAREN F1 (if you tune it fully it will hold it’s own with many high end race cars) an the Mazda furai (rapes pretty much anything it’ll come up against)

    • Mpumi

      Mazda Furai got me through most races around LV 18 l think, after that….you need something else when above LV21

  • Connorloughnan

    The best cars are the F1 cars then the LeMans cars then everything else thats my opinion everyone loves the LeMans cars I can’t wait to get one for me it’s out of the Toyota Minolta and the Mazda 747B, the best F1 car is the Red Bull X2010 then the Formula GT then the Ferrari F2007 then F2010. As for road cars the R8 5.2, Corvette ZR1 09, Nissan GT-R Spec-V, Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, McLaren F1, McLaren MP4-12C, BMW M3, Ford GT40 and a few more that I can’t think of right now but another mention is the Zonda R. Thats my list of must get cars. Cars I would’t go near are NASCAR’s unless you have practically every car and money to spend, if you want a car that goes fast in circles then use a fully modded Veyron there great for it but thats about it.

  • Connorloughnan

    From what I have read, My top ten would be:
    Red Bull X2010
    Formula GT
    Ferrari F2007
    Ferrari F2010
    Toyota Minolta
    Mazda 787B
    Nissan RC89
    Sauber Mercedes
    McLaren F1
    Corvette ZR1 09

    All these cars have received nothing but positive comments from what I have read, but I think apart from the F1 cars the Toyota, Mazda and Nissan are the best race cars and the Nissan GT-R, Corvette ZR1, McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo, 458 and Scuderia are the best road cars and the Audi R8 5.2 and Mercedes SLS AMG are great also. Theres a lot of great cars but there the cars I have heard the most positive comments on and as much as I love my 1200BHP Veyron I use other cars for races. Anyway thats what I have heard what do you think?

    • James

      I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I have favorite cars for certain races.  The Ferrari F2007 F1 is a great car but can only be used in one race as I had found out the hard way.  It’s great though if you are looking to gain a large sum of Cr.  The Formula Gran Turismo is a great all around car for performance and handling.  At first it can be like a supercharged go-cart but once you get the feel for it, almost nothing can beat it.  One of my favorite cars of the game would have to be the Toyota Minolta.  This car can have as much as 1040 HP and handles extremely well, even on the Nurburgring 24H under the Real Circuit Tours.  This one race alone, being only one lap, will gain you almost 679,000 Cr.  The Pagani Zonda R ’09 is a great handling car in the corners as long as you stiffen up the chassis.  This is another car that can have a top HP of almost 930 and the car only weights 1070 kg.  As for American muscle, the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR ’08 has 981 HP and weights just 1257 kg.  Plenty of muscle for even the most challenging runs.  For the older vehicle races, the Toyota 7 Race car ’70 or the Jaguar XJ13 Race Car ’66.  Both have plenty of power but the Toyota 7 handles just a little better in my opinion.  As for the Veyron, I know everyone loves this car, and I know it’s like a jet engine strapped to a shinny winnebago, but the cornering on it isn’t as good as it should be.  It’s a little bulky and for the money there are better handling cars that are much lighter and better on the tight bends.  Straight up there are few cars that can keep up so I guess it would have to make my top favorites for that reason alone.  So my top list would be…

      Ferrari F2007
      Formula Gran Turismo
      Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89
      Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR ’08
      Toyota 7 Race Car ’70
      Jaguar XJ13 Race Car ’66
      Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09

      Some other great cars that I didn’t mention are…

      Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team PlayStation) ’09
      Ford GT40 Race Car ’69
      Ford GT40 ’06
      Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car ’89
      McLaren F1 ’94
      Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) RM ’09
      Citroen GT By Citroen Race Car

      Hope this helps.  


      • TG98

        i find the best classic is the XJR-9 LM. included in car pack3. oil change and turbo gets up to 979BHP and it weighs 894KG. perfect for the 710PP dream car or circuit tour.

  • Afc-tommy

    if you have the funds the formula gran turismo is great it will win every race you enter with b-spec (at least it has for me) it also proves very useful throughout a-spec, another strong recomendation is the lamboghini murcelago LP 670-4 superveloce 09 tune it to corner and racing soft tyres are essential for it hope it helped!!

  • Afc-tommy

    if you have the funds the formula gran turismo is great it will win every race you enter with b-spec (at least it has for me) it also proves very useful throughout a-spec, another strong recomendation is the lamboghini murcelago LP 670-4 superveloce 09 tune it to corner and racing soft tyres are essential for it hope it helped!!


    The Corvette ZR1 09 is a very good car, he beat the ferrari 458 !

    • Darthmoreno

      I find the mclaren f1 really good too.

  • Darthmoreno

    Formula gran turismo cheaper than ferrari and maybe faster

  • winning

    bugatty veyron!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pwhiskey

    mine ZR1 09 has 918 BHP Race Mode   SICCK CAR

  • Pwhiskey

    mine ZR1 09 has 918 BHP Race Mode   SICCK CAR

  • Pwhiskey

    mine ZR1 09 has 918 BHP Race Mode   SICCK CAR

  • gt5

    My S.Vettel x2010 beats it all…

  • Lolwut

    – Ferrari 458 modded to the max is slower than Ferrari Enzo modded to the max, so dunno where people say the 458 is “best”. Ferrari Comp. online, you need an Enzo to finish top 2, can get to 1050kg and ~930hp.

    – Sauber Mercedes, Toyota Minolta, Bentley Speed 8, Mazda 787B, Nissan RC89 are most likely the fastest LeMans Cars…. the Chapparal and the Audi R10 are also pretty good.

    – Best “early” car is the Nissan Micra Race Car, tune it….. and it’ll be the most fun FWD car you have until you get the Honda Civic Type R modded to the MAX.

    – If you have ~50,000 Cr and need a “bread and butter” car, get a Nissan GTR R33… and win a few races, mod it until its Maxed…. it will BEAT Ferrari Enzos, Paganis etc on that Professional Race…. not just beat them, but win by about 10-15 seconds each time… but get use to the GTR quick.

    – Get a Fast Enough/Modded enough Civic Type R and enter the online Civic Type R comp and win 300K a race…. in 2 hours, you’ll have 10 Milllion Cr and Not lose a race against CPU ever again… 🙂

  • dodge viper acr 08 1030 hp max speed around 260 mph
    formula gran turismo around 950 hp max speed 225 mph great acceleration and turning
    and pagani zonda just a boss

    • Patelrahul472

      What are ure gear ratios

  • Corvvette ZR1, best car, mine has 901 hp and does about 380 km/h, it also takes corners like a pro!

  • Anonymous

    458 Italia – 723 HP @ 9,9000 RPM   super beast

  • Anonymous

    458 Italia – 723 HP @ 9,9000 RPM   super beast

  • Anonymous

    458 Italia – 723 HP @ 9,9000 RPM   super beast

    • jason

      SL55 AMG 1000+BHP mine tops around 220mph as my gears are set for accel but i set them a top speed thats acceptable
      my R34 is 200MPH, my GTR 220 lambo 240etc

  • Armaan Amirani

    I use the Ferrari 458 Italia! I also have a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, I never use it though. Ferrari Italia, good corners, fast speeds! Best car in my opinion! 

  • running4life

    458 Italia is the best car!!!! Mod it fully its amazing beats everything zondas enzos and every other car

    • TG98

      so does my GTR that costs 150K less

  • Eddye1707

    Toyota MINOLTA (A-Spec Like the Wind)
    Toyota 7 Race car (B-Spec Like the wind)
    if you got this two little monsters tuned up, they'll have more power than weight

  • thomas

    ZR1 Fullt modded is one of the fastest ive drove, ferrari italia is a good one, GT-R is a must have, 97' GT-R is quick, Audi R8<5.2> is fast, Ford GT, gotta throw in the fairlady-z just cuz i won alot of races with it-not a bad car actually.<! 09' ZR1-905HP-830FT-LB 1200KG !>

  • Ryan

    I dont know what would be the best car for the like the wind race series but the corvette ZR1 is good and could almost keep up with them so im just looking for a car that can get a round corners fast and has good top speed for the race track called indy. Anybody got ideas?

  • Williamz cool

    LUPO CUP CAR RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SP17

    If you want a race car for cornering, I won a Madza Furai Concept '08 from one of the Japanese events, might've been the championship one… Anyway, despite having roughly the same BHP as a stock Ferrari Italia, it weighs only 675kg. It's top speed (wihout fine-tuning the transmission) is 193mph, but it's handling and low weight makes it amazing in corners, where you'll easily make up ground.

    I just won Like the Wind with this car about 25mins ago, all I needed to do was up the top speed to about 240mph, increase the front downforce, and it was doing the corners on Superspeedway Indy at 200mph. Think I was hitting 230mph, but you find that the 6-speed gearbox gets very stretched and acceleration is slow, so you're getting caught up still on the straights. But it is a fantastic car in any race!

  • lasrmann

    i hav lamborghini mecielago (lp 670 4-superveloce) and a 2010 carl edwards fusion, i prefer the mercielago, it has 883bhp after tuning. But nicest car has 2 be tommy kaira zzii. i have it in ferrari red. and gold wheels


    you all suck i have nearly all the race cars both redbull racers, i just need the formula 1 ferraris out of the le mans cars the audi r8 race car (I HAVE 3 DIFFERENT KINDS) or the nissan RPC something beats even the mintola… REDBULL RACERS R THE FASTEST IN THE GAME NO IFS NO BUTS..

    • Connorloughnan

      What is the best car you have driven thats not an F1 car and can be used in both A-Spec and B-Spec(mainly A-Spec)? I’m talking handling and cornering mainly and really how easy each car corners, because I know I can rumble down the straits in any fast car but I need something very easy to drive, handle and corner fast if I can corner fast and smooth then down the straits will be wear I make a get away from the rest of the drivers. 

    • Connorloughnan

      What is the best car you have driven thats not an F1 car and can be used in both A-Spec and B-Spec(mainly A-Spec)? I’m talking handling and cornering mainly and really how easy each car corners, because I know I can rumble down the straits in any fast car but I need something very easy to drive, handle and corner fast if I can corner fast and smooth then down the straits will be wear I make a get away from the rest of the drivers. 

  • Thomas

    What you really need is the corvette ZR1 mine is fully tuned it has 899 bhp and it will do 251 mph – THATS INCREDIBLE it batters any other car however it struggles on the event called 'like the wind' where it cant keep up with the other cars in the corners but hammers them on the straight!

  • afyo187

    The veyron is a crap car cannot handlefor shit it is quick but around the corners shoking i recommened the mazda 787b

    • Eyansdaddy

       I can give u a setup that will make the Bugatti hug the yellow line.

      • Guest

        shut up

  • GU3R1LLA

    Corvette ZR1 (C6) with race modification. ridiculously fast, super light, handles great, won all the event it was able to compete in, my favorite car and i have gold in every event in a-spec except for last row in extreme series.

  • Jackson

    My best cars in order from best to worst are:
    red bull x2010
    formula gt
    toyota minolta
    zonda r
    corvette zr1 rm

  • guest

    If you are looking into buying your first faster car i got a corvette and it was really fast for its price and then i got some more money and race modded it and after I modded it i had to go to tuning but in the car garage not the shop and go to tuning and got transmission and u will have fully custom and the got to max gear speed and make it bigger the u can get free racing tyres they are also in tuning

  • thomas

    i am working on the ’09 zr1 and it’s pretty bad. But i’d have to say my favorite so far is the ’09 ferrari 458 italia, only making 675hp but that’s @ 9800rpm. it handles like it’s on rails and will run 230mph+ all day. great car..

    • SP17

      That Italia is possibly the only car I can't seem to fishtail in corners. I've tried nailing the throttle and chucking it about to swing the back out… nothing, just grip… It handles superbly.

  • Nate

    I'm lvl 27 a-spec and im in love with the Chevrolet Camaro '10 fully modded (no RM). It is good for speed and a dream in the corners, I was going to do the grand valley 300km endurance race with it but by lap 6 i got lazy.

    • Stanna5x

      I got tommykaira zzll’ 00. Works great

    • Stanna5x

      I got tommykaira zzll’ 00. Works great

    • Darthmoreno

      Won that event with formula gt with 22 laps ahead of the competition rolf.

  • Thomas

    Looool bugatti sucks! I easily beat it with my zr-1 RM, ford gt, and lots of others!

  • bob

    wheres the old mini

  • jack

    my buggati is 1259 bhp

  • stupid guy

    use a stock fiat500 people

  • deaddeath

    try the '04 Corvette Z06 fully modded
    '02 skyline R34 fully modded
    or '69 dodge challenger fully modded
    thier all fully sick

  • wft1993

    GT-R is best normal car!! i beat all the super cars even the bugatti in accelerating. But now with all the audi R10 TDI classes and now accelerating in the 5th/6th gear isnt enough. my top speed is 380 with my 880 pk^^

  • Mark

    The Bugatti Veyron fully mod…is sick at 1068 hp!!!!!!!!!!! It is handling these race cars like horse and buggies.

  • pup652

    my best car is sofar the f1 but im only lvl 29 on b-spec

  • pup652

    hi does ANY one know how to get the x1

    • Jack

      Get B Spec Level 35 Or Win It From X1 Challenge (LV30)

  • Ian

    I got the Audi R8 5.2 liter, fully modded nearing 900hp, AWD, a little over 1k kilos. Top speed 253. Deffeneatly the AWD is extremely helpful. I also have GT-R no spec-v, great car also. Between R8 and GTR… for me R8. But cars are like shoes, you have to find the right one for you. And just like the driver the car has terrain where it excels and tracks where they'r not so good. What I try to find is the best overall car that I can find. Up to this moment, 59 cars in and lvl 27 A-spec I have been unable to find a car that can do it all. R8 great car, but rubbish on super speedway Indy. Advice: worry a little less about the power and a lot more about the weight. Good luck to you, I hope this has been helpful to someone.

  • Jack

    Enzo Ferrari Fully Tuned Of Course Its Nothing Against Racing Cars But U Can Trust It Untill Level 20,Can Deal With The Bugatti Veyron!!!

  • Razazel

    Just bought the lambo murcielago fully moded rocks!

  • ReadThisOne.

    first of all, most people on this forum must suck at the game, suggesting high priced cars that will only get you a little into the game? When buying, always look for a hight PP premium car, upgrade it as much as possible and start by getting a good B-Spec driver. Once you get to The professorial series (this shouldn't take to long if you get practice in) Do the easiest race on there until you are about level 17. then do the final championship on that series (this will get you the Zonda R '09) use this car on A-Spec until you get to Extreme, do 'like the wind' and you will get the Minolta 88. You can produce up to 1040bhp, 743PP and it owns on any race you do with it.
    Top tips:
    -when you buy a car, New or old, always get an oil change because it can sometimes add up to 70bhp extra depending on the car, and it only cost 250 credits.
    -always reduce the weight of you car before adding bhp tuning parts, this will increase the rate you can add bhp and PP.
    -if you want a car that is expensive, most of the time there is an easier way of getting the car, such as doing a championship or a licence. here's a list i found useful:

    thanks, yours sincerely,
    A GT-5 Nerd.

    • L3WRY

       that really helped, alot. I was just wondering what car would be the best to the grand trismo world championship? At the moment i have a merc sls tuned to 703bhp, and a nissan gtr 07 tuned to 740.
      I know that these cars are probobly not the car to use but if you could give me some advice it would be much appreciated , also can the cost be below 400,000 please as i am not so good the credit thing.
      thanks again,

  • Ice429

    Formula Gran Turismo PPL!!

  • Eddie C

    One of my first buys was the BMW csl o3 , and was very happy with this then got a BMW gtr 03 when it turned up another excellent car and finally the BMW gtr race car 01 which has won me many races including 3 endurance series correct tire choice is a must as fully modded this baby has tire shredding power it's unstoppable on circuits

  • Nigel

    I found that most cars are ok "out of the box" the lambo super veloce definitely needs new tyres. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Bradley

    I think that the Ferrari 51BB and the Ferrari California 2008 are two of the best cars in the game. when they are both fully tuned, they are so easy to drive and smash any competition. i used the Ferrari 51BB (made in 1976) to win the final race in the professional series, easily. that said, when i won the Veyron. Wow.

  • Matt

    Mclaren MP4-12C all the way!

  • tubedsurf

    Ford GT loaded is a hell of a car

  • niels

    buy the bugatti veyron!! my bugatti has more than 1200 hp!!!!

  • Brand_X

    Early in the game I found the RX-7 is light and well equipped in the turns and after mods amazing in both the straights and curves even more than before. Power to weight ratio is up there with some of the super exotics. Does a good job of grinding through the early races so you can get something your really want. If you get the top model one it can last you well into the game.

  • Craig

    my 1040HP Toyota Minolta I won Kills everything it has come up against so far!! next stop X1!

  • spitzz21

    zr1 corvette and nissian gt-r both fully upgaded what beasts they are they can both surpass any buggati well with the way i have tem set up any ways

  • Jack

    Well the enzo ferrari is amazing when u tune it,i dont remember the horsepower but when i tuned it it got 405 km/h it could deal with bugatti veyron trust me,buy enzo and tune it to max

  • Dave

    If you come across the 02 Pagani Zonda c12s in the used car dealership, it's DEFINITELY worth snagging. its only about 999,000 credits. Fully modded, its by far the best all around performer under 1 million Cr. Its almost as fast as a fully modded ZR-1 RM, but its much more balanced around corners. IMO, its almost completely equal to the ZR-1 RM (even tho there's a few races you can win w/ the ZR-1 that u cant win w/ the Zonda), but is easier to keep under control and it's almost impossible to spin out. Of course, it all depends on the track, driver and tune. Mine is rated at 923BHP and is about 1240Kgs. Only thing is you cant put any aero kits on it, which is its biggest downfall because on some tracks, it doesn't produce the down force to pull out of corners as quicker cars in the All Stars Series and Ride Like The Wind and it can't win Indy. TRY TO GET IT!

  • Arjun Cheema

    I love my Veyron just due to it's "aerodynamicicity" (my new word). It's also very fast, the only problem about it is that even though you can reduce the weight and all those specific modifications, sometimes it just doesn't cut it for even the mildest turns like on the Daytona Speedway. When I had the chance to buy the Audi R10 Le Mans Race Car, I did it in less than a heartbeat. (Yeah, I love Audi's THAT much) You tune it to the max, and it's just wonders on those turns and for a automotive enthusiast like myself, I just love those great skills that it has. And I mean, the only reason I was able to buy that car is because of that glitch that some awesome person found while coincidentally they were driving their GT-R and drove into the wall and won 200 Laps in 20 minutes resulting to them winning $2.5mil. Then again, 6 days later GT5 introduces the v1.06 which they patch that part up.
    The Sebastien Vettel Challenge is hard, (You can find it in Special Events) but at least you get to drive the X2010 and get around Nurburgring GP in less than 1:04. Yeah, it's that hard. Well, buy the Audi R10. Please.

  • R.Green

    I just made the Like The Wind and got the Minolta Toyota 88C-V Car Tuned and it gives 1018 BPH on 850 kg and on the Speedway you can hold at least 350 km/h in the cornering

  • FinnishGT5Fan



    Toyota Minolta 88-CV Racecar – 1000 HP 850KG 100KG/FM (won at Like the wind-a-spec)
    Dodge Viper SRT-10,(the last one) – 1000HP????KG 100KG/FM (100 000.Cr from dealership)
    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak-car (4WD:D) -1100 HP 800kg 90 KG/FM (bougth with 2Mil. from online)
    Bugatti Veyron – 1200 HP 1400kg 140-160KG/FM (won at last race of Professional)
    Toyota 7 Racecar – 900 HP 600kg 70-90 KG/FM (won B-spec-like the wind)
    Mazda 787B Racecar – 1000HP 900kg 90KG/FM (from pre-order)
    Jay Leno Tank car – 900HP, 3500kg 230KG/FM (won at Amer. Championship)
    Shelby Cobra '67 – 800HP , 950kg ???KG/FM (550k in dealership)
    Corvette ZR1 RACING MODIFICATIONS – 900HP, 1100kg 110KG/FM (lil under 200k, and tuning 300k)
    Ford GT '06 (and all others too:D) – 900HP, 1100KG, ???KG/FM (100k in dealership)
    ZondaR (WERY GOOD) -900HP 1000KG 100KG/FM (won from ….IDONTKNOW:D:D)
    Tommykaira (looks like a saleen:D) -800HP 1200-1400KG, ?KG/FM (200k at used cars)
    Saleen S7 -900HP 1300KG ?KG/FM (700k or 400k in used, cant rememer)

    Ferrari Enzo -900HP, 900-1200KG ?KG/FM (have better things for mah money:D)
    TVR Cerbera Speed 12 -1000HP, 1000-1400KG ?KG/FM (300k in used, havent find one yet)
    Redbull X1(and other X1 too) 1500HP 400-600KG, ?KG/FM (20mil, or 40lvl prize-car or won at Special events)
    All Formulas -900-1000HP (Ferrari formula,12mil in dealer, GranTurismoF1 4mil in online)

    Best(cheap)Car To Drive: Racingmodded Camaro'10, 650HP, about 1200kg, but INSANE GOOD TO DRIVE

    And one of my personal drifting favorites:
    Chevrolet Chevelle '70, massive Torque, tire spins at 250km/h on economic tires 880 HP, 1200KG 120KG/FM

    Ferrari F40 Sucks, Most of 4WD cars suck, and daihatsu midget does wheelies, endos and 2wheels :D, and all 20 000 000.Cr cars are good. i have 4different lambo's, but u can buy better car's at fucking 300k:D
    Ferrari 458 is good
    Ford Mustang Trans-Cammer -800hp, 1400kg, 89kg/fm 750K in dealership is BAD:D

    INFO!!!! : For people Stuck on the Historic class, go, and rush to "like the wind"-race on 21lvl in B-spec, to win Toyota 7 Race-car '70, (see below).

    SEE THAT YOU CANT BUY THE MUSTANG FOR IT, its modded at 2000-2011, so it wont fit
    Ford MarkIV 20 000 000 Can do it
    Jaguar XJBLALBLA 20 000 000 Can do it
    Ferrari BLABLA 20 000 000 Can do it
    Lamboghini Miura 15 000 000 Can do it
    The vacuum cleaner(u know what)14 000 000 Can do it (if you find it at usedcars)
    Cheaper ferrari 100 000 Cant do it
    Cheaper won Lambo IDK what it costs, Cant do it
    Toyota 7 from Bspec, or 1-15mil usedcars Can do it (see INFO ^)
    Cobra ………………………………………………………………Cant do it.
    With 30days of practise some of these cars can do it:D

    And the Pickup-truck-stuckers, go to used cars, and if theres no pickup trucks Put ur computer's internet cable to your ps3(if u havent done it already:D) and go to online dealership, theres always one.

  • XPV

    I loved GT-R '09, Corvette Z 6 and GTO Twin Turbo 97 but i used more time my corvette and have 824 HP

  • henk

    formula gran turismo is the best car

  • Matty

    The Nissan Fairlady wins nearly every race for me, have 9 and half million so will be looking to purchase the Formula one 2010 model at £12.000.000 asap.
    Do you guys have any tips for a classic car to? struggling to get one.

  • SIC

    ferrai enzo ive got up to 902 hp plus it looks sweet handels well as it is MR, i could restore rigidity in the auto section but it costs 500k not sure im ready to pay that yet.

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Best track car in my opinion (excluding F1s and X2010) is the Mazda 787B Stealth Model 92, fully upgraded it has over 900 bhp and it only weighs around 850 kg. Some people say the Toyota Minolta 88C-V 89 Race Car is quicker but they've only used the box standard 787B, the Stealth Model's quicker and really out performs the Minolta through the corners, it's cornering speed is amazing.
    Good "cheap cars" I recommend are: Nissan GT-R 07
    Lotus Elise 111R 04 RM
    Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 RM
    Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo
    HKS CT230R 08
    All of these are reasonably cheap and will win you any race apart from some in the Extreme series such as "Like The Wind".

  • mike

    the formula gran tursimo is unreal, 900 hp and 550 kg. it can go around the indianapolis speedway full speed at like 380 km/h +

  • GT_Fan

    Im on level 17 i think and my best cars now are
    • BMW M5 – fully tuned. stock diff and gearbox and only height adjustable suspension. easily beats the cars in GT World Championship. great speed and great handling

    • Ferarri 458 italia – had to get a Ferrari for the Ferrari challenge and settled on this car. once worked up its fantastic!

    Where can i get the Pikes Peak Escudu? i loved it in GT2!

  • dom

    i got a veyron and a maclaren and a lambo murchilago and a jag

  • Slow_Poke

    A Fully upgraded the ZR-1 RM will win everything if you tune it right

  • me123

    I no its not the best but i have the mazda 787B because i preorderd the game and its good enough tuned up to go all the way in a_spec, but i stopped using it when i got the minolta from like the wind

  • Royroy

    My Bugatti is up to 1222 bhp after proper tuning. The crap handling is also gone, now it actually handles good. 🙂 its a MONSTER!!

  • Bob

    So I have about 1 million credit now. Should I save for the Mclaren f1 full tuned? From what i've heard, it's very good.
    Oh, and I'm not looking for some over-powered car that only does great on straight lines. I need a car that turns good with good acceleration.

    McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo or anything else?
    I really don't know…

    • boby6

      for that price range there are a lot of good cars. the 458 italia i think would be ur best bet because it is extremly fast and is razor fast cornering. there is a Jag XJ220 in the used car place and i think its around 700,000 but its like driving honda civic just super easy to drive and still throws down fast lap times

    • adam

      keep saving and either wait for the GTR race f1 in second hand orjaguar xj220 is ace 210 mph but handles like a babe XD