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DBZ Raging Blast 2: Review Roundup – PS3 / Xbox 360

Thinking of buying Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2? If so you may want to check out 411mania’s review, in this article we will highlight some of the main pros and cons, however for fully detailed information you should read the full review.

Last year Dragon Ball: Raging Blast recieved mixed reviews, therefore Spike were keen to make the sequel more of a success, however according to 411mania the game is a bit of a failure.

Let’s start with some of the pros, firstly all of the memorable DBZ characters are there for players to use, also the simple controls are great for all ages, finally DBZ fans will love the short movies which are included in the release.

As for cons there are quite a few, the blocking system is said to be useless, Galaxy Mode is impossible and AI is unforgiving, all of these cons in my opinion outweigh the pros and result in 411mania scoring it just 5.7/10.

It is not just 411mania who are not blown away by the game, if you check out the metacritic pages for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions you can see a lot of mixed reviews, I think Eurogamer Portugal sum things up by saying “Certainly Raging Dragon Ball Blast 2 is not the ultimate Dragon Ball game that will finally satisfy all the fans. However, it remains an enjoyable game for those who truly like Dragon Ball”.

Have you purchased Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2? If so, are you happy with your purchase?



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