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Apple TV Hack Roundup: AirPlay and HTML5

During the past few days a number of hacks were used for the new Apple TV, which was due to a certain iOS 4.2 update. While we thought we would offer you a hack roundup since the firmware update, there only seems to be two worth mentioning, Airplay and HTML5.

The AirPlay hack was thanks to Cydia, and allowed a guy to stream live TV content from his Apple iPad direct to his Apple TV. 9 to 5 Mac believes that this is just the start and more is to come. What other things have you managed to do with AirPlay, let our readers know by adding a comment below?

Another hack showed you Web browsing and; 9 to 5 Mac now has a video walkthrough for you to view. In this video you will see HTML5 video playing on the new Apple TV device.

With so many hacks coming up it is hard to pick what ones we need to cover, what ones do you think deserve a mention the most? Maybe you do not hack, tell us your reasons?

Have you been one of those affected by recent problems with Apple TV, more details can be found in our recent post.



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