Another Guide: Black Ops Zombies – Weapons, Power Ups, Perks

By Tina Chubb - Nov 28, 2010

When the announcement was made that the hugely popular Zombies Mode would be returning for Call of Duty: Black Ops, you could just imagine the smiles on fans’ faces. We’ve brought you a few articles on the Zombie Mode since the game was released, including a survival guide and a walkthrough.

However, we’ve just discovered yet another handy COD: Black Ops zombie guide, thanks to a recent review from Zawad Iftikhar over at Although many of you are probably quite experienced at surviving the zombie mode, others like me may need a helping hand.

The first thing to remember is not to waste your money too early on in the game, as it does get a lot harder after round 10 so it’s wise to save a little. The numerous vending machines found throughout the game come in really handy too, offering perks such as Quick Revive and Speed Cola.

You can even upgrade your weapon via the Pack-a-Punch machine, but it unfortunately takes $5000 to do so. The Mystery Box is also a good way to change weapons, but you might not get what you hoped for. The weapons found within the Mystery Box includes the AUG, RPK, Cymbal Monkey and G11.

It might also be worth noting what changes are made to your weapons when you upgrade them via the Pack-a-Punch machine. For example, if you upgrade the M14 to the Mnesia it provides increased damage and large magazine, which will unfortunately take longer to reload.

In this instance, Speed Cola is a good idea. The MP40 gets upgraded to The Afterburner, giving you increased damage and a larger magazine. Now I know some of you are going to say you know all this already, but it does come in rather handy for zombie mode newcomers like me.

You can read more of this guide by visiting Have you missed anything on previous walkthroughs and guides? Do you have any tips of your own?

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    SHYT HIT THA box wait till you gett a chopper or ray gun or thunder an then open tha bitch up when you do link up tha tele aN THEN DIPP PACK APUNCH RUN THA LAP RELINK AN STAY DOIN SEE HOW LONG YOU MAKE IT GOOD LUCK

  • chad budd

    run for your life!

  • phillip

    dont die best advice


    Best strategy (I know) on Kino der Toten:

    1. Save up all ur money till round 9 ish.

    2. Don’t leave the first room til level 5.

    3. Open the top right door first and go to the room with the MP40 and Stakeout.

    4. Take 1 from step 3.

    5. Open the door for the theatre.

    6. Stay there until u get 5000 then turn the power on and teleport.

    7. Pack a Punch a good gun i.e. Ray Gun, Thundergun, HK21, RPK and so on.

    8. LUCK

  • mike

    The first few rounds I buy the rifle till about 4 then check the room under the stairs for the box. If its there I stay in the original room. If not, I go by the speed cola machine and buy the mp40 which is reliable until about 8.. I then go into the room with the power switch but do NOT turn on the power as it releases creepy crawlers. The long hallway provides a good firing range and a safe distance from the zombies. Once it gets too difficult, open all doors until box is located and run the same path u just went until u die. By far the best way because posting in one area is a fools move and by running, u can hit the electric barriers.. round 37 is my highest with 2 players. Hope this helped

    • Emily

      You can't buy speed cola without the power being on. Fail.

      • Guest

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