Vizio VBR220: Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player – Gift Idea

While many of you are probably really organized and have done most of your Christmas shopping already, there is most likely an equal amount that haven’t even started yet (like me). That’s why we have been bringing our readers a few gift ideas, to help them with the task.

We’ve already brought you a couple of Christmas gift ideas such as the Vizio VSB200 high-definition sound bar and the Leapfrog Leapster 2 Learning Game System. Now we have another gift idea – the Vizio VBR220 Blu-Ray player, which plays both Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

The VBR220 features integrated 802.11n dual-band wireless networking, up to 1080p upscaling, progressive scanning and JPEG photo playback, for viewing all your favorite pictures. The VBR220’s Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio processing support will deliver a great home theater experience.

You can read more about this product via Are you thinking of buying anyone a Blu-ray player for Christmas this year? If so, do you like the sound of the Vizio VBR220? Maybe you have some gift ideas of your own that you’d like to share with our other readers.


  • Bill

    The only good thing about this was the price. I've never been so happy to return something in my life!

    I hate to sound like someone who is so over-the-top in trashing a piece of gear that they sound like they have an axe to grind with the company, but this was one of the worst items I ever bought. I was so disappointed in it that I drove an hour, late at night, to take the thing back to WalMart. The WiFi wouldn't connect (even though it was showing a strong signal) and their customer service rep told me to disable the security on my network, then try again. I'm not a fan of having an unsecure network, but I tried it … it connected for about 10 minutes … then it stopped working altogether. I wasted over 8 hours, and several gallons of gas, getting this, trying to get the thing to work, and taking it back. Even the remote was frustrating, having to really bear down, repeatedly, on a button to get any result. The irony is that the Vizio LCD/LED TV that I bought the day before has been a pure delight! WTF??!! The good news is that, when I took it back, I got a Sony unit for $60 more. The better news is that W-M put the Sony on sale a few days later and, after having a few floor workers scratching their heads and butts, then giving me various random answers that only made THEM feel good, a manager finally appeared and approved a rebate equivalent to the sale price. I wish that Vizio could be more consistent with their quality. Now I start sweating each time my TV shows a fuzzy image (has been the broadcast, so far) or the remote doesn't seem to work correctly (only once, and it cleared up in a minute).

    So … my Vizio experiences are 1=great and 1=horrible. As for Walmart … it's Walmart! They have pretty good customer satisfaction policies in place, but finding an employee who knows what they are, or how they work, is a pure crap-shoot. Keep insisting on talking personally to a store manager (not an "acting manager" or the most senior person in the department at that moment) and you'll probably end up being treated OK.


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