Samsung Captivate Case Reviews and Best Buy Accessories

With some great deals to be had with the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S smartphone (which was recently upgraded to Android 2.2) during the run-up to Christmas, you had best get those accessories that go with this handset for the AT&T network. There is a huge choice to make, so we thought we would give you a few ideas, which you can purchase from Best Buy.

While looking on the Best Buy website you will notice that the Captivate accessories has been broken down into six different categories; we thought we would take a look at the covers and cases. Its like a minefield in there, knowing which is best will be tough, so we will just have a look at some of the best sellers.

Firstly we have the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case, which comes in a choice of five colors, black, blue, red, purple and pink. The low-profile slim design does not add that much more thickness to the phone, and you will be pleased to know that there a cut-outs so you can control all of the handsets features. This case will cost $12.95 from Best Buy.

The next case is a favorite with the iPhone, and that is the OtterBox Impact Series Case. There are not many cases on the market that offers this sort of protection, as it has drop and shock protection. The price for this case is just $17.95 – a small price to pay would you agree? get a full review from Test Freaks.

Finally we have the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Samsung Captivate; there are four colors to choose from black, blue, burgundy and rose pink. This case feels as though you do not have one at all, as it is only 1mm thin. Surprisingly the case still offers scratch and drop protection, the price you will pay is $29.95. Get more details from Best Buy. Get a full review by visiting Android Central.

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