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PlayStation Phone: iPhone Like Retina Display?

Details of the PlayStation Phone have now started to pick up, just two days ago we reported of a rumored release date for the phone / handheld gaming device. We also reported of a few specs and photos, which came from Engadget, one of which we have for you below.

We have yet some more news for you now, as it seems that the new phone from Sony Ericsson could have a Retina display – the same used on the Apple iPhone. According to Greg Kumparak from MobileCrunch, Sony is said to have used some of its BRAVIA technology in the display.

We would love to believe these rumors, but we all know how they can turn out to be way off the mark. MobileCrunch has learned from a tipster that the phone is real, which we also reported a couple of weeks back, but it will not ship in time for the holiday season.

It seems that what we reported the other day about the PlayStation Phone being at the Mobile World Congress could be true. Pricing is expected to be around the $500 mark for a no-ties handset, this price is said to include 5 games. We do not have any idea what games the PS Phone will support; my guess is that it will be a totally new format.

What do you expect from the PlayStation Phone?



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