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Gran Turismo 5 Glitches and GT5 Tech Review

We have another detailed Gran Turismo 5 review for you, and a video which apparently shows some glitches with the game.

Euro Gamer have done a review of GT5 and compared it with Polyphony’s last offering in the franchise Gran Turismo 4. The games graphics were praised and checked in 3D, 720p and 1080p modes, but there were problems noted with the spray from the cars in wet weather.

The review continues over five pages and looks at every part of the game good and bad. It finishes by summing up that despite some of the glitches there is so much to keep you occupied. The GT mode in particular gets praise, with plenty of challenges and special events built in. Gamers are also advised not to overlook Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

N4G are reporting of some texture loading problems and have a video highlighting them. Check the video out below and tell us what you think.



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