CoD Black Ops Freezing (PS3 / Xbox 360): Update on Fix

By Jamie Pert - Nov 27, 2010

Soon after Treyarch released the title update for Call of Duty: Black Ops it became apparent that there were still some ongoing problems with the popular first-person shooter, the feedback we got here confirmed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were still freezing, now we have some good news for you, it looks like Treyrach may be taking some notice.

Treyarch’s community manager has added patch status pages on the official Call Of Duty forums, if you check out the PS3 page you can see that Treyarch are looking into a problem which causes the PS3 version to freeze, this is evident in this extract from the forum post: Investigating PS3 hard freeze reported to happen for a small number of users in multiplayer.

It has to be said that more PS3 owners are reporting freezing problems, however there are a few Xbox 360 owners reporting freezing here, sadly if you check out the Xbox 360 update status page you will see that there are no freezing-related fixes being worked on.

This news is great for PS3 owners, however potentially frustrating for Xbox 360 owners, as we hear more regarding the situation we will keep you posted, hopefully a PS3 update will be pushed out soon.

Is your Xbox 360 version of Black Ops freezing?

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  • I get stuck randomly when i play Multiplayer mode, i cant do anything but pull the cord out to reset the PS3. i wonder if this is a normal thing on consol online thingy

  • Anonymous

    My x-box freezes up sometimes whike playing BLOPS..this game sucks enough as it is ,we dont need extra stuff to put on the **** pile:/

  • Joe

    are they planing to fix this?

  • SimplexHarpy296

    My copy of Black ops for 360 freezes in campaign as well as MP. What the hell ! I have MW and MW2 with no issues. treyarch fix this crap !

  • rhys

    i got a new one but it still freezes i played on my uncles and tht froze as well now im bored cause i cant play zomies on kino

  • Sgt_Downtime

    this is evidence of a garbage game and a garbage developer. Time to go play outside again. These pukes can't figure out a way to charge us for that can they? Disgusted Freezes on the launch screen in multiplayer everytime. Have to hard power down.

  • Graham Lawrie

    My Xbox 360 Kinect froze on Black ops today tried it 3 times and it froze at the same point,very frustraiting having to re-do level to have it freeze at the same point 3 times!! Took it back to Morrisons to replace it………no spare copies…… Wednesday for a replacement!!! but worth the wait only£29.99.

  • Paula

    freezes all the time

  • teejaycard

    Mine constantly freezes on my 360. If the leaded backs out quickly after a match sometimes we can get out with a hard freeze. But 9 out of 10 times I get a hard freeze. Its crap if they don't fix it.

  • michael

    when i start the game my xbox freezes and i half to turn my xbox off again

  • Alun

    i can se all these posts were done at least 8 weeks ago and the problem is still ongoing,time they sorted it our,i cant get on a couple of maps as it just freezes on the loading page,pain in the arse when people pay for the xbox live membership and then so much on the game!!!

  • Miles

    I got Black ops about a month ago, and every time i load it up it takes like 20 minutes to start because of freezing. My xbox reads all my other games fine, but it always has trouble reading Black ops. It just says "play disc" instead of Cod:black ops or whatever… If your gunna make a shitty fucking game charge people 10 bucks not theyre whole paycheck you greedy fucks. No wonder all these kids on modern warfare 2 say black ops sucks dick.

  • jesse

    every time we finish a match it freezes at the score screen on team death match ? what gives.

  • Jon

    lol i bought the game and controller, was going to buy my own box, soon while my friend lent me his extra, but forget it, the one game i like keeps freezing in the film room on zombies. Usually higher levels 10-14. Forget this shit though. I'll stick with my guitar. Give this game and controller to nephew.

  • mLane

    I have the new thin PS3 and when I play multiplayer it will freeze and be stuck. Only thing I can do is hard power it off. This is reaaly frustrating because many times I do really well and get special accomplishments it will freeze. This is horrible. Its like I have done too well and the programming can’t handle it all at once so it freezes. Consistently freezes in multiplayer any mode.

  • Stu

    Should be called Call of Duty Lobby Ops.

  • Sam Fenton

    What the he'll is going on with the freezing situation on black ops ? You know there is problems when you can't even have four local players playing a private game without it freezing ! It's about time trey arch put some money into the system to improve it ! Can't even play a whole game now without it going tits up !! Loseing intrest in black ops very very fast !
    Get it sorted !

  • i often get a freeze where i've heard other people are… on the map loading screen when it says "waiting for other players". the only way out of it is to quit the game with the ps3 button… but then my whole ps3 beeps 2x and resets.

    i'd be more than happy to have a test version that reported what the error was. my guess is it's getting stuck inside of some kind of while() loop though.

    i wouldn't doubt that these new updates are just placebos to make the masses think that treyarch has found the problem.

    • Brian

      same problem you're having here

  • Kyo

    Ps3 freezes still. If it doesn't have a series of lag moments, it probably will disconnect from host, or if you are the host it will freeze screwing everybody. I seriously need to be MW2

  • sean forsythe

    xbox360 freeze in zombie mod

  • Austin

    Freezes on load all the time

  • Alex

    Try this – delete the game data – not the user stuff!! And do a fresh install. When prompted for the upgrade, don't do it – hit the circle. Seems to work for me. I can't resume a game but I can get to the beginning of the levels. I haven't saved anything since I figured this out so maybe I can resume games.

  • jojo

    it freezes my whole ps3!!! i have to switch it off on the console!!!
    also get lag
    connection interrupted messages
    i'm lucky to get 3 games online before i get one of the above things
    bloody hell they charge enough for these games…. you'd think they'd get it right!!!!

  • toya

    this is ridiculous, i bought black ops on the release date and ive been having problems ever since. this is the ONLY game that i have that freezes and crashes my ps3. i play a few games here and there and then all of sudden it freezes. i have to switch off the power button just to get my system running again. its not scratched and my system is not broken. they need to fix this now or replace my system if it breaks down because of this. they should have made sure that all of these stupid bugs were out before they released it. now people are probably stuck wasting more money than they need to be on replacing this game or getting their systems "fixed". get it together treyarch or no one will buy your disks filled with crap.

  • will

    my xbox often crashes when i play call of duty black ops. the whole screen freezes.

  • Wendel

    My PS3 system freezes everytime i put the game in my console….???? I tried all my other games and they work fine, it's just black ops that freezes up my system…this problem just started today i've been playing it since it was release and now this!!!!!!

  • Carl Pritt

    I got the game played a couple of sessions without any probs then the third session the game froze in multiplayer 3 times the second time wiping all my progress so Ihad to start from scratch,if it happens again im gonna trade up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pops

    (45 year old gamer) I bought my son the prestige edition of black ops for Christmas. He did not get to play it until Christmas morning and now he cannot even play it because it freezes up so bad. We have an original fat ps3. This really sucks. He is only home for a couple of weeks as he attends a boarding school. Really? I spent $150 on a game he can't play. Awesome guys. Way to go.

  • SgtMac

    I am really disappointed with black ops for PS3. At first I thought it was the disk so I went out and bought another MW/B-ops game and it freezes. my wife wanted to surprise me so she brought another game not knowing I had already purchased another one. All three games has been freezing. I was almost tempted to go out and buy another PS3 just because of this crappy game. I'm pissed.

  • DSs

    When are we going to be helped ,

    my CoD black ops is brand new , before the patches I used to play normally without any kind of freezes now after awhile it doesn.

    Scratches on the disk ? It's brand new … if it doesn't get solved it's the last thing I'll ever buy from CoD makers good luck

  • Pi553D OFF

    we should all complain to trading standards or whatever it is in your country get a full refund with compensation for wasting my time to cue in a shop to by this piece of S#*t

  • mark

    My xbox is freezing every 4-5 games, its fu king annoying.

  • Zlatanbelg

    good news? if i bought the game for 60 euro for pc i expect it to work for that money

    so now we should be happy looking forward to a patch so i can actually play morrons…
    Treyarch are looking into a problem which causes the PS3 version to freeze, this is evident in this extract from the forum post: Investigating PS3 hard freeze reported to happen for a small number of users in multiplayer.

    a small number of users lmao bullshit narbs

    they made the coolest game ever but i cant play it as it freezes every 2 matches

    best game of 2010 my ass

  • mel

    this is bullcrap. My son got this from his dad who lives like 20 hours away to be able to play together and it keeps freezing on him. WTF why did they release such a POS???? 350 for the system and 60 for the game. Ps3 might be ok if it don't crash but IMO right now this thing is not worth $410!!!

  • Liam

    i cant even get into a party. as soon as i enter multiplayer screen the thing freezes and shuts off my ps3. my ps3 froze over 5 times in 15 minutes. im sick of it, im considering going back to MW1

  • Thiskid

    My black ops lags in the intro right when it shows the treyarch/activision screen. It’s pretty annoying. And I know it’s not my xbox slim since it doesn’t lag when the update is not there..

  • Mike

    PS3 Glad it's not just me, I might try to sell my game on ebay and go back to Modern Warfare 2.
    Maybe i will get Battlefield bad Company 3 for Christmas, I skipped it while playing MW2
    Shame bought MW1 and MW2 as soon as they came out and was very happy with both. Might have to wait a few weeks for user reviews before buying anither COD game.

  • Liam

    My xbox 360 freezes every time i slect either multiplayer,campaign or zombies it is complete BS It has been like this for 2 weeks now and ive had a new copy and took apart my new xbox slim to clean the lense but nothing ffs Treyarch you really are pathetic

  • Andrea

    I heard that Treyarch was blaming the freezing issue on scratched games. Absolutely not- my Xbox freezes constantly and the most frustrating aspect is that the game freezes every time i make first place- all of the points GONE. WTF it seems like the game is against me!

  • KB3

    I get the freezing problem too on my xbox 360 slim. It's not a heating issue and my internet connection is good. Always freezes right after I die, mostly in killcam. This is getting old…

  • frank

    My guy cant run as off today. I havent changed any perks and i switched my controller Any advice on why my character wont run now!

  • Marc

    My PS3 freezes in Black Ops too. At first I thought it was a hardware issue and I'm happy (relatively speaking) to hear that its a game bug. What happens to me is that I'll be playing and then all of a sudden the picture freezes and whatever sound happens to be happening at the time of the freeze loops over-and-over. The PS3 is completely frozen and I have to remove the CD and restart the PS3 to clear it. This seems to happen every couple of hours of game play. I see that most people are saying that this is isolated to Multiplayer. However, I've had it happen to me while playing on-line in Zombie Mode as well. I sure hope they fix this problem. its really wearing on me. Same with the constant connection drops that I get. These are really aggrevating!

  • justin

    i just got the game 2 days ago and im ready to snap my black ops cd in half right now. it freezes my ps3 every time i get 3 kills in a match

  • miki

    man since the patch 1.02 my ps3 freezes at least 3 times in 2 houres. this is f… up. they make millions of dollars for a product that is sh..t. this is sad man.

  • Eric

    My freezes about once a day if Im lucky, but I have friends who have theirs freeze bout 2-3 times a day. Overall game is weak and pathetic. Even when not freezing then there is lag. Very disappointed.

  • groovygrassguy

    This game although fun conceptually is absolutly one of the worst games in ps3 history. Packed full of ps3 freezing, screen flashing, poor hit detection, terrible spawning( we’ve dubbed it call of duty: shot in the booty), connection errors and numerous other issues. This game was a money grab. An inferior product fraudulantly advertised as the holy grail of first person shooters. We got duped folks. Its the old bait and switch. Why should they bother to put out a good game when they just proved that well all buy feces on a plate if they put the c o d logo on it. And for that reason why bother to patch it. They’ve already got our money. I will never buy an activision product again. Three strikes. Your out. W@W. Mw2. B ops.

    • Phorgotten

      World At War was probably the best Call of Duty game to date, they didn't over do it and it was a polished version of Call of Duty 4. No noob tubes, No Spawn Killing, No crazy commando knife kills, WAW was the best so far and the most balanced. Though I do agree with you on MW2 and Black Ops. MW2 sucked soooo bad and Infinity Ward did jack shit to update its flaws. Meanwhile Black Ops is getting updated but it just isn't the same simple formula anymore it is not Call of Duty. I won't be buying anymore either.

  • dakoota

    here in europe Black ops (ps3 version) freezes all the time, everybody knows, its on the news (papers, radio, tv etc.), and there is a possibility that it destroys your ps3…. it's a global fenomanon… way to go treayarch!!

  • Ceaser

    omg I taught i was alone with this bullshit freezing and loading problem i was about to sell this ps3 lol men they better come up with a update or something or at least replace my ps3 if it fucks up because of them !!!!

    • GOGIXD

      same here i was scared like hell its freze abry damm place that i prees x

  • rty54

    ps3 always booting me or freezing

  • Alexandra

    this game sucks. treyarch fucking blows

  • Beastcoast

    Update: Now the game won't even load. I thought it was the system, but everything else works perfectly, including MW2, WaW, Netflix, DVDs, BluRays, etc.

  • gr8drummer

    my PS3 keeps freezing every time i try to get into a game. I thought it was my console but i realized this problem started happening shortly after i started playing black ops. This sort of shit gets me pissed off cuz i spent 60 of my hard earned cash to play this game. I may have to spend another $300 to get another PS3 because i may just smash mine out of frustration


    My PS3 started freezing after the patch came out. Freezes 3 or 4 times each session.
    The thing is this hardware freezing maybe causing permanent damage to the HDD and BRD , TREYARCH — YOU OWE ME A NEW PS3

  • guest

    got it for pc worked fine now it freezes every 1-2 games and have to control alt delete, this game has many glitchs i went to there support and did what they told me and it did nothing but reset my saved status and delete it and it still freezes dont but this.

  • guest

    Everybody who is experiencing freezes, please head over to the forums at and log your issue.

  • guest

    Xbox freezes here. Happened twice in a row during online multiplayer on Sunday. Haven't played it since.

    • guest


  • Fiko

    WHAT FREEZING MANN?? Fix the damn lag and connection interrupted problem!!
    Also they need to fix he damn framerate's of ps3 because it sucks!!


      The 'damn' lag is exact what freezes the PS3, it gets to a point where all the clients are way out of sync with the host and memory instructions fail. This is also the reason why they kept the framerate relatively low (it would been worse with high frame rate)

  • Christian Salazar

    well i was about to buy 2 copies but i'll wait till we have better reviews thanks guys!!

  • brut4x

    mine started freezing today fat ps3 =[

    ffs it was fine before now the ps3 freezes after like 2-3 games

  • Nat A Troll

    Black Ops has a lot of potential, it's a great game, but a lot of bugs and glitches needs to be fixed. Treyarch GTFO thanksgiving holiday mode and put your act together…

  • Larry

    I have 2 PS3's and 2 copies of Black Ops. One is the slim and the other is the fat. I have the fastest fiber optic internet offered in Japan (stationed here). Both freeze up and the lag is so bad I can not play a single game. I spent 200 on the 2 copies (hardened and prestige) and they both suck. I will never buy anything thievearch puts out ever again. I will not even put the games in anymore because I am worried they are going to lock my PS3 up permanently. Everyone needs fired over this or a refund that I know will never happen. I know people in the states that have tried to sell the game and places will not even buy the PS3 version from them because they do not buy broken games. I do not know a single person that can play the game here without problems. Sad, we all got taken on this one.


    I have the freezing problem. I thought it was my PS3 going bad so i did a full restore. It still freezes. I am glad that there is a fix on the way!

  • Rich Reynolds

    I have 4 sons, and I'm a 49 year old gamer. We have 3 XBox 360 console stations throughout the house. I stood in line for 55 minutes at Midnight to pick up the 3, yes 3 copies of Black Ops I had pre-ordered. Well 2 of the 3 work fine, but it just so happens, Dad's copy is the one that sucks and has frozen ever since unwrapping the crappy little piece of plastic. The guys who put this thing together and decided to release it without having 100% certainty of a flawless product, should all be fired, no questions asked. Granted they may have won the Superbowl financially with this little disk of break down, but they won it by cheating their way to pick up the trophy.

  • BrickHouse

    If I can play 3 games in a row of MP / Domination without a freeze its a good day. Fix isn't coming soon enough. Lets go TREYARCH get this done!

    Fat PS3 no other games seem to be having any problems like Black Op's

  • Steve

    My Xbox 360 version started freezing yesterday. It first happened while playing campaign. I still can't resume my campaign game. So I went to play online and about one out of every ten tries actually gets through but I have to go back to the 360 dashboard and restart the game each time. I will be trading my Black Ops game in today so I can get as much value out of it as I can. I'm going back to MW2. I'm done.

    • Moe

      Mine Freezes! in online mode, and when im toggling back and forth through menu's everything freezes and I can only see the blurry tv with the menu, cant turn the character right or left, but if you sit there you'll notice that the menu that is blurry is still active, so when you press up or down you'll notice it goes up and down in the blurry tv menu….
      What is going on? I paid 70 bucks for this game I expect No freezes!!
      Online Zombie Mode:
      Cant Connect with Other friends online… When invited… error msg "Cannot connect to host or Game session is no longer available OR your friend is no longer in a joinable session"
      This is Ridiculous!

    • zak

      Its sorta. Freezes on me sometime still, I have to power cycle my xbox. Its not my connection. I upgraded from 12mbps to 30mbps

  • olie56

    im getting sick of the freezing on the ps3. Every 2 hours it freezes like 2 times! Patch treyarch!!!

    • jbb

      Same, mine is freezing like crazy

    • Stuart

      I'm freezing and have to shut down the PS3. Lose all the effort for the session.

  • Sam

    Never had freezing issues, but the game lags like f*ck, I'd like them to actually do something about the crappy connection issues still occurring even after the patches.

    • BOB

      then u hav a bad connection

    • steve

      I've got freakin freezing going on every time I play. This SUCKS! Fix it Activision/Treyarch!