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American Flight Status: Apps For Airlines

This is a busy part of the year for traveling, as people who work overseas plan to come back home for the holiday season. For those who travel to various destinations in the U.S., it is important to keep an eye on the status of American flights. The easiest way to do this is with an app for the airline that you are traveling with.

Years ago you used to have to phone the airline in person, which as you would imagine was a long-drawn out process, these iPhone / iPad apps have taken all that hassle away now. There are so many apps from these airline companies that I would not have enough time to discuss them all this week, so I will look at just a couple.

The first app (American Airlines HD) is available for the iPhone and the iPad, with the latter offering a few more extra features. Not only will you get flight information updates, but also a mobile boarding pass screen; view your personal flight details and so much more. This app is free for more details visit Appshopper.

However, the Virgin Atlantic Flight Tracker looks to be the better app of the two. You can also keep up-to-date on your flight, and you get almost real-time locations of Virgin flights around the globe. You can also see a rough flight plan of the aircraft as well. This app is also free, details can be found on Appshopper.

View more apps here and here. Would you use an app to check the status of a flight?



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