Mark Wahlberg Uncharted Movie: Max Payne All Over Again

With news that Uncharted could be the big announcement at the upcoming Sony PS3 reveal event, you may or may not be happy that the game will be coming to the big screen. Some of you might have already known this, but we can now tell you that the title character Nathan Drake will be played by Mark Wahlberg.

Now no one can argue that Wahlberg has that special something when it comes to playing a tough guy, but I do fear that he could put the kiss of death on the movie adaption, as he did with the May Payne movie. The sad fact is, it promised to be a great movie, but the critics hated it, and I have to say – was not one of mark’s best.

There is always a risk when games are adapted for the big screen, I have a hard job thinking of any that have been successful, you only have to think Street Fighter and Mortal Combat – try as I might, I just cannot get those poorly acted and scripted movies out of my head.

According to Jason Schreier from Wired, shooting is to start next year and will have the talents of David O. Russell directing. There is rumored to big two big gangster type actors in the movie, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro. I cannot wait to see what De Niro does best, as he has let the hard-man character slip of late – we all know what movies I am on about.

Do you think that Mark Wahlberg is right for the part, or should another actor play the lead in Uncharted?



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