iOS 4.3: Wish List For iPad and iPhone Release

By Jamie Pert - Nov 26, 2010

With iOS 4.2 successfully rolled out, we are now beginning to get excited about the release of iOS 4.3, but what new features and functionality would you want this to bring your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch?

It is thought that iOS 4.3 may be released in just a couple of weeks time, therefore it would be fair to say that it may not be a substantial update, obviously there will be some security improvements and bug fixes, however I’m sure that Apple will want to make this update well-worth installing, therefore may throw in some nice new features.

It is thought that the main change will be a payment system for magazine and newspaper subscriptions, this will undoubtedly be popular with iPad owners and will apparently dispatch publications to iPads and similar devices automatically.

We would love to hear what our readers want iOS 4.3 to bring, obviously it wont improve the iPhone 4’s reception, nor will it magically turn the smartphone from black to white, but it could make your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch even better than it already is.

What new features/functionality would you like to see iOS 4.3 bring?

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Ollie

    i'd like to be able to password protect custom app folders. i pass my phone around a lot, and some things i want to remain for my eyes only. if i could put all of these apps in a password protected folder, that'd be amazing.

    custom text/email tones would be excellent.

    the ability to have an updated (in real-time) on the home screen. could be used for twitter, weather, calendar, photo slideshows, ipod app…

  • bryant

    1.) The ability to reverse the usage of you bluetooth to make your ipad/iphone dub as a bluetooth headset. I always lose my headsets and could use the function to pair with ps3.
    2.) More customization of the os from the user perspective, this is one of ios weakest points when comparing it to android software.
    3.) More cloud based functionality to wireless sync with Mobile Me, or add a function that will host your itunes library using mobile me to push more subscribers to that service. Right now I don't really see the point for my uses or the money.
    4.) Unlock Facetime over 3G (I understand that is more At&t's doing, but do it anyway)

    Theres so much more, but I can't think of anything else. I wish someone actually looked at this comment thread from Apple.

  • Stefan

    Possibility to customise tones for text, email notification on lock screen, more options for the email client (only wishes, probably none of these will be implemented). Happy New Year from Germany! :-)Stefan

  • dark

    work well on 3g. 4.2 sucks ass

  • Tailgunner30uk

    So many things that need fixing, so little space.
    1. a proper finder app, with support for accessing at least usb flash drives, if not network drives.
    2. SB settings, the ability to activate or disable wifi, 3g, and other functions with a swipe of a finger puts Apple's meagre efforts to shame.
    3. Multi-tasking management, allowing the user to decide which apps remain active when back-grounded.
    4. Proper wifi printing rather than the joke that is the current AirPrint function, but I would gladly give this up for a proper 'file explorer' type app like Finder on my MacBook Air.

    Wireless sync, webcam support, and I am sure there are many other missing or poorly implemented features that could be listed.

    I own an iPad, and for all its potential, the limitations of this device mean that the experience can at times be annoying, frustrating and sometimes downright "what the @£$* were they thinking."

  • royaltan

    Really would like themes. Only want to jailbreak for new icons. I want to customize my phone!

  • Graham

    How about a small set of arrow keys mapped into the on screen keyboard. Tapping the screen to roughly place the corsor in text is ok but having to accurately place it for edits is a pain. Numeric pad would be good as a shift option as well. Alliterative keyboards that work at the os rather than at the app level could be a whole new genre of app

  • bryce

    Full unicode support. I’m sick of those white boxes.

  • indianmew2

    Activate the dormant FM radio receiver!!!!!!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

    • trainman261

      why does this seem familiar… APPLE!!!!!!

  • Joneseee

    Be able to delete songs off iPod rather than going into iTunes to do it

  • George P

    Put the iPad side switch back to orientation lock.

  • GaniSatish

    Wish to have a longer call history .

  • AntonioK2

    Have a better way to have custom tones for your text, instead of just using the ones they provide. It would be nice to be able to use you music tones.

  • Jay Arancio

    Certainly more printers for AirPrint and a ‘Settings’ choice for toggling the side switch between mute and orientation lock.

  • I should be able to select Wifi Printer

  • Tim

    Hold button longer to close program

  • Kenny tan

    Wish To have an option to delete Call history by choice instead the whole listing