Gran Turismo 5 IGN Review: Slightly Disappointing?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 26, 2010

IGN recently published their Gran Turismo 5 review and despite being extremely impressed with the PS3 exclusive, it looks as if the game is not as perfect as some of you may have hoped.

Their fully detailed 3-page review can be seen here, in this article we will sum up IGN’s opinion of the game, however if you want fully detailed information you should check out the full review.

IGN say that GT5’s attention to detail is great and if you love your cars you will love GT5, in terms of gameplay IGN say that GT5’s driving experience is unrivaled.

In terms of customization the game is said to be a success, however not as comprehensive as Forza, also you cannot upgrade car’s brakes.

IGN had nothing bad to say about GT5’s online capabilities, it is said to be extremely stable and can handle up to 16 competitors without any issues,

Not everything is perfect, apparently the menu system seems muddled and you spend to much time looking at loading screens, also it seems as if user driving skill doesn’t matter as much as it should do, basically if you have the right gear under the hood you are pretty much guaranteed to win the race.

Previous Gran Turismo games have not featured car damage, therefore many were looking forward to GT5’s damage system, however it looks as if this is a disappointment and unrealistic as high-speed crashes rarely result in major damage, also if you bump into an opponent you usually bounce off without sustaining damage.

IGN scored the game 8.5 out of 10 and say that “Gran Turismo 5 is a 10/10 simulator wrapped up in a 5/10 game”, they score the graphics, gameplay and lasting appeal 9/10, the sound 8/10 and presentation 7/10.

It has to be said that a score of 8.5 out of 10 is not a bad thing, however IGN UK scored Forza Motorsport 3 9.4/10, therefore it begs the question is Forza 3 a better game than GT5?

We would love to hear your opinions on GT5, feel free to share your own mini review in the comments section below.

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  • ps3ManBoy

    @Motorv8ed. Go grab a GT5 game box. Look at the front of it. Post what you found out. There are more than a few things disappointing about GT5. I will agree with you there. As far as the Prius goes, slow cheap cars are only for the first few races. I do wish there were a test of about 10 test to prove what driving level you are at and unlock more items. Frustrating to play GT2 and GT3 and then have to start from the ground with GT5 as a noob. The car customization is HORRIFIC.

  • Motorv8ed

    this game is great for a kid wanting to drive around in a fast car without a care in the world. It's not a game for people who want to race properly.
    Yes i know, Gran Turismo has never claimed to be a racing simulator but it's something they need to look at.I don't know about you but I don't want to amble around a race track in a Toyota Yaris or a friggin Prius. I want to get behind the wheel of a pure bread race car and actually race against other race cars to a set of rules and conditions.
    If polyphony looked at the amount of actual racing catergories and vehicles that compete world wide, there would be ample amount of cars, tracks, competitions and events to fill the needs of Gran Turismo fans.
    Here in Australia we race Minis, Historic Touring cars, Lotus elites, V8 supercars(ford vs holden), Formula 3, Formula V, Porsche Carerra's, V8 Touring cars, Holden HQ, Australian GT, Fujitsu series, Commodore cup, Australian manufacturer championship, Touring car masters and V8 utes. These are just the circuit classes. we also do hill climbs, Autocross, Sprints and Super sprints (time trials), Drift Australia series, Australian rally championships, Australian classic tarmac and Modern tarmac, Australian off road championships and Auto tests like the GT license test to test driver skills.
    That's a whole game on it's own with those just there let alone what other events are held around the world. The variety of cars in these series is enough for any car nut to be chuffed over why aren't they looking at this??
    Licensing may be the issue behind not going down that path but look at other games that re-create mock catergories (pro evolution soccer) so there is always a way around. Rfactor, Iracing, live for speed and a few other PC titles continue to strive because of the fact people want to have a "realistic racing experience" I fit into that catergory as a Rfactor racer. I've had GT 5 since release and i can't play it anymore. Maybe online is where the only lasting bit of life this title will have in my house, but for now it's going back in it's box. Bitterly disapointed after such a long wait for something better.

  • Emma

    Very disappointed at this game, I even trade it for Halo Reach the only good thing are the graphics thats it,,, no car damage or is unlock able, terrible sounds, horrible menus and loading times, tuning options are limited, in fact all is limited the only good thing are the replays and why the hell I want to sit and watch replays ? no clue

  • miguel

    im very disappointed,too slow !!!! if u wanna race or something it all take 2 much time,

  • k'ichi

    I've found it to be stunning to look at but kind of dull to play, it's fun but not exciting, just seems to lack any real character.

  • Ralliart Rob

    compared to the last installment i would say im dissapointed overall, graphics and cars awsome, however races are limited so for series 1-3 of 5, everything is restricted based on cars that u really would rather not drive but are forced to. Modifications look ok pefromance upgrade are good, but no brakes… umm ok, as well its nice to see some body modifications but again very limited. So far out of the 50-60 races iv only been able to use my favorite Mitsu EVO for 2 or 3 of them and with only 2 more series of high end races ill porbably be forced to jump into race car classes from series 4-5 so i dunno.