APEX LD4688 / LD4088 60Hz 1080p LCD HDTV

By Gary Johnson - Nov 26, 2010

It is now the time of year where we have to decide what to buy our loved ones for Christmas, and even want to treat ourselves. If you are in the market for a nice new flat panel TV, what about the Apex LD4088 40” LCD HDTV from TigerDirect.com for $479.99.

This impressive looking TV is Energy Star 3.0 compliant, meaning it consumes less energy than many other HDTV’s. There is a contrast ratio of 8000:1 and a 7ms response time to improve blurring with fast action screens. Plenty of inputs include three HDMI ports, two component, and one VGA/PC.

For fans of home theater sound there is a digital audio coaxial output to connect the TV to your audio system. Other features include 1080p, 60Hz screen refresh rate, and a resolution of 1920×1080. Target has a similar TV in their sales today, which is the APEX LD4688 with a 46-inch screen, features 60Hz and 1080p. This TV is on offer in stores only for $449, which you can see here.

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  • Bonnie

    Anyone have a ld4688 model that does not work that would be willing to sell me the neck? It is the part that attaches the tv to the stand.


  • tim coppedge

    Got this TV on BF at Target. It was kept in original packaged box for a year in a storage facility Everything worked great. Loved the TV. After about 3 months of use the manufacture included base for the tv broke. Caused the TV to fall off the shelf it was on. Screen shattered.

  • powercat5000

    Same problem as most here, bought this model on BF at target 2010- The power supply board is bad and there are no parts out there to fix it- google for yourself, the part # is IP46001 REV. 1.3. I guess we got what we paid for.

  • Mikemathis54

    need input output diagram to set up amplified sound from connections on back of tv to sound system uot put

  • Moschetti76

    When I’m watching tv on my apex 42 inch
    At times the led blue power light blinks
    Should I be concerned

  • Moschetti76

    When I’m watching tv on my apex 42 inch
    At times the led blue power light blinks
    Should I be concerned

  • dave

    Bought this TV last BF from Target.  Just before the 1 year warranty ran out, the picture would go black.  Turn the TV off for a time, then back on, would work for a while, then black again,  The company has been giving me the run-around for weeks now about sending someone to fix it.  This is the same problems others have had.  I would never buy another APEX product.  Their products are obviously 2nd class, and their service is horrible!!

    • Daveandtj

      Exact problems for me

  • Simon

    Has anyone ever had issues with picture not coming on but you can hear the sound and change channels.  If fear the worst and will need to pay a TV repair guy $75.00 to tell me if he can fix it or not.  The model LD4688 is just over one year old and the warranty was for one year (how convenient)……….

  • Billllay313

    OK hey sorry to hear about all your tvs not doing so hot but my buddy and i both got one and it works perfectly. We’ve had no problems. But can someone help us, We’re having problems figuring out, how the hell to hook up our surround sound !? if someone can help us thatd be alsome. 

  • Mixenfortay

    Where can you find the APEX CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER? I need to have my TV fixed. Remote broke the first week and now my screen has is starting to “leak” looks like a bolt of lighting is coming down through it. I too have bought my TV on black Friday 2010. Some one please help I can not find the number.

    • Pawweitzel

      call sal at 909-861-2929 ext.107 i have been dealing with him since may 2011. 2 refurbished tv’s and 1 repairman later i am still dissatisfied! they wont send you a brand new one and the tv they send you only plays in 480 and 720 even though you paid for a 1080! we also bought our tv on black friday in 2010 and it stopped working in april 2011…good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I bought my apex 46″ on black friday 2010 at target It is the best tv ever I just love it the picture is so clear the srs is wonderful I don’t have to turn it up very far & the commercial don’t blast me out when they come on over all I highly recommend this tv you will not be disappointed if you purchase it
                                                                                                                     North Fork Ca. 

  • Anonymous

    I bought my apex 46″ on black friday 2010 at target It is the best tv ever I just love it the picture is so clear the srs is wonderful I don’t have to turn it up very far & the commercial don’t blast me out when they come on over all I highly recommend this tv you will not be disappointed if you purchase it
                                                                                                                     North Fork Ca. 

  • Barry

    Horrible wast of money! Purchased unit day after Thanksgiving 2010. Unit quit working in January 2011 (less than 2 months !!!). Complied with warranty support requirements per documentation. Following telephone discussion with support, I was told a technician would contact me to arrange repair (suspected back light failure). It is now the 13th of March 2011 and no further support contact has been forthcoming. Got my money so I guess they don't care at all about customer satisfaction !!!

  • Indra

    I bought this same TV on Black Friday and am missing a power cord, a remote control, and screws for the base. i have been calling Apex directly (since Target can care less) and have been told it would be delivered two weeks ago-over two months ago. target will no longer take the TV back for a refund since it's past the 90 days and Apex has informed me they don't do refunds!!!!

    i have placed a formal complaint through the Better Business Bureau today, and FYI everyone….Apex has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as of August 2010.

  • danny

    i got my 46" tv from target, on black friday and was the best deal on the market, the picture is great and hooked it to my new sony blue ray and the pic is great no porblems here best price for the money ive ever spent, i guess i got a golden egg of the bunch reading all the problems that had accured, well im happy with my 46" TV, and yes i did get the insurance on it, hope i never need it, and im a happy camper. Thanks.

  • AJB

    I feel really sorry for all of you who have had issues with your Apex tv. I bought my 4688 on BF 2009. It has worked PERFECT over the 14 months without any issues at all during that time. I use the tv everyday and sometimes it is on for 24 hours a day. It has worked without incident being on all the time and with being turned off for a week or more at a time while we are on vacation.

    For the first 8 months that I had it, I used a regular cable cord with my Comcast box. It had a great picture even with that. When we had our floors redone, the lovely people installing our floors bent the plug in on the cable box. Because I had recordings saved on the DVR, I did not want to return the box. So, I finally plugged in the HDMI cable. What a difference in picture! I had no idea that this tv could have such a great picture. The other tvs in my home range from 36 to 56 in size and are all LEDs (Samsung and Vizio). The picture on the Apex does not make me miss not having a LED in my bedroom.

    Blu-ray, NetFlix, HDTV, and everything else that we have watched on it comes out with a great screen and everything has been in 1080 (if it was available on what media type we were watching). Some media types are only 720 and not 1080, but even the 720 has a great picture. The same thing happens with those types of media on my LEDs.

    The only complaint that I have ever had about this Apex is that Comcast does not have the code for the remote for it. The codes that work on other Apex tvs do not work on this one. But, other than having to use the power and volume buttons on the Apex remote, I really never have to use it. Considering that we keep the volume the same and only turn the tv off as needed, the remote issue has not really presented a problem. Yes, I would love to have a working remote code for Comcast, but I can live with it for as little as I paid for this tv (under $400).

    I only wish that everyone else had as good of an experience with Apex as we have.

  • Carrie (Pa.)

    And here is yet another horror story…we also got our t.v. black friday at Target.. we were doing some remodeling of our living room so we are just now putting it up. Worked great for the first week. Then…here it comes….we now have a red dot in the middle of our screen…we have sound but have lost all picture! After talking to the Apex rep on the phone for 40 min. and troubleshooting everything but me standing on my head and whistling, a tech will contact me by phone and set up an appointment to come out and look at the set but this may take up to two weeks. SERIOUSLY?? Target you need to help us consumers out. Take the high road and make this right. Give us a comparable t.v. in exchange for the junk that Apex sold to you to pawn off on us. Please?!? I love Target but you know Walmart would of taken care of this already.

  • Michelle

    I too bought this TV on BF and after 3 weeks it blew out completely. Filed report with Apex and they said it would be about 2 weeks for a service call. After 2 weeks I called again and they said it would actually be about 3 weeks. 3 weeks came and went yesterday with no call so called them today and they said they have had numerous service calls about this model and are backordered on parts and it could be another 6-8 weeks!!! My biggest problem is that I lost the receipt when I left the store on Black Friday because I had shoved it in my pocket. Target says there is nothing they can do without the packaging to scan (ummm…they can't pull my credit card number and see what was charged to it on that date? Not likely!). I'm screwed out of $500 now. Just lovely. I have a 46" sculpture in my living room.

    • kerk

      I had the same problem. Target did take mine back because I called corporate and regardless of packaging, they must take it. Print out a copy of your Credit Card showing the purchase and call 18004400680 (guest services). Let me know if that works (kerkh@live.com)

  • Wendy

    Does anyone have the code for the comcast control? I called them and they gave me 11531 but does not work… thanks!

  • Nancy

    I cannot get most free channels with my new APEX LD4688. I use a rooftop antennae and scanned using Menu,TV, Air, Scan and only get 6 channels. My other tv on a convertor box gets more channels. What is the problem?
    Thanks in advance!

  • paul

    my BF set works good EXCEPT- after 24 hours of tv off, something resets in TV and remote will not turn it on. I push on button on tv and remote works untill next time its off for 24hours or more. anyone else have same problem? what to do?

    • cheryl

      I have the exact same problem… did you find a way to fix this?

  • Jesters Court

    My wife and I bought the t.v. on black friday. Brought home and it was missing a pixel,(green dot), before I box it up, I stopped at my local target, (not where I originally purchused), and she said they didn't have any but gave me a list of other Targets that stocked the same t.v. The first Target didn't seem to want to help me at all, (Pasadena), then I called Pico Rivera Target and he said he had a couple left, I asked him to hold one for me and I boxed up the t.v. and went to exchange. No problems exchanging t.v.'s, just looking for the Target that would help me the most. I hope this t.v. last for at least 5 years, I paid $389.99 for the t.v. so 5 years would be great for me.

  • Chris

    I just picked up a 32 in apex the remote sux and I can't get the codes to work in the dish network controler anyone know the code for apex and dish network? I tried all codes in book and what I found on the net nothing works, otherwise the picture is great


    • jacput

      Sorry, bud, your SOL. Apex sucks.

  • marjun

    I got the 46 LCD on BF. What are the options we have for returning this TV to target? Does anybody explored the option please let me know.


    • jacput

      I took mine back with the receipt and got a full refund, took the money and bought a Vizio at Costco.

  • bill

    bought same set BF@Target. Had Apex tube tv..wasn't worried. 1st problem couldn't set time on unit. Several days later remote wouldn't turn on set, 5 of 6 times it would. Check batteries,OK. Call Apex, man with accent from India tried to reset remote, no good. Said would send new remote in several weeks. Switched boxes for digital HD, set up remote to not need Apex remote. Same problem. Knew problem not remote. Story gets good from Target's side. Call Target for replacement, manager checks, says yes. Pack up TV, swap @store @noon, get home that night, unbox from Apex carton, with straps, only to find inside Westinghouse unit, floor model, no power cable, remote, anything. Wife calls Target, gets disconnected 2x from manager. 9:30 pm pack up TV, back to store. Manager says no other units anywhere, BF special, can get refund, buy another TV, give us same discount as Apex TV….$50 and $15 gift card…wanted us to upgrade unit. Tell them give my defective unit back. Told wife to keep eyes open for after Xmas or New Years deals, have 90 days to return unit. Won't give Target anymore business, they knew they were selling inferior product but didn't care.

  • Aaron

    Anyone have "ideal settings" for this tv yet. I just bout it at target today on "super sale" or whatever. and it seems like it is till too bright no matter how i adjust it. can someone please give me help on this? Thanks

    • jacput

      Take it back. It's a POS.

    • Michael

      I use the dynamic setting for movies. Remember though, you' need to have another light in the room on, even if it's dim, or it will hurt your eyes.

      Mine is far from a POS. See my earlier post…

  • ssr

    How do you program it to your time warner remote?

    • jacput

      Can't. It's a piece of junk.

  • Neal

    I also bought this TV on the Black Friday sale and the XVS settings won't stay OFF even when I continually turn it off. It resets back to ON everytime I change channels or it loads a game (when playing PS3). I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem with this because I would greatly prefer it to stay OFF and I don't know what to do.

  • Aaron

    Anyone have "ideal settings" for this tv yet. I just bout it at target today on "super sale" or whatever. and it seems like it is till too bright no matter how i adjust it. can someone please give me help on this? Thanks

    • Chip

      I hooked mine up through the HDMI cable port (check out monoprice.com HMDI cables are like 3 bucks!). Then turned off the TruSurround in the Audio section of the Menu. Then, put the picture in "Movie" mode. That took the brightness out of it and the picture looks phenominal now.

  • Eric

    I purchased on BF to from Target. The remote is not the greatest. Just hooked up my HD with fios and the picture comes up 720 not the 1080. Not sure if this can even be fixed but I wish it could. HD def not the best picture but I cant complain because I wont spend 1k for a Sony or something.

    • jacput

      Spend another $100 and get a Vizio.

  • Bill Harney

    We also bought this TV on BF at Target. When we first turned it on the pic was blurry, but we called Dish and they installed Dish HD along with an Dish HD box and HDMI, for FREE. The picture has been perfect ever since. As far as the remote goes. I put in the batteries that were included and the remote didn't work very well. So I installed new ones and it works perfectly. I can aim it in the opposite direction from the TV and it still works. No missing pixel dots in the picture. Sound is wonderful. Just love this TV.

  • Rev. PAt

    I bought the LD4688 on black friday and this picture thru HDMI is as good as samsung which I think has the best quality picyure of all the model. For the price nothing compares

  • Heather

    Also a BF purchaser here……picture went out completely in just 2 weeks. Felt like I was on an episode of outsourced while I was on with Customer Service for over an hour. Finally they tell me that they will have someone call me with-in 2 weeks to set up an appointment to have it looked at. Guess that is what I get for trying to get an electronic bargain.

    • jacput

      They will never call. My advice is to take it back and get a different TV (pay an extra $100).

  • oneil

    purchased the tv, it shows great…..the remote worked for 3 days now, i am stuck with a tv that cannot move from component 1 that has nothing hooked up to it. Frustrated in an understatement at this time…………….

    • Michael

      You need someone to come over and help. A friend who already has theirs set up.

  • SDbatboy

    My 2 cents. Bought one too. Had to learn about HDMI cables (knew nothing about them). Using cable with Xbox. Picture quality improved significantly. I have also played around with picture settings using remote.

    Use an antennae (no cable or direct) and did channel scan and got a dozen channels with my cheesy antennae. Picture on several of those is great. Remote is definitely a mystery as it seems like batteries are half dead – have not replaced them yet to see if that is problem.

    Just started streaming Netflix through Xbox which seems to adjust picture quality automatically depending upon how well my DSL is working at the time. When it gets to 4 bars (more than half the time) picture quality is very good. Amazingly I still have not watched a DVD in using the Xbox yet so can't comment on that picture quality but assume it will be good.

    Bottom line is I am not ready to fork over $1000 for Samsung or Sony or other. Very happy with Apex TV – so far.

  • Pete

    I am having the same problem as Rick, tv says 480 even when I am on a hd channel. Anyone have any ideas??

    • Michael

      That's a problem with the cable. Contact the tech, they have to come out and set it so that it is ALWAYS on 1080.


  • Imran

    I went to target and returned my previous set which had no picture. Well, guess what, the new set has no picture either. I can only hear sounds and all ports are connected. Stay away from APEX!!!!

  • Steve

    Regarding my post above: You can also join in on the email chain regarding APEX customer support for this item by emailing targetangry@gmail.com .


  • Steve

    If ANYONE is having issues with contacting APEX Support about their TV's, please email me at ssulli23@uic.edu . A few users (in this comment "forum") and I have been pooling our resources to try and contact APEX. We have all been getting the same response of "A technician will call you…". I initially called APEX on the morning of Black Friday and got this answer. This was immediately after I plugged in the LD4688 model and heard a "pop" come from the rear of the TV. I believe this to be a blown capacitor (an actually easy fix) but I do not want to void the warranty in case it is more than that and I would be forced to return it to Target unable to fix it myself.

    I've called several times since then with promises of a phone call from a technician, but I never have gotten one. My email is ssulli23@uic.edu if any of you suffering from the same support problems would like to join the discussion and share experiences.


  • DLee

    I bought this TV, but sound at level 1 is still very loud. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Jolene

      Go to the Menu, then Audio and turn "off" the TruSurround option.

      • seth

        sweet thanks a lot!!!

  • Imran

    I bought the TV on black friday. It worked fine for a week, until my screen went completely blank. There is no picture, just sound, no matter what device is connected. (HDMI, VGA, TV, COMP, AV, etc). i plan to return this to target for full refund, or replacement (if in stock).
    I should have stuck to my policy of buy brand names like Sony, Samsung, Phillips, etc.

    • Kim

      If you are not hooked into a HD cable box you will have this problem

      • ange

        I had the same problem, I am hooked to cable box, but the screen is still blank – there is only sound

    • Carrie (Pa.)

      Same here Imran….waiting for a tech to call me and set up a time to come out and look at it. could take up to two weeks. I think Target needs to make this right. Walmart would of exchanged this for a similar model in a heartbeat. SAD.

  • josh

    Bought the TV on BF and have had no issues so far. Bought the warranty just in case though.
    @ schmidt..it doesn't matter what Hi Def LCD TV you purchase, the picture will always be grainy if you are using basic cable. Comcast,made everyone in our area upgrade to a little digital box for free, BUT, if you don't actually pay for digital service then you are stuck with a grainy picture; as all you have is basic cable. Xbox with HDMI looks awesome.

    • seth

      i too bought this tv on black friday. felt lucky since there were only 6 available. i have had only one issue so far and its the volume. on volume 1 its really loud. the picture on regular cable is grainy but it beats out the vizios hooked up to the same cable in the house. xbox games look great on this tv and hdmi cable fine tunes it. if there is a solution to volume i would like to know.

  • Schmidt

    i also got the 46" tv from target. i hooked it up to my basic cable and the picture is grany and very bad. i hooked up my ps2 and i had to turn it off it was so bad. i called apex and they are sending out a tech to look at it. i hooked up my dvd player with the component cables and that was the only desent pic. i dont know what to do. i think i may take it back and just save for a beter one. i mean lcd should be lcd and should have a good pic. its sad when you would ratherwatch a movie on your laptop instead of the brand new tv you just bought. very disapointed in this tv, very disapointed. not even agrivated i am angrivated.


    • Steve

      Did they say how long it would be for the technician to come to your house? I believe mine blew a capacitor directly after turning it on, and customer service has been rough and not very clear on when I should be expecting a call from a technician.

    • Anthony

      Basic cable and a PS2 using red/yellow/white cables will be horrendous on any HD LCD TV.

      I use this thing for Xbox 360 gaming and PS3 gaming and it is gorgeous.

  • Jolene

    I too bought this TV at Target on Black Friday. However, I haven't even had it a week and the picture blew out! There was this super-loud snap, like a giant mousetrap going off. The tv had powered itself off and when I turned it back on, there was sound and no picture. The cable box was still on, so it wasn't a fuse or anything like that, so I got up to go check the connections. Once I approached the tv, I was overwhelmed by the heavy smell of burnt electronics. My husband was so mad, he boxed it up and took it back in his sweatpants! After reading all the other comments, I wonder what will happen.

    • Steve

      Exact same thing happened to me. I haven't returned it yet due to Target's extended return policy hoping that Apex will actually cover on-site repair like it's warranty clearly states.

      If anyone else reads this and is having problems with Apex Customer Service, email me at ssulli23@uic.edu and let's try to get our damn TV's fixed.

      • Jolene

        Hi Steve,

        Regarding your attempts to get Apex to fix your TV, are you going through the purchased warranty? Are you doing that because there were no more of the same TV left at Target?

        We ended up being able to exchange for the exact same TV, but had to drive from the Target in Otsego to the one in Monticello. It was the last one. Not sure what would have happened if there were no more of the same TV available.

        Looking forward to your updates,

        • Steve

          Since it was a Black Friday only sale for this specific TV (meaning they don't normally stock it at all), it was sold out at every Target within 300 miles within a few hours.

          So I'm forced to either return it or keep going with Apex's manufacturers warranty. I have 90 days to return the TV, so I'm hoping Apex comes through.


  • Sadshopper

    I bought this TV on BF at Target and the base was not in the box. Target could care less and told me to just return it. Apex is sending me a base that should be here in 2 to 3 weeks. This has not been a good buy for me, should have gone to Walmart.

  • Dave

    Hey guys thanks for letting me know it's not just happening to me. Glad I found this on google. Michael also thank you very much that helps alot.

  • Chip

    Hey everyone, does anyone have the "ideal settings" for thi TV yet? I just picked up an HDMI to give it one last shot but I want to make sure I have the best picture settings.

    Thanks in advance.

  • chris

    even with the HDMI cable the tv is showing 720p on HD channel i dont get that as my old 42 inch went to 1080 automatically. when i play a Blu ray ot goes to 1080 i dont know what th deal is

    • Santa Chris

      I have the same problem and Apex says it the cable box, but it isn't. I have 2 boxes from Comcast that are exactly alike and my Samsung does 1080 with no problem. I don't know the answer but if the TV can't do 1080 like it advertises, it is going back.

  • Chad

    I just bought this T.V. on black friday and it has great picture quality. The remote is terrible however. I have to hit the power button over 20 times while holding it upside down to get it to power on or off and thats the only button that works. I am scared that im screwed. I tried looking up codes for my other remotes and it looks like even universal remotes might not support apex. If anybody knows of a universal remote that supports this t.v. please let me know! Honestly if the remote worked this would be the best buy in the world. The picture quality is fantastic for blu ray and xbox I just hate getting out of bed to turn it off and on. How lazy am I? Oh and for anyone stuck in the main menu you can navigate all menus with the buttons on the side so there is hope just play around with it you will get it working and there is an input button so you can switch to the input you want to use. Basically even without a remote it is fully functional just very annoying. Also why is there no option for the 4688 when registering the warranty? Complete BS!

    • bobbio

      remote is tricky but if anybody can find the correct code…tried many….please let me know…(comcast grey remote w/center red enter button)

  • scott

    if you are stuck at the setup screen, you have to unfortunatly go through the scan process that takes 5-10 minutes. after that you will be able to set up the TV like normal.

  • Ruben

    I bought this tv on black Friday and honestly I’m very pleased works grate with my hd programing no problems at all and for that price is a grate deal. The non hd channels look pretty good actually and with my blu ray movies is grate.

    I’m sorry so many of you guys are having problems that sucks

  • Britany

    We bought this as a BF deal at Target also and have had no problems. We bought 2 that day, one for my parents and one for us, and neither of us have had any issues.

    We hooked up our Blu-Ray player last night with an HDMI cable and super crisp picture to die for!

    Even though a lot of people aren't familiar with APEX, they have been around for a while.

  • mikeb

    @rich, if you dont have an hd receiver from direct tv, then it is not connected via hdmi.
    @rick, dvd are only 480p at most and if you want to get to 1080, you would need a dvd player that is hdmi connected. It will up convert it to 1080p, but that would still would not good as having a blu ray player (real 1080p)

    Any cable tv connection without hdmi connection would look grainy.

  • Rick

    i went to watch a DVD and the display said it was being viewed in 480i…does anyone know how to adjust it to 1080p? I cant seem to find out anywhere how to adjust it

    • Mark

      try a blue ray player bud…….dvds are 480i and blue ray discs are 1080p

    • Pete

      i have the same issue even with hd dish reciever have you heard any thing else

  • John

    Best price ever on this TV, BF @ Target like everyone else. Did they make this TV just for Target's sale? Anyway, it's a good TV, the sound control is less than good (volume 0 is muted, and volume 1 is equivalent to medium volume), and the remote is lousy. The picture is great however! But it doesn't look like any of this is important, as the tv is not sold anywhere else.

    • Jordan

      had the same problem

      menu>audio>SRS TruSurround XT>off
      that solved it for me

    • Eric

      I just found a solution to the problem! on the apex remote hit menu then go to audio, turn off SRS trusurround xt. it will make the volume normal. I have verizon fios and my HD is a shitty picture and goes to 720 not 1080. Do you know how to fix it?

  • Rich

    I also bought this tv on BF and found when hooked up to DirectTV with an HDMI cable the picture is still blurry. This is my first HDTV and am not quite sure how everything works. Can this be solved by getting an HD receiver? Or does the HDMI cable have anything to do with it as I bought an extremely cheap one? Gaming is great onit and the sound is amazing! I am thinking about returning it.

    • Gabe

      I did the same thing. I bought the $10 hdmi cable and had a pretty crappy resolution. Then I went to best buy and bought a nice rocketfish hdmi cable for $50 and it worked wonderful. I also had to turn the sharpness down almost all the way to get it really clear though.

  • ralphrainwater

    I haven't had any of the negative issues with this TV, which I also purchased on Black Friday. The picture is great, the onboard sound is fine (my home theater receiver stopped working just a week ago, so I must rely on the TV's speakers for now.) No dead pixels, the remote works without any flaws. Combined with Netflix or Zune movies through the Xbox 360, the 1080p picture looks as good as one would hope.

    This is my first really big screen TV and I have no complaints at all thus far.

  • eman

    i need the bar code can some help me with that!! thanks

  • Michael

    Reading these reviews has me a little freaked out, even tempted to return the TV to Target. Mine was also a BF purchase, but I have not had any problems yet. In fact, my sound is very good, my control works when I point it away from the TV, and I see no flaws in the screen as of yet.

    Now I did note a poor picture quality from cable, but my understanding is that this is because I have not hooked up my TV through the HDMI ports yet. I called a buddy and he said that anything less than HDTV on his Sony has the same ghosting, and that only by using the HDMI ports and watching HD channels is he getting a good picture.

    I'm wondering, has anyone who has hooked theirs up through the HDMI had these same problems?

    Also, I plugged in my Wii and played a game trough AV Port 3 and both the sound and picture were amazing.

    My fear is more about the longevity, but at the moment things looks very good. I'll update this if something changes in the next few weeks…

    • Howie

      Mind still in the box, I been search for Cyber Monday to see if anything better before open the box. Reading these complains did freak me out a lot and tempted to return to Target over the next weekend. Please continue update your status. Also, anyone have any postive comment, please share.

      • Michael


        So today I went out and picked up the HDTV box from Time Warner Cable, another HDMI cable, and went through the setup. As Mikeb notes below, this connection makes all the difference in the world.

        I had my friend come by (the one who owns the Sony) to have a look and he thinks the picture looks very good. He informed me that, for the most part, these TV's are only as good as the signal you pump into them. After spending an hour at my place playing with it, he concluded that I got a very good deal.

        Regarding signal quality: For example, if you don't have a Bluray player (I don't yet) or some other high quality signal, the picture will look bad on any HDTV. Forget your DVD player and VCR if you're looking for super high quality. In addition, if the original program is not FILMED in HD it will look grainy even if you have an HD signal. The best indicator of your TV, then, is to plug in the Bluray THROUGH the HDMI port. In that case, (using my friend's bluray) I have found that this picture is very good.

        For settings, I zeroed out the Contrast on my personal settings. Also, I have been using the "Dynamic" picture setting and that seems to be the best factory installed.

        Regarding sound, mine is not great when I'm watching HDTV, but very good when I'm playing Wii. My guess is that the signal is the issue. It really doesn't matter much for me, however, because I have a stereo receiver with HDMI built in. Essentially, I'm just using this TV as a monitor.

        Also, I should point out that my channels take a little while, but since that is coming from my cable box that's a product of the cable company, not the TV. My friend has the same issue with his Sony. He says it's normal.

        Howie: Barring a major setback, I'm keeping mine. For me it especially works because it's only a monitor and I have a high quality surround system. In addition, I think a lot of the problems people are having are linked to how complicated it is for people to set up these things. Example: my friend went into the cable box menu and set it to 1080 permanently. If you don't many channels default to 720 and won't look very good. Bottom line: check for the issues others are reporting, then have a friend come over and help setup. Don't freak out when the picture looks bad at first. The real problem is that you need to have it setup properly.

        For my part, I'm planning to return to Target and pick up the warranty, just in case…

      • Billllay313

        Hey man ive had the tv for just over a year now and ive never had any problems with it. I love it, Besides the fact that im having trouble hooking up my surround sound system.

    • stan

      I noticed the ghost around letters and other things.my direct tv box only has a s video plug so I used that and the picture is a lot better I bet with a hemisphere cable it would be great other then that no problems.but you folks are making me nervous.lol

    • Dan

      I have poor picture quality also from cable and my TV is hooked up with HDMI. I have contacted Apex but have not heard back from them yet. Let me know if you find a solution.

      • Steve

        A few other people in this comment "forum" seem to be having the same issues with contacting APEX. Shoot me off an email at ssulli23@uic.edu and we can share experiences.

        We're all getting the same response of "A technician will call you…", but we've never gotten a call from a "technician". We've been calling them since Black Friday and then several times since..

      • Michael

        Hi Dan,

        Sorry for the delay. Do you have HD Cable? Any signal that isn't HD will look bad. It's January, my TV and remote are still humming along. Just added my own Blue Ray player. All is looking good for me. Did I get lucky?

  • Ravi

    I just bought the 46" APEX from Target on black friday sale. The picture was tested from 10 feet. The picture on xbox 360 with hdmi is great! The picture on Insignia blue ray with hdmi is pretty good. The picture is a bit grainier than my Insignia 47" but turning down the sharpness to about 30 should help smooth out the picture. Standard cable looks alright … then again its standard cable … so on a 46" its gonna look choppy….remote control requires to be pointed directly at the IF detector otherwise will not pick up signal … for 450.00 getting this 1080p one really cannot complain.

    Bottom line is this TV is great for a budget minded GAMING & BLU RAY viewing. Also, since the company is not well known … it is only wise to buy an extended 3 year plan from Target for 50ish bucks.

  • Ruby

    I bought the same tv so far im not having a problem with it but there is a liitle green dot on it

  • david

    bought this from target, stuck at the set up screen. the remote doesn't work

    • Jamie

      I also bought this on Friday from Target.. it came without the remote, power cord & screws for the base. Hooked it up using my desktop power cord.. I'm also stuck on the set up screen since I cannot hit 'enter' without having the remote. Tried programming my comcast remote but it's not picking up on any of the codes. Looked it up on yahoo answers to find that apparently comcast does not support this tv and I'll have to buy a universal remote. Lovely.


    Bought a LD4688 from Target Friday. Works fine and the picture is pretty good compared to my other HD TV. I'm actually impressed I got this much for the low price.

  • sunny florida

    bought the 46 at target, the tv seems to loose channels from list and the only way to to get them back is to auto search which clears all your favorites and unwanted list anyone seen this on theirs?

  • Kat

    Bought the 46 at target Black friday sale…dead pixel on screen…no real manufacturer page, just a phone number…they told me to take screen shots of the tv and e mail it to them…umm no…target was no help…they say the tv will no longer be stocked and they cannot order a replacement and it is no longer in their system…They recommend returning it for a refund and buying a different tv at a NON black Friday price…Target has lost my business forever! After arguing with customer service at apex they finally put me through to a manager who said they will call me back monday or tuesday with some kind of plan….I am so pissed!

    • TargetAngry

      I've got a similar situation Kat. I bought the LD4688 also at Target on Black Friday. I've got a line that displays in the middle of the screen. Apex support (Johnny) keeps telling me it'll get worked out and I'm going to send them photos today. Are you going to send them photos? Can you email me at targetangry@gmail.com so we can keep tabs on this? I'd like to know how you make out.

      Anyone else want to join an email exchange email me! If it comes to it, I will be putting together a video of complaints to send to Target and put on Youtube.

      • Steve

        I emailed you with a description of my similar problems. Apex has been saying a technician should call me, but every time they give me an approximate time he/she would call… I never get one. They didn't ask me to send pictures, but I don't have a pixel problem. I simply have no picture, sound, or backlight due to what sounded like a capacitor blowing from the rear of the TV.

        Anybody with similar problems with Apex customer service, feel absolutely free to email me: ssulli23@uic.edu . I didn't stand out in 6 degree weather for two hours for nothing.

        Target has discontinued this product so there is change of exchanging it btw.

        • Jennifer

          I have had the same problem with their customer service. I called 5 times already and all I hear is they will get back to me. The picture is blurry with cable and I hooked up a HDMI cord. My main problem is a green light on the picture. I guess it is a pixel that is out. I also waited in line for this tv for 2 hours outside of target. I live in Indiana and it was cold and windy.

    • Craig

      I have the same issue, and I'm willing to start a class action complaint. Target lost my business.

    • mark

      "Target has lost my business forever" why? because everyone here has decided to buy the cheapest possible tv they could find and cant understand why it is a POS. You shouldn't be surprised, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. There are reasons why the expensive tvs cost more

  • dilizi

    we bought the Apex 46 TV and there is no corresponding model number on the warranty page We went to target to see how to send in our warranty and they couldn't help us Said to just hold on to our receipt. Now what do we do?

    • senses

      I would say return it to target and let them deal with their own giant black friday blunder!

    • Dionne

      I had the same problem but i registered my tv any way and put the model number in the comment box

  • alisha franczak

    Just bought this (APEX LD4688) from Target black Friday sale. The picture on cable is horrible not crisp can see blurry lines around words and peoples silouettes. I hooked it up my new Sony Blue Ray DVD player and the picture quality was great. The remote is a piece of crap. It is hit and miss no matter where you aim it. I recommend buying the service plan. At this point, if I can't figure out the crappy picture on cable I will be returning it!

    • Michael

      Hey Alisha,

      See my comments below for what I hope is some helpful guidance…