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Sony – Kinect Lightsaber Game Will Not Be Good

If you attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2010 event) back in June this year, you may have seen the demonstration of the upcoming “Kinect Star Wars” game. While some of you might think that it looked quite good, an engineer from Sony claims that it won’t be.

According to a recent article over at by Wesley Yin-Poole, Anton Mikhailov – a software engineer from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s department of research and development – spoke about the “Star Wars” game for the Kinect, and said it isn’t that good.

Although Sony and LucasArts have no intentions of announcing a “Star Wars” game that’s compatible with the PlayStation Move any time soon, Mikhailov claimed that it would be so much better than the Kinect version if they were to release it.

When asked by Eurogamer whether or not there is a possibility of a “Star Wars Move” game Mikhailov said that although he is not in the planning department and can’t really say more, technologically it is 100% feasible. “There’s no way Kinect can do a good lightsaber game,” he said.

What do you think about his comments? Would a Move-compatible “Star Wars” lightsaber game be much better than a Kinect lightsaber game?


  • lee

    would you ask the marlboro man if camels were any good? sony man is incapable of objective judgement in this case.

  • R2b4

    Are you kidding me? if it Star Wars its got to be good, anything that says Star Wars is awesome, if Darth Vader is in it I wet my pants, if it is on the Kinect I will really be able to use the force, I will lift boxes and stuff just with a wave of my hand, I will be so badass, with duel light sabers. If you combine Star Wars and Kinect you will be able to be a real Jedi. I will wait in line for days at best buy just to be the first to get this. STAR WARS RULES

  • Sam

    I'm really looking forward to watch videos of people waving empty hands around, jumping and trying to kill bad guys with no lightsaber. I watched a shooter on kinect, the guy trying to shoot with is finger. It was quite funny.

  • brendan

    i Agree with him, but of course he is going to say that !!! Buttons are needed and analog sticks!


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