Sony Ericsson Xperia X10: Android 2.1 Eclair – US Release Date Update

For those of you in the US with a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handset and are getting disillusioned with the wait for Android 2.1, we have an update from Sony Ericsson to share with you now.

As reported from Engadget, the company has attempted to give a few reasons why the update to Eclair has taken so long, but after having read what they had to say ourselves, you still may be feeling pretty bitter afterwards.

Apparently, the delay is due to ‘rigorous testing’, as SE state that technical requirements which they have ‘no control’ over are the main factors which are causing the delay, to the outdated version of Android. Let’s just remind ourselves that a good deal of Android owners are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of OS 2.3 Gingerbread, while glum Xperia X10 owners are still begging for Eclair – it’s a sad state of affairs.

As an X10 owner in the US, do you have a few words for Sony Ericsson?


  • ham

    Wow that's all I can say

  • Alec Gonzales

    Wow, I'm over here thinking, "Yeah! Sweet! I'm finally getting an android phone that's up to date!" and as soon as I get home I try to update the firmware, which to my dismay when I tried to said, "You already have the latest firmware." And at that moment, I was deeply disheartened. Thank you for at least confirming my fears were real, now I can just sit in more self pity.

    • sam

      amen .. people at the att store was like oh ya u will beable to update to the newest firmware 2.3 real soon .. thats not happening


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