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PSP Go Bundle Price Drop: PlayStation Phone Dilemma

For those of you who have wanted a new PSP Go, but decided to see if and when a PlayStation Phone will be announced, things have just got more complicated. The reason I say this is because there has been a price reduction on the PSP Go bundle.

Over the past few months the handheld has gone from $250 to $200, now that price has been reduced yet again to just $150. We really do not know what Sony is playing at, but it has now confused consumers – what do they do now?

I do know one thing, there will be a huge amount of kids looking at these bundles with three games included and will make it their mission that they get one of these devices for Christmas – maybe the Japanese consumer electronics makee knows just what they are doing after all?

You have to remember that this deal will be limited in numbers, so get your from the retailer early to avoid disappointment – yet another clever thing by Sony then. Will you get the PSP Go now, or will you still hold out for that elusive PlayStation Phone? For more details on this deal visit CrunchGear. For those of you who will wait for the PSP 2, then you will have a long wait, as its release date is rumored to be Christmas 2011.


  • Don’t forget Nintendo have their device I the pipeline as well so patience is the key.Save yourself a lot of money.


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