Gran Turismo 5: Server Error Problems Reported

By Gary Johnson - Nov 25, 2010

Sony’s much anticipated Gran Turismo 5 was finally released yesterday and has got some pretty good reviews so far, even though there will be some who are not happy. But there are some reports of problems with the game’s servers.

Tamoor Hussain of CVG is reporting that there are problems with servers due to the amount of players going online, but the single player game play has also been experiencing major problems. Reports are stating that due to “extreme online traffic congestion” gamers are suffering from stalling and slow down problems when playing the single player game.

The game is experiencing problems when accessing servers for profiles, stats and logs, and brings the game to a snail’s pace with long loading times. Players are being advised that going through GT5’s menus may cause delays lasting “several minutes”.

To “temporarily alleviate” the problems Sony have stopped access to some user profiles and logs. Owners of the Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition have said that codes allowing them to access the exclusive cars are not being recognized as valid.

Have you experienced any problems with the games servers? What do you think of GT5?

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  • Ppiti

    I have a problem my gt5 doesn t have the community part i dont have the lounge and even the endurance mode or season events, i dont have anything that has to do with the online part and the endurance.
    If somebody can help me i ll be very thxfull.

  • Cosmos

    so how do u delete yr profile on it !?

  • MacCca_Flow

    I got the collectors edition today and when i start the game i have to install the latest update (1.03) but when i install it i get the error code 8003051E :s

    I also tried to skip the update just to get into the game… but then it says: please quit the game and delete all Grand Turismo 5 Prolouge data. I have NEVER EVER had a copy of Prolouge in my hand….

    anyone got an idea???

  • stebos

    what gives?last 3days cant connect to servers!could in the beginning!fix this soon!we have all been patient enough.

  • buster

    waste of time buying the game ,done my head in since i brought it.never seen a game this slow before.

  • MACCA_46

    I would like to know how they are deciding who gets right of way on the servers… I had pre ordered my "collectors edition" copy of GT5 almost 12 months in advance, spending the extra $ to try to support a game I have enjoyed so much in the past, and have absolutely NO online functions AT ALL, where as I have a mate, who has never owned a previous edition of GT, walks into a game shop on the day of release, buys a standard copy, for minimal $ and presto, is given preference over me for online access…. wont hold it against my mate though…. also, in a BIG purple bubble on the front cover, it states "EXCITING 16 PLAYER ONLINE RACES" is this not then false advertising?

  • Okay!!! I'm pretty pissed off that IO can't play GT5 online. I think it's sony &polphony's fault from realeasing the game too early and not realizing the online problems sooner & not post it on they websites to tell us about it.

    • steve

      I had the same problem, but have resolved it.I was not being prompted to accept the online conditions when installing the game onto the hard drive, I even got a replacement game luck. what i did was un instal the game and re start from the begining but without the recommended install and then got the 'Online agreement" accepted it and the game went straight on line. I had tried everything from within the game before hand and nothing worked. It will still keep all your cars and everything when you just Delete the game and start over. Hope this works for you and anyone else who is having the problem.

      • vince

        how did you accept the online agreement after you un installed the game and restarted it?

  • Con

    Guys…in some of the races the car just decides to stop accelerating…i have the pedal to the metal and the car is increasing revs and then all of a sudden the revs just start to slow up and stay constant rather than increasing all the way to redline…and other cars start passing me…anyone had this problem?

    • lol

      I'm having same problem. Did you find any cure?

      • pspwxpfan

        lol…That happens when you crash. Its called penalization 🙂

  • Dave

    Okay, I am pretty upset… I can't download the new version. Just got the Collector's Edition (much awaited) and now I cannot even play it online. I understand disconnecting the PS3 from any internet connection solves the problem but.. If Sony was not anticipating or ready to handle the amount of traffic to their servers, then why come out with the game? Very frustrating to say the least.

  • Adam

    I can't import my cars and credits from Prolouge!!!!!!!! what happened to that fucntion????