Gran Turismo 5 A Disappointment – Give It Time

By Tina Chubb - Nov 25, 2010

Polyphony Digital’s highly-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 game was only released yesterday/today, and we’ve already seen the first reviews coming in. Some reviews have pointed out issues with the computer AI, while others have revealed problems and technical flaws within the game.

However, as Filthy Eskimo reports over at, it is a bit too early for people to be disappointed with the game at this stage. The Gran Turismo 5 title includes so much content that even reviewing it after playing it for just one week wouldn’t really do it any justice.

In the author’s opinion, it could just be newcomers to the Gran Turismo franchise that are disappointed with the game so early on. After all, Gran Turismo 5 definitely isn’t your average arcade racer game; it’s a racing simulator that requires a lot of time and dedication from its players.

There’s a huge list of cars to be unlocked in the Gran Turismo 5 title – 1031 to be precise. You can’t just pick any old car right from the off however, as you have to earn credits to be able to purchase them. Give the game some time and I’m sure you will appreciate it more.

Are you disappointed with the game after such a long wait for its release?

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  • lasrmann

    why does gt5 have no cheats!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Total disappointment with graphics only slightly better than prolog and the same old rotten gameplay with lifeless cars but the biggest disappointment would be the car list ,yes there might be heaps of cars in there but at least 80% of them are total garbage cars you would never want to drive

    From memory try and list more than ten cars you would want to drive more than once????!!

    • energie

      ”Total disappointment with graphics” – 
      This is exactly what I felt today. I wish I didn’t spend money for this game.
      GT4 leaves really nice memory so I want to keep that way and will trade this game very soon.

  • Bobv1.6

    I AM HAPPY TO NOT BUY THIS GAME cuz I don't have time to 'give it time' and neither does the rest of the world.

  • Gnarly

    what the hell has taken so long – it feels like other than a few more car models this delivers less than prologue.

  • anadet

    What a bunch of apologist tool s you all are. GT5 irregardless of what you say is flaw, and guess what?; Flawed things tend to be subject to objective criticism.

  • Richard

    the game feels unfinished

  • Multicombo

    This game is the biggest waste of time ever, after 5 hours, i thought….why am i doing this… Good luck spending 500 hours of your life, just to do it all over again in part 6

    Being a MultiPlatform owner, I can say, Stick with Forza 3. It is much better overall, presentation, online, cars that all have cockpit views. And some brilliant tracks

  • Bunny San

    You yourself didn't test this game – so what's the point of this unprofessional rant?
    Got money from the infamous monopolist from Redmond?
    Rascists against japanese products?

    Play GT5 for yourself with a forcefeedbacked wheel and see for yourself that this game is
    a) the GOTY 2010
    b) the best racing sim of all time
    c) excellent car porn

    and YES: "Real racing fans dont NEED a review for Gran Turismo anyway, we already know what to expect, the best car game ever made. " excellent point made by oo7!

  • Pete S

    Filthy Eskimo at NextGN has got it right. Couldn't agree with that article more. 🙂

  • oo7

    It's pretty sad that a lot of gamers AND REVIEWERS now have lost the PATIENCE to ENJOY a piece of ART like GT5. Not every game is EASY, or will hold your HAND for you. GT5 is a simulator and it is CAR HEAVEN. Enough said, if you dont respect and love the beauty of cars, you shouldn't be playing or probably not even reviewing the game. Most of the reviewers still gave the game an 8 out of 10… but if they RESPECTED the fact that the game gives you 1000 cars to play with and INFINITE tracks, AND the BEST PHYSICS SYSTEM OF ANY racing game, there would be NO review of Need for speed hot pursuit that is better than GT5. But the fact is that reviewers don't seem to have the consumer in mind, they just want a "quick / fun" game to TEST. GT5 is NOT a quick game to test. It is obvious that most reviewers didn't take the CARE or TIME to review the game, they barely played the online (they couldn't have.. because the servers weren't up yet.) Real racing fans dont NEED a review for Gran Turismo anyway, we already know what to expect, the best car game ever made.

  • Rick

    By no means. GT5 is the best racing gaming I ever played.
    I can only feel sorry for those not able to enjoy it, they don't know what they are missing.

  • Martin from Denmark

    No this game is fantastic

  • it definetly needs time to be appreciated, you dont need to be a fanboy to realise that. Happened with MAG too, many people didnt like it at first, and felt it was a dissapointed, but as they advanced in level and skill, and understood more the game, the reviews went up.

  • low
  • low

    This is the first time i ever heard a writer say give a game time sound like fanboy peter to me trying to hide under the name tina.