Thanksgiving Desserts 2010: Easy Recipes on iPad / iPhone

By Tina Chubb - Nov 24, 2010

Cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is a doddle for those of you who have done it many times before, but can be rather daunting for first timers. However, there are many different ways of finding recipes these days, including books, the Internet and apps for your smartphones/tablets.

If you just happen to own an Apple iPhone or iPad, then there are some brilliant apps available. Not only will they provide you with great Thanksgiving dinner recipes such as maple and orange glazed turkey and turkey soup, but they will also give you ideas on desserts as well.

The Thanksgiving Recipes app found via features a total of 15 recipes, including apples and pears and CranOrange biscuits. Then there is a Thanksgiving Dinner app, which includes recipes for orange dessert and apple crumb pie. It also provides you with a schedule and a grocery list for even more convenience.

You may even like the sound of the “In the Kitchen” app from the Food Network. This app offers you access to all your favorite Food Network chefs, along with their recipes. You can download the “In the Kitchen” app via the App Store. Will you be downloading any of the above apps?

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