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Setup AirPrint: All Printers Compatible With Printopia

Monday was a great day if you had an iOS device, as the latest 4.2 firmware update was made available. I feel like I have been talking about AirPrint (one of the feature updates) too much, but there are things that need explaining. The first was how to use the new feature; the second was what were the compatible printers. Now I have something that I know you will want to know, Printopia for the Mac will make every printer compatible.

My HP printer is over a year old, and it is for that reason that it will not support the new AirPrint feature; this either meant purchasing yet another new printer or not worrying about printing from my iPhone 4 or iPad. So you can imagine how happy I am about Printopia?

If you have a Mac and an iOS device, then Printopia could be the best piece of software you have ever installed – ok I am making more of this than what it is. 9 to 5 Mac tells us not to worry about installing the software, as it will not make any changes to your file system.

The only downside I can see is having to pay $9.95 to be able to use AirPrint with all printers – some might say that is a small price to pay. I will not try and tell you that you should download this software, but I will say that spending $10 is better than spending 10 to 20 times that on a new printer – would you not agree?


  • Instructions to enable Air Print for Windows located here:

    I can confirm that it works and it's free!!!

  • 73Dude

    What I don't understand is that AirPrint only works with a handful of HP printers. I have an HP printer, but the new update should not prevent people from printing to their wireless printers. If it is in the same network and it is an HP printer, it should work. Save that e-Print crap for someone who cares…..


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