Sansui 19-inch 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV: HDLCD1912 Full Specs

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2010

If you are a parent and are searching for a gift for your children this year, but are struggling for ideas, you may want to consider the Sansui 19-inch HDLCD1912 HDTV which has been heavily discounted for the holiday period.

If you feel like you belong in this category, then you should definitely check out this model, as it is currently selling on Amazon for only $170.92, which is a saving of $89 from the original price.

Of course, the specs are not going to be amazing, but it’s still an ideal TV for a bedroom, guest room or something similar. Specs include 720p picture resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, and a not-so impressive contrast ratio of 1000:1. However, this model will come with a built-in digital TV tuner which is handy.

You’ll also get a 5ms response time, a 3D Comb Filter for better color viewing and a HDMI input, although you may want to double check exactly which model you are getting, as we’ve heard that some variations of the HDLCD1912 do not come with a HDMI port.

If you are interested in buying this as a gift, you can view the product page over at Amazon here. If you currently own this model, let us know your opinions on it.

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  • jason

    I’ve always if it had HDMI on it

  • Captainkrt

    I bought at wallmart 98.00 deal. Tied it on back of my dirt bike and drove back to my motorhome with an OLD OLD crank-up type antena. All I wanted was DTV signal (no cable / all analog tv’s). Needed News weather ect. Hook Up and 6 channelstuned in less than 5 min. Same number of channels as a borrowed $250.00 Toshiba I need to return. Easier remote. Quicker scan time. Backlight adjustment and more onscreen info But no signal meter. Then with RCA (RYW) plugs watched a DVD. OK, But it would not fill screen with any of the four settings on remote and was in 480 i for some reason. Not sure why I couldn’t get the whole screen filled like on the broadcast channels and they were 1080i increadible. I like it. Very bright pic. Cheap.  Might repost when I get the amplifier hooked in.

    I just did a search on complaints and there were MANY regarding service.

    Hope it holds up