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iOS 4.3: Release Date in Two Weeks?

Despite the fact that iOS 4.2 has only just been released, we are already hearing somewhat surprising rumors, that Apple are planning to release another significant update to iOS 4.3 in a matter of weeks.

As reported from RedmondPie, the news has come from MacStories, who have obtained their information from anonymous sources – no surprises there then.

However, the update could have a little truth to it, as further information we’ve read coincides with other rumors that are meant to be happening, all of which will take place mid-December.

Remember a few days ago we told you about Apple’s plans for a digital newspaper for the iPad? Well, that is apparently going to serve as one of the main features of iOS 4.3, and we’ve also heard plans for another Apple event on December 9th, in which Steve Jobs will be discussing this in further detail.

It does seem a bit strange though, that Apple would push out iOS 4.3 so soon after releasing iOS 4.2. Usually we get the beta and GM releases first, so a iOS 4.3 release in two weeks time seems way off the mark. However, we love surprises, and it would be great if it turns out to be true. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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