Happy Thanksgiving Pictures – Printable Coloring Pages For Kids

By Tina Chubb - Nov 24, 2010

If you are wondering how to keep the kids amused while you’re cooking your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (Thursday, November 25th), we might just have the perfect answer. The internet is a fantastic way of finding Thanksgiving activities, including word searches and printable coloring pages.

There are so many websites offering printable coloring pages for kids, ranging from simple patterns for the younger ones to harder designs for the older children. So while you’re out in the kitchen cooking the turkey, your kids could be in the other room coloring in a turkey on their printable page.

An article by Sherri Osborn over at familycrafts.about.com provides plenty of colorings ideas including a pilgrim hat, a turkey dinner coloring page and even a cornucopia filled with fruit. You can also find many designs over at apples4theteacher.com, including a picture of a pilgrim girl praying.

You could even try visiting sites such as holidays.net and activityvillage.co.uk, where you will find Thanksgiving patterns to suit all ages. Do you know of any other sites that you can maybe recommend to our other readers? What other activities will your children be taking part in tomorrow?

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