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Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) Review: Technical Problems and Flaws?

We are well aware that the ‘official’ reviews for Polyphony Digital’s long awaited Gran Turismo 5 racer aren’t due to go live until a little while later, but we have read an unofficial review which you may want to check out.

The review comes from French site JeuxVideo, and although we can only provide you with the translated version of it, it does given you a detailed early look at the game, and whether or not it lives up to expectation.

They have scored the game a 14/20, and although it’s a generally positive score, it does make you wonder what those 6 marks were taken off for. According to them, the game has ‘countless technical problems’, singling out aliasing, pixels and textures which they believe were not up to scratch.

They also accuse Polyphony Digital of focusing on game content, and not the gameplay, which is a pretty strong statement to make considering that the game has been in development for so many years – surely PD wouldn’t have been so lazy to favor content over gameplay?

The review over at JeuxVideo will serve as a good comparison with the barrage of reviews due to follow within hours, but you shouldn’t let their negative review put you off a potential purchase later on. Take a full look at their overview in the link above, and then let us know your thoughts on it.



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