Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) Review: Technical Problems and Flaws?

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2010

We are well aware that the ‘official’ reviews for Polyphony Digital’s long awaited Gran Turismo 5 racer aren’t due to go live until a little while later, but we have read an unofficial review which you may want to check out.

The review comes from French site JeuxVideo, and although we can only provide you with the translated version of it, it does given you a detailed early look at the game, and whether or not it lives up to expectation.

They have scored the game a 14/20, and although it’s a generally positive score, it does make you wonder what those 6 marks were taken off for. According to them, the game has ‘countless technical problems’, singling out aliasing, pixels and textures which they believe were not up to scratch.

They also accuse Polyphony Digital of focusing on game content, and not the gameplay, which is a pretty strong statement to make considering that the game has been in development for so many years – surely PD wouldn’t have been so lazy to favor content over gameplay?

The review over at JeuxVideo will serve as a good comparison with the barrage of reviews due to follow within hours, but you shouldn’t let their negative review put you off a potential purchase later on. Take a full look at their overview in the link above, and then let us know your thoughts on it.

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  • Adam

    I can't get the arcade cars on 2 player arcade or any other arcade game, does anyone know why? I have had the cars a few weeks ago but have now lost them. I also can't access the 'Change Weather' tracks on arcade mode????????????????????????

  • Barry E. Kahler

    Why can I not make any adjustments to any individual gears on any of my cars equipped with a fully customizable transmission?! All licenses complete, as well as 80% of entire game…

  • brett

    only problem ive picked up on was seems like slow down when cars are going around a corner and i mean like the whole screen i dont know if its just my eyes or what and another thing thats only happend once was i went into a tunnel in a night time tokyo and the sound made this weird sound and then stopped couple of secounds later no freezing or anything else

  • Richard W. Bricker

    I can't change tires (hard to soft etc.) after purchasing them on 1970 mustang in pre-race tuning. Have been GTing since 2002 so am no novice. Help. Bricker

  • Bricker

    I have bought soft, medium, and hard tires for my ford mustang but can't change from hard tires. They are too slick for 699 hp. Help.

  • kovdvlist

    Hi I've encountered a problem that I haven't heard of yet. I can't get any connection with the server. It is not that I sometimes get in, I haven't yet been able to play on-line. Everytime I get the message that a connection to the server could not be established.
    I asked Sony and they gave me some directions on how to configure my router for instance. None of them helped. Are more people suffering from the same problem. I wonder.


    • Dave

      I Had The same Problem Pulled The Plug Out Of The Router Plugged It Back In And Now Im Online
      Good luck

    • ryan westbury

      my problem is even worse when ever i try to load up special stage 7 my ps3 fucks up

  • bob

    would like to turn off rankings on the screen, takes up too much visibility. is it possible?

  • Ish


    • Mine is locking up every time I play it, and that’s alot. What a pisser.

  • omar

    game doesn't want to load, i turn it on and it stay in the home scream with no cursor to select what to do… WWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFF!!!!!! started yesterday after i completed my last rally level to go to level 21

  • bucky

    No nitrous, no visible RUF's yet or Bugatti – plus i hate the way the CPU pulls a cop move taking you out of the race with a nudge to the back, and I hate how the cars hit the wall.

  • killbot129

    this game gave me the red light of death and i dont have the $ to fix it