Gran Turismo 5 Cheats: Will They Ruin GT5?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 24, 2010

Whenever a new game gets released the first thing that a small percentage of gamers do is look for cheats – it’s as if they do not want to give the game a chance. You only have to look at Call of Duty: Black Ops to know just what I am talking about; the latest game is Gran Turismo 5

There were a number of cheats available for you to unlock certain parts of the game. Some may argue that they were put into the game to be used, while others will argue that it takes the fun out of the game, but which camp are you in?

Currently there are no cheats available for GT5, but that will not stop anyone from looking. I know this first hand, I have my nephew staying with me at the moment, and the moment he started to install the game, he was searching on the Internet for cheats and guides.

I decided to tell him how I felt about this, but as he is 13 – I have no chance getting through to him. I can remember being young once, I had a version of Gran Turismo on the PS2 and I enabled a cheat that gave me more than enough money to purchase any car I wanted. Now that I look back on it, it took all the fun away from trying to earn those cars with my hard work – it’s a bit like life in that sense. For the latest review on Gran Turismo 5 keep reading.

Will you be looking for GT5 cheats?

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  • IneedCheates!!!!

    man were the fuck are the cheats i need to clone, money im poor my dad promised me he will send me the vettle but can now sony if your reading this please put the cheatees back on!!

  • MEEEE!!!!!!!

    If you cheat then whats the fun if you earn the money or do the races you can have pride that you earned the money to buy rhat or I won that race !!!!!

  • Mike

    I bought 2 PS3 systems: 1 for me in the family room and 1 for my 13 year old son in his bedroom. The idea was to get a pair of GT5 discs, so that we could race each other over the home network. I was disappointed when my son shows up in my room to race my 78 Civic with his fully tuned Bugatti Veyron. It was gifted to him by someone on the PS Network. He then went to use the Bugatti to race and earn enough money to buy other high end cars. Meanwhile, I was trying to improve my Civic, win races and earn more money towards a better car. Turns out, there are GT5 cheats. These guys found a track where you can basically drive in circles and make millions in credits!!!

    I thought my son and I could gradually improve our skills and play together, but since he wants immediate gratification, we're no longer on the same page and playing together isn't as fun. Why would you people buy GT5 and then complain how hard it is to unlock cars?! If you wanted a racing arcade game, get Need 4 Speed! But GT5 is a racing simulator… IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HARD!!!

    No one wants to work hard for anything anymore. They all the best and want it right now. That's why society is jacked up these days.

  • vabeachhacker

    I tell you this, I bought GT5 day before yesterday and I am very disappointed with the piss buckets they give you to drive inorder to work your way up to race cars, not that I want it to be a complete give away easy game, I like the idea of earning my way up without cheats, but the cars they start out with don't live up to the Gran Turismo name.

  • Kitten

    Must be the age! We don't use cheats. We did look to see how on earth we get GT Formula and now we know we will just keep going and checking till it comes up. We have earned plenty of money and purchased heaps of cars without the cheats. I am not in to cheats – WE want to say we did it with nothing but our skill! 🙂

  • brett

    @joe if you change your gear ratio to long gear change it wont top end as quick good for long straights

  • Deadu

    guys GOOGLE gt5 birthday cheat…….1989 is what u want c9 sauber mercedes

  • Jyazz

    Once i'm after level 20, I'll be using cheats (if available) to unlock level 40

    I honestly can't be bothered with the work it takes to get to level 40. I'd rather cut that corner, spend a heap of time doing something else (learning a new skill for example) and then enjoy the cars i want to enjoy

  • Lee

    Personally I find it annoying and frustrating that virtually every game produced presents an arbitrary set of challenges that the gamer must overcome in order to unlock content and be able to fully enjoy everything that the game has to offer. I don't play video games in order to get some personal satisfaction from having successfully reached whatever milestone the game has established. I'm more of a casual gamer who just likes to sit down once in a while and immerse myself in whatever virtual world the game presents. For a game like Gran Turismo, that means being able to just pick a car, a track, a number of laps, and go race. Requiring me to reach gold medal status in this challenge or that one, in order to unlock the car I want to race or the track I want race on, is counterproductive to that end. I paid my $60 just like everyone else, and I should be able to enjoy the full list of cars and tracks that the game includes. If cheat codes provide me a means to be able to do that, and the producers of the game didn't give me that alternative, then by all means I'll use them if I can find them.

    • Lee K

      I believe the cheat guide (not programme that unlock the cars) is good as that adds fun and motivation for the gamers to hunt and stay interest on the games. In fact I even suspect this is marketing gimmick where the manufacturers purposely do it to make the game more interesting or else it is just boring buy and play – without the kick of "to cheat". Eventually, as long as we pay full price for the game, getting the cheat guide or even cheat code is not cheating – unlike those getting the pirated version. Agreed?

    • Billy

      nail on the head
      give me my moneysworth!

  • Ri'z

    ok! where r these bloody cheats and game saves????

    • Jyazz

      Game saves are locked to the PS3 you saved them on 🙁

      And cheats dont seem to exist yet. Maybe there'll be an update

  • Joe

    I just need cash,for my Mach 1 seems WAY slower than it should,and the game makes you slow down once ya hit top end

  • Joe

    its a game!!! i think i'd rather not waste several hundred hours of my life for the satisfaction of unlocking everything in the game, when i can get the same satisfaction by using cheats, and no wasted time. raise your hand if you ever went straight through a long game without cheats and felt like you accomplished something when done. Sure, you relish in the victory for about 15 minutes and then you realize how much time you wasted to get there…how you feel now???

  • chris

    personally i think if your not cheating your not trying hard enough to win

    • jack

      if your on ps3 and onllin your name is mozley 28

  • Nismodan

    I run two games with any gran turismo. One with cheats and one without. So I can play the game normally and so I can just fool around when I’m bored or stuck and annoyed. I can’t wait fir cheats for this

  • Mellow out man, it's just a game… Of course when i play "GT Life" i don't cheat, but cheats are fun for the arcade playing, i don't wanna drive a damn Honda Civic around Nordschleife.

  • Mr Latts

    Well, I’m 34 and a gamer since like 4 so… I have ALWAYS used cheats and always will. Makes the game 100 times more fun. I also agree w the guy above that buying and hooking up all the cars and test running them gives you plenty more to do and plenty more fun than just straight play. Cheat on!!

  • Kashmir

    I am a huge fan of Gran Turismo and, I have used those cheats. I use it to buy EVERY car and I test each one on a track to see which is fastest. To set up everyone individually . Its just impossible to do that with the money you earn from the game. I race everyone one to see how they improve from the mods you put on them. So a cheat for money is the only way I can do that.

  • Cheater

    You have to remember its still just a game. There is nothing wrong with using cheat codes to add a little fun to the game. When you get bored with using you codes you can always start over.

    Win when you can. Lose if you must. But always cheat.

    • aaron

      if your not cheating your not trying