Call of Duty Black Ops: Transmission Error Frustration?

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2010

Despite the fact that Treyarch recently put out a patch update for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, there is still one major problem which seems to be happening a lot during the game.

I’m sure that we are not the only one suffering from this problem, as I have heard that it’s been happening to a few of our friends too. Basically after playing a multiplayer match on Black Ops, frequent disconnects tend to happen, with users being greeted with the ‘Transmission Error’ message.

The first few times it happened, you think ok – it’s nothing, but when it keeps happening after you’ve finally found a decent server you like, the message pops up again and you are booted out of the game.

Furthermore, this bug seems to send you back to the ‘Combat Training’ menu of all places, don’t ask us why. We’ve noticed that Treyarch has neglected to fix this issue, as well as a few other sloppy mistakes which are still evident in the game.

How many times have you encountered the Transmission Error bug? Is it frequent for you as well? Hopefully Treyarch are fixing this in their next patch update. Stay tuned for further information.

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  • George Carley

    i hope they dont fix this because if you hover over the prestige button in the playercard when this happens you can prestige in Combat Training
    (You have to Be lvl 50 on both first though)

  • 360fanboy

    get an xbox……………..

  • mrhow

    still trying to get more than 1 game before host leaves or transmission error kicks in no joy . i have gone back to waw to play zombies as the weapons are better and a single player score counts on the leaderboard. mw2 was fun to play over and over again but b.ops is a pain in the arse and batters my head in. m.o.h was better and that was shit aswell

  • Kirk

    I have the transmission error all the time. Too lag issues and all the other garbage mentiones is another issue. Hopefully socom is a better bet when it comes out.

  • Kevin

    Same for the above… I don't know why COD would allow anyone but Activision to make the game… Obviously they need to make that change

  • wood

    we should get our money back….. this game has let me down. enjoy?

  • mrhow

    b.ops is a waste of time the weapons are useless and terrible to aim the killstreaks are cheap and perks are not much better. i wait forever to get a game then it quits or the lag is so bad i have to quit. then when i do find a game where players die when i shoot them the host leaves then there is a transmission error. bring on mw3 as b.ops is a big joke!

  • Legynd

    This happens to me literally 9/10 pre-game lobbies. Usually I have to join a friend just to play and I can't have a party because i get kicked from it in the lobby.

  • Miles

    I am so pissed about this that I have recorded a couple videos on my iPhone of how much waiting I have to do in order to just play a game. Every time I try and join a match, once its gone through trying to join 50 matches and then find 14 potential matches it then gives me that message and I have to wait all over again. I am not exaggerating when I say that I wait a solid 10-15 minutes trying to join over and over while the 10% of the time I get to play, I am put into half finished matches where I am then thrown into games that are almost over and I get a loose streak.

    I demand answers to this, how long are PS3 player going to have to put up with this? I want the game I paid for, I expect after spending $60 and purchasing the game at midnight when it came out that I would enjoy the worth of my buck. But TreyArch isn't standing behind their product.

    • pissed off customer

      yep same here. want my money back

  • Phil Parkin

    Got Black ops on release date played it a few times,found it a poor comparison to MW1&2. As MW1&2 are the benchmark for first person shooters, Black Ops is well below the mark. Feels a bit like World At War "slow". Sound effects are poor and no skill required its down to who pulls the trigger first never mind aiming. Some kill cam play backs i have noticed the final kill sometimes the killers gun is way off target. Campaign mode takes forever to skip the clips, when all i wanna do is play the game. Some clips i can pop off for a brew. I was hopin for an improvement on the MW1&2, and from all the hype it seemed that way. It appears the producers have taken a leaf out off the blockbuster film flops, SHOW ALL THE BEST BITS as the rest is crap. It maybe me, i need to get used to it, took me ages to adjust to World at War and i believe Black Ops is from the same stable. Still playin MW2 if i ever get bored with then i will pick up Black Ops and give it the attention. For now MW2.

    • Brad

      You are so right on the speed thing, I play on a PS3 and average 8 or 9 kills per death match and this is when I am at my "A" game. I played on a 360 after a couple beers and I was double that. I think the worst I did in 2 hours was 13 kills. So I guess i was even a little faster on an Xbox.

  • Lee Deeble

    Just spoke to Activision Tech Support about this and the invite problems. Literally denied any knowledge. They have our money now, they just don’t seem to care. I have asked for a refund.

  • anonymousteenager

    It's so annoying!!