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Samsung Nexus S: Design Opinions after new Picture Leak?

We have another treat in store for those of you keeping a close eye on any developments regarding the upcoming Samsung Nexus S handset, as another picture has leaked on to the internet, giving you the chance to see a side view of the device.

The new picture comes courtesy of Engadget, and you can check it out below. A lot of talk lately has been about the curved design format for the Nexus S, and the picture below gives you another look at this properly.

Personally, I love the choice of design for the Nexus S, as you can see, it’s a lot different to the Samsung Galaxy S and the fact that it is going to carry the Nexus tag means that it is probably a day-one purchase for a lot of you anyway.

We informed you last week about Google’s CEO showing off the Nexus S at the webOS 2.0 summit, but if the leaks keep up at this rate, they’ll have to dish the dirt on it sooner or later. Check out the photo below and let us know your thoughts on the design.

Hit or miss guys?


  • Looks like any other smartphone-you can’t buy or use them all.I just trawled thru mags & websites until I found something that really set the imagination racing.That was the Torch 9800.I’ve been rapt and am looKing forward to the release of the Playbook with greater excitement.

  • mark

    Sweet! I am getting one!


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