iOS 4.2 Download: Problems after Update?

By Alan Ng - Nov 23, 2010

As we informed you earlier, Apple has now released the update to iOS 4.2, meaning that those of you with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can now go ahead and download it via the software updater on iTunes.

As with every iOS update, we ask you if you have had any problems after installing, and without fail, there are always a fair amount of you who complain about various problems which didn’t happen on previous versions of iOS .

In the past we’ve seen things like backups not working properly, music getting deleted for no reason, and even bricks in extreme cases. Hopefully though, we don’t see a repeat of this for the iOS 4.2 update.

The good news, is that there doesn’t appear to be any major problems so far, but we’ll obviously let you know if we encounter any during this week. Let us know if you have spotted any problems on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad after updating to iOS 4.2

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  • ???

    im downloading now, should i stop?

  • James

    My internet signal aparently keeps running out at the very last second of downloading the upgrade. I can't even download it to put on my iPod touch. Anyone know what's going on?

  • Robert

    There are major issues with iOS 4.2. Loaded on my MacBook Pro and after 24 hours it still had not completed loading my 4000+ songs from my network storage drive. Did a clean install several times and once did a fresh install of my operating system – nothing helped. Went back to 9.2.1 and it works like a champ – loaded everything and completed "determining gapless playback" in less than 2 hours.

  • Maine_apple

    Only playlist Music with sync… no other Artist, Album that are checked will carry-over and sync…. any idea's (both Ipod T 2gen and Ipad)…

  • Jason

    After the 4.2 update, I can’t connect to my home WiFi at all. I type in the key for the security but it never connects. I can connect to other wifi’s but the response to connect is sluggish. ????

  • Helen

    Keep getting the charging not supported wiht this accessory message when it worked yesterday

  • tammy

    i lost everything except music! everything! life as i know it over…..have retrieved apps only….that is last thing i care about! guess ill try to call apple again. so far, lots of time on hold, one conversation that didnt help at all….hopefully i can get some help with their screwup and not be asked to pay for it!

  • Seth

    After updating to ios 4.2 my ipod touch 8g 2nd gen has been experincing problems with music mainly when i was listening to a song it switched songs without my shaking it then i qqent to a different song and it started to play really fast like at a fast pace like speed later i checked my headphones and didnt notice any thing wrong after that the songs just started to stop then get louder then it got quiter then switched songs stoped then my ipod shut off. PLEASE HELP I NEED MY MUSIC!

    • Seth


  • AOz

    I guess my ipad got a little bit slower, it gives slower reactions, even if all the other programs closed, especially in keynote or pages when I'm writing it cannot catch me, stucks for a second then writes the all word. Also rotation lock switch (yes i know it is in the multitasking section) it didn not work for 2-3 minutes, but then it started work, now it is ok. However they fixed the connection to public wireless networks (which was huge problem for me).

  • Rob

    Lost all my music but got it back using the fix now being passed around. However, a friend lost everything on her 3G….contacts, apps, pics ….everything!!! Has not recovered any of it. Apple said they might be able to help if she gave them $79. What's wrong with this picture?

    • DMurfy

      what is the fix now…….lost all my music and now cant get itunes to load on my computer to sync my iphone…..

  • themartins666

    Some severe difficulties – the phone (3GS0 'freezes, I get the connect to USB image and told to restore phone – but it doesn't.

  • florioisatool

    It's not loading emails. Received emails last night around 8 pm and they're still not showing up in the iPad emails. This is my major function for my iPad so this is very frustrating.

  • Bob

    lost all contacts, pictures and apps after download ios 4.2

  • its

    some of my games are not working from when i download the new ios 4.2

  • Cris

    I lost the accents on the german keyboard, which really sucks. An my wi-fi signal strength goes completely crazy.

  • james

    on iphone 3gs the update has screwed with my ipod function, when connected to pc all 1400 songs are listed in itunes, if i go on iphone on settings, general & about it tells me there is 1400 tracks but go onto ipod function of iphone and it tells me there is no content and none of the ipod buttons work!! two of my friends have also reported this to be a problem since updating!!

  • Philip

    Mine won't come out of the screen where it says to connect to itunes it just stuck there no matter what i try to do!

    • Murray

      Hi Philip, were you able to fix the problem? I have the same issue currently

    • Murray

      I worked it out – was fortunate enough to have another machine (Win XP) which had iTunes – it recognised that the phone was in recovery mode and restored to factory defaults; I then plugged it back into my primary computer (Win 7) to restore the backup prior to the update. It probably didn't help that I was using my iPhone as a tethered modem to download the update – once it installed the update, the machine couldn't get back on to the Internet to finalise the installation.. again, fortunately, I had another method to connect the secondary machine to the Internet. Maybe this is something that Apple hasn't considered – i.e. people using the iPhone as their only method of connecting to the Internet. Should be a way to update the phone without having to connect back up to the Internet post-install – maybe automatically detect if the iPhone is on tethered mode, switch it off automatically (or prompt for the user to switch it off manually), then perform the update? Ah well, I know what to do next time there's an update – make sure I have a backup internet connection!

      • Kay

        The exact same happened to 2 of the iphone 4 that we have in the family – had to restore and recover data! Quite a nuisance not to mention the panic as I am not as IT literate as you appear to be

  • wombat

    My signal strength on my iPhone 3GS has gone to sh*t

  • Drew

    Right after the update, nothing seemed to work properly from a data standpoint. I'm not able to send or receive text messages, e-mails are not being downloaded, safari won't load any websites.

  • Drew

    Right after the update, nothing seemed to work properly from a data standpoint. I'm not able to send or receive text messages, e-mails are not being downloaded, safari won't load any websites.

    About 2 hours later, my phone blew up with text messages and e-mails. Now, it's not working again. This is very frustrating!!! I should have waited!!

  • Oliver

    No apps will load. They start up for a few seconds and then turn

    off (iPhone 3GS) any suggestions please?

    • brian

      i have the exact same problem for most apps, any ideas?

  • ginny

    @chynna68 – running into the same problem. Looks like I have to do a hard reset. Hold down the home button and the on/off button until the screen goes black and restarts. Then – start the hard reset.

  • chynna68

    how long did it take you guys to have the update? mine's been runnin for 6 hours already and the progress bar hasn't moved yet. what should i do??

  • Justin

    My rotation lock switch somehow only mutes or unmutes the volume :/

    • RCZ

      That's deliberate

    • AOz

      now they are using it for mute, rotation lock switch is in multitasking section in the left side.

  • Steve

    WOW, SAFARI PRoblems when i updated to IOS4.2! does not want to change pages, Can't havbe a new tab. and errors occur when entering a new google search

  • Tien

    No new message tones

  • Tien

    No new message tones !!!!

    • Anis

      Guys, Msg tones only for iphone 4 🙁

      so 3G and 3GS no msg tones for you

      • Dquilietti

        ive been having mega problems with my i phone 3gs it keeps switching off whilst im on calls to people so i was advised to update etc so last night tried to update to new i tunes and what happens it says error now my phone is stuck on the screen saying connect to i tunes ive tried restoring facrory settings the lot but nothing safe to say im extreemly angry the phone is a month old now i have no phone and im expected to travel from edinburgh to glasgow to the nearest apple store for them to fix or replace it or they said post my phone they will post me a replacement whilst holding 400 pound inmy bank account till it arrives im sorry but that is just bloody ridiculas !!! never in my life of having a mobile phone have i had as much trouble as i have with the i phone anybody any ideas please i really need my phone for work etc xx