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iOS 4.2 Download: Problems after Update?

As we informed you earlier, Apple has now released the update to iOS 4.2, meaning that those of you with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can now go ahead and download it via the software updater on iTunes.

As with every iOS update, we ask you if you have had any problems after installing, and without fail, there are always a fair amount of you who complain about various problems which didn’t happen on previous versions of iOS .

In the past we’ve seen things like backups not working properly, music getting deleted for no reason, and even bricks in extreme cases. Hopefully though, we don’t see a repeat of this for the iOS 4.2 update.

The good news, is that there doesn’t appear to be any major problems so far, but we’ll obviously let you know if we encounter any during this week. Let us know if you have spotted any problems on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad after updating to iOS 4.2



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