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Gran Turismo 5 Price Comparison and Stock

It’s not long to go now for the launch of Grand Turismo 5, probably the most eagerly anticipated game to be released on the PlayStation 3. After all the delays and waiting owners can finally get their hands on the latest installment of the franchise.

As with any new blockbuster being released in the gaming world retailers are offering various deals for the game. On the high street you can pick up GT 5 for £7.47 at Asda, but to get this price you have to trade in some recent games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Tesco are selling the game for £35.90 without any other purchase.

The best high street price for without any trade in or purchase is Best Buy, if you live near one of their stores you can pick the game for £29.99. If you have F1 2010 and want to trade it in, head to your nearest HMV where you will find Gran Turismo 5 for £5.

At the time of writing we think Sainsbury’s will be selling GT 5 for £35, it is not known if this is if you spend a certain amount of money in store. is asking £37.99, and Amazon has it for £35.90.

Where are you getting your copy of GT5? Was there plenty of stock?



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