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Digital Storm Liquid Chilled Hailstorm: High Specs and Price

When it comes to motor sport, F1 is at the pinnacle; the same goes for Digital Storm and gaming desktops. The one problem when it comes to high-end gaming PCs is the heat that it generates, so the introduction of the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System for the Hailstorm PC will be welcome to gamers with deep pockets.

According to Engadget, the system comes with the Intel i7-980X CPU, but has been overclocked to 4.6GHz – hence the need for some major cooling. The good thing is, when the system is in idle the temperature of the machine will be 0ºC thanks to its freezing cold chilling system.

If you are one of those who plays games for tens of hours at a time, then you can feel safe in the knowledge that your system will not heat up, but this is not for every gamer, as the high-end machine demands a high price to match.

There have been similar systems designed to keep your desktop cool, but nothing like the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System. However, we already mentioned the downside above, its price; prices start from $3,899 – not sure if I love gaming that much? For those looking to spend a bit less, then how about their range of desktops designed just for Black Ops, more details can be found in our previous post.

For more details visit Digital Storm.



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