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Verizon iPhone 5: 2011 CDMA Plans and iPad Sales

We now know two things about Verizon as we come to the end of 2010 and are about to start a new year, Apple is to up its production numbers for the iPad, but has had to reduce the number of CDMA Verizon iPhone units that it had planned to build. This is something that Apple Insider learned from WSJ.

Tim Ollason from OSM is unsure why Apple has reduced these numbers, but I believe that it could have something to do with a Verizon iPhone 5 not being as popular an idea as it once was – this could have something to do with the long wait or those waiting moving to Android?

There have been fears that iPad sales would falter now that Android tablets have already started to hit the market, but analysts believe that Apple must be expecting to have a strong end to the year with iPad sales – but do not expect any deals over Black Friday.

There are those who believe that 2011 will be a tougher year for Apple and its iPad device, and there could be some truth to that. Yes we know that there will be more Android tablets, and the start of Windows and webOS based tablet devices, but lets not right the iPad off just yet.

The iPad set the benchmark, and you can be sure come April – when the new iPad 2 is rumored to launch – Apple will have a new device that will set the benchmark once again.



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