Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales: Most Popular Android Tablet in the World?

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2010

You may recall one of our previous reports which hinted at the possibility of Samsung facing low sales results for their recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab, but now we have some official figures from Samsung to share with you.

As reported from BGR, the figures have surfaced from Korean newspaper The Korean Herald, as they have gone on record to say that Samsung has managed to shift 600,000 units globally so far.

Of those 600,000, 30,000 of them were sold in Korea during the first week of sales alone. The report adds that Samsung are pleased with the initial sales figures, while BGR chimed in saying that the Tab is now likely to become the most popular Android tablet in the world.

The question is though, have you already picked one up, or are you still undecided? Is the price holding you back, or do you just think the iPad is a better catch? We’ll hopefully be able to bring you some UK and US sales figures soon.

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  • LittleB69

    The price is what currently hold me off.. not the iPad which IMHO is to large and heavy to be really usefull.